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14 May 2017


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Tyler, agree on the logistic guy apartment scene. Got a little upset about the military being bad guys but the Bosch charecter was Special Forces during Desert Storm (if I have that right) and it is a touchstone of his integrity.


Pat, I picked up a Remington 770, chambered in Win 270, at about 25% of list. Not as well made as the 700 but the SOB can drive nails at 100 yards. Given that I am not a good shot, I am pretty happy with that.


Tidewater advises Chris Chuba,

I have ignored my driveway for thirty-three years, but hey!, I think I see what you mean.

My advice would be. Go to Home Depot and get rubberized sealant rope. You can remember it by the fact that it is not Chick-Filet or Chapstick but more like CRACK-STIX. Next clean the driveway crack with a wire brush and remove all loose particles. Then use a hose with a power nozzle on it to flush the crack. Then dry it with a leaf blower. Then go into house and remove the Windex from the medicine cabinet. Clean a little something with the Windex to ease the pain of throwing away the rest of the magical blue elixir. Cleanse the plastic Windex container. Remember to take outside. Using a small funnel, fill the Windex container with gasoline. Remember to use the gas can that doesn't have the premixed fuel for the yellow Poulan chain saw. (While doing this, remember to ache for the Stihl. That means one day you will get one.) Spray the gasoline into the dry, cleaned driveway crack. Press in the CRACK-STIX using a screw-driver. Do not smoke as you do this. It will have a bead of either one-half or one-forth inch. I don't know about putting in two or three layers. It would be interesting to see. I've gotten away with a lot of shit like that over the years. Remember, you can even pull CRACK-STIX out like taffy. Put your propane torch away, as it takes too much time and by now it's too late, anyway. Summon from the house any of your menage you want to mess with. Wife, girl-friend, small child, dog. Make an incantation, wave one hand distractingly, use other hand to toss lighted match into the end of the packed Crack-Stix, and step back. Kaboom! This should impress everyone. Leave the melted rubberized sealant rope as is and do not use putty knife to smoothe. It will resemble something geological like basalt. You can point this phenomenon out to family and friends from time to time coming and going. With irritating patriarchal satisfaction.

I don't know how gasoline and silicone mix. Or if GACO comes in tubes, which I doubt. And it is expensive. Crack-Stix is $4.95 a tube.

I would be curious to know how it goes.


Pat, it is the 770 Remington, a poor man's 700. Shooting from a blind most of the time. I elected the Win 270 chambering for the flat ballistic profile.



That's a pretty conservative estimate. I've seen 200-300m thrown out there as reasonable ranges, but not looking for that kind of ranging Hahah.



I've got a Tikka T3Lite with a Vortex Crossfire scope in .270. Tikka is the scaled down version of Sako - same barrel, but some of the trigger mechanisms are different. Beautiful rifle.


For the coming times I would take an old Engandiner house from the 17th Century:


These intricately decorated old houses have 3 foot thick stone walls with massive window shutters covering windows that double as shooting ports, and often massive steal clad front doors. Of course there are pantries, root cellars, and attics for smoking meat. They were built that way because this is the route that the Spanish Hapsburgs used to communicate with the Austrian Hapsbugs, landing in Genoa and proceeding through the Valtellina over the Bernina pass through Engadine and into Austria. Roving brigands and foraging armies during the 30 years war forced the industrious Germans to build massive houses like this across southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Each one is a small fortress.


Good luck explaining to ISIS takfiris the legal fine print of who can make what kind of deal to avoid unnecessary casualties in the field.

No ISIS fighter will care about it. They made a deal with the U.S. proxy force on the ground, the U.S. broke it. The proxy force will feel the consequences.



You live in Arizona don’t you? If so, keep your eye on the door (and window) seals. They degrade quickly--faster than moister climates--and you can lose both a lot of air conditioning and a lot of heat depending on the season. Also once a decade the sand storms come in from China on the Jet Stream, and whip through the tiniest cracks. Oil your garage mechanisms twice a year...good job for the days the clocks change time, altho’ I don’t think Arizona honors that, does it?


