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26 May 2017


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Since the initiation of the new Trump doctrine of non-interference in foreign domestic affairs announced in the KSA, the whole purpose of R2P has now been rejected and there is much less justification for foreign intervention for the purpose of saving the world. The prior general chaos doctrine doesn't seem to have been very effective anyway except for its unintended consequences of near total destruction of civil society in the MENA and the creation of a cancerous growth of domestic terrorism in the western nations.

The question is whether the U.S. can abandon its overarching policy in the Middle East of instituting chaos throughout to prevent any single group from gaining hegemony.

I vote for removing almost all foreign forces and establishing a mostly defensive military, but one with a real bite.


Mexico: "A trade deficit of $60 billion/yr. An economy with 80% export dependency to the U.S.; and $25 billion in transactional U.S. to Mexico remittances subsidizing it’s citizenry." - CTH

In addition to that, America's specialty is waging economic warfare against countries south of the border. Put Mexico's fragility and America's market and political strength together and you could make life very difficult for an intransigent Mexican political elite who seem to think they have a God given right to export hombres ('not their best' either) north.

Canada's economy is massively entwined with that of the US.

It's just ridiculous to assert America isn't hyper-dominant in North America. What prevents America from applying her enormous bilateral strength is NAFTA, which is why Mexico and Canada love it.

Look how Ukraine is doing economically after detaching from the regional hegemon...



"the new Trump doctrine of non-interference in foreign domestic affairs announced in the KSA." I didn't hear any of that. What I heard was the mukhtar signing up to do SA's bidding. pl



It sounds like 11,000,000 Mexicans have better opportunities in Mexico and thus no need to be in the US - other than a higher standard of living, safer cities, less political corruption and better schools. But other than that it looks like President Enrique Peña Nieto will make Mexico Great Again.


Western Europe spent around 2,5 percent of their GDPs on defence during the cold war. After the fall of the Soviet Union, most countries kept their budgets in nominal terms. With growth, defence spending as share of GDP have sunk below 2 percent. Which makes sense, since the enemy is largely gone. The defence budget of Russia is one third of the budget of the Soviet Union. Europe spends more on defence today relative to Russia/Soviet Union than it did during the cold war. The problem is not that Europe spends to little: the problem is that the US spends too much. Good news for the American tax payer: there is a peace dividend waiting for you.

scott s.

The end of the cold war marked the end of SACLANT (took a while to sink in) and a major purpose for the US 2d Fleet. But now I see talk about the "arctic pivot". I wouldn't be surprised to see NATO suggested as a needed force for it. I suppose it greatly depends on how Canada views its NATO role.

AFSOUTH was the vehicle for US 6th Fleet dominance of the Med, and I suspect the Borg, if not US navalists in general, view continued role of the fleet under cover of NATO as an imperative.

I'm not a big fan of the "if they want to rearm and fight each other, let them do it" school of strategy, as I'm not sure why the 20th C experience of US getting dragged in regardless of intentions wouldn't be repeated.

Account Deleted

I'd contest that the Illuminati's interests also correlate with these events.


"’the new Trump doctrine of non-interference in foreign domestic affairs announced in the KSA." I didn't hear any of that. What I heard was the mukhtar signing up to do SA's bidding."

The obsequence is only one side of the emerging Trump Doctrine policy statement. Essentially, Trump's total silence on KSA repression gave an implied promise to stay out of the human rights affairs of the KSA in return for the military contracts to be distributed as spoils by his son-in-law and for the Arab League's “help” against terrorism and Iran by whatever means necessary. The policy is broader than merely being the mukhtar. The other side, the Trump non-interference doctrine, was quite clearly expressed by surrogates such as when Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross praised the lack of protesters in the KSA. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/05/22/the-commerce-secretary-praises-the-lack-of-protest-in-a-country-where-its-punishable-by-death/ and when Trump praised Duterte, the Philippine dictator for tackling drug problem “the right way” by forgoing any semblance of western jurisprudence involving the drug dealers http://www.cnn.com/2016/12/03/politics/trump-duterte-phone-call/ and in his praise of Erdoğan's actions against his opposition. The U.S. domestic side of this policy is the growing incitement against the press and protestors.

Trump's silence on human rights is outside of all previous presidential precedent. Sounds of silence are being heard and acted upon around the world.

different clue


If they did that, and it were indeed Europe Only, they could call it NEATO. The North East Atlantic Treaty Organization. NEATO.

different clue


One of the most key and important goal of TPP was to place all the signatory and ratifying countries under transnational rule by a set of secret Korporate Kangaroo Kourts to oversee the do-called Investor State Dispute System.

If the other targeted TPP member-victims decide to create their TPP minus America; their colonial subservience to the ISDS Korporate Kangaroo Kourts will be made manifest. The TPP-victim states will be sorry they joined it, and the US will be desperately relieved and grateful we avoided it.


kaon...I really wasn't addressing "the point of NAT)," just how it is structured, how the EU is structured, and how trade deals are negotiated. You know, the basics that any international businessman of basic business acumen learns so he can do business better? To be fair, SOMEONE in the Trump organization might understand this -- time for that briefing!


As is often the case, Trump has the details all wrong, but the big picture is pretty accurate.

Germany *is* freeloading. It spends a fraction of the USA's per capita defence expenditure, and as a result has nice things like universal healthcare, almost free tertiary education and healthy public finances.

At the same time, Merkel has been quite gung-ho about pursuing confrontations with Russia. Article 5 gives her the confidence that, if things turn nasty, she just needs to whistle and the US cavalry will come riding to the rescue.

It seems to me that the US has the crappy end of this stick and Trump has every right to complain about it.


Colonel, If Sen.Rand Paul is not successful in stopping the gigantic weapons
sale to the Saudis how will the Saudis know how to use all those weapons unless we send instructors. I don't want a repeat of Khobar Towers.


I didn't hear any of that either. As well, it seems like that doctrine is pretty selective as Trump harangues Europeans to enhance their defense spending or Face the Consequences.

And, frankly, I'd wait awhile to celebrate this doctrinal new direction until we see if Trump a) has the discipline or ability to maintain a policy course for longer than a couple months and b) can convince the rest of his administration to follow along.

Call me skeptical.



"IMO NATO has been nothing but a tool of the Borg since the fall of the USSR. pl"

This is what I have been saying, except you call them Borg. I think the term Borg falls short. You yourself called them "demonic forces" in a recent post.

Its has been at least a decade since I watched the Star Trek Borg episodes with my then teen age children, but as I recall they were emotionless pure logical. Spock-esque robot killing machines. There was no need for propaganda, no need for lies, no need for secret treaties and alliances, the Borg simply crushed any opposition.

The forces currently pulling Nato