Yeech. Painful.



Yes. Betrayal is betrayal, even to creatures such as these and as someone observed, there were women and children with them. pl


Well, the heat is coming this week in the east. I watch Jos Bastardi’s free Daily Update every day. (They are very short, but highly informative.) Have done so for three years, and he has rarely--I mean, rarely--been wrong. It’s flipping this week: cold and rain/snow in the west and heat in the east. 90 degrees in DC he says.


Eric Newhill

The old eyes giving out is a sad thing to a marksman. I had an M1 Garand, match grade, issue iron sights, with which I won a couple of tournaments. Pretty much a clover leaf in the ten ring at 200 yards and all shots within an area the size of the palm of the hand at 300 yards. Sold that rifle and a few others when I fell on hard times many years ago. Should have found another way to cover the bills.

Now I have to wear prescription glasses and it is tough to focus on both the front site post and the target at 200 yards with iron sights on my mini 14. A Remington model 700 in .308 with a scope though, and I'm back to driving tacks. Like you, I never preferred a scope.

I just shoot for fun. I haven't hunted in many years. It would be so easy. I could literally lie in bed with the window open and bag deer all day long as they cross my farm daily right in front of it. 100 yards away or closer. They have learned they are safe here during hunting season. There was a big buck that used to show on or about opening day for several years in a row. This morning there were two big geese on the garage roof. But I like the wild too much and feel too close to them after seeing them every day to want to do them harm.



Mine is an even cheaper version of the Remington classics. It is called a Remington Sportster. .270 Winchester is very fast and very flat. Eric Newhill mentioned that he can't stand to shoot them any longer. I understand that. When I was a kid at ROTC summer camp at Ft. Bragg a white tail buck ran across a known distance range on which my serial was firing the M-1 Garand, The range fell silent as the deer crossed before us. When it was gone, the range officer said through his megaphone - "Whenever you are ready, gentlemen." pl


Tyler, yah, my bad. I meant that there wasn't any hunting ground where more than 100 yards of open ground would be available. Mostly dual use logging land, where the longest shot would be down an old access road, usually full of young alders. I would agree on the ranges you quoted.


Chris, I had a comparative inner response to Tidewater's recommendation. Maybe based on what Pat wrote: "The roof leaks in a place I just had repaired." Of course I have no idea what Pat referred to with "just", but there could be a solid claim for a recompensation or doing it more solidly now against whomever involved? ;)



You win. Leander - The roof was fixed two weeks ago. The roofers are coming back at no charge to us. pl

Eric Newhill

I saw this the other day and thought about you and your rabbit hunting adventures. Maybe for next season?



This morning I had some time and had a look at the St. Kunibert church, or basilika, in Cologne's northern old town. I saw a funny thing - a solar clock built of stone and steel, in the side of one of the entry building.

The solar clock was dated to 1496. Fortunately it has survived WW-II, and 'it still works'.

I took two photos of that, one around noon - with sunlight and the time indicator visible. When I have enough pics of such things I'll post something on that.




The great Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky, "went to work" each day. He sat down at his work desk every morning at the same time, broke for lunch, then returned to his desk for the afternoon. Sometimes ideas relevant to his intended project came, sometimes not. At other times, he re-worked a previous composition, or novel notions unrelated to his intended project emerged suitable for future use. This worked for him, no telling if something similar would work for you.


I wished i could have followed the experienced gun talk, but you lost me there. ;)



"As for Trump putting a wedge between US and Israeli Jews .."

Those are your words not mine.

r whitman

How many illegal immigrants were employed in building your new home??



I didn't mind that. I thought that storyline was neat if a ridiculous with how cut throat everything got. Just it was obvious they hired someone who got all of their military knowledge from Tom Clancy novels to advise them,



Yeah I'm seeing ranges of 400yds for Coues white tail. Desert hunting tho.

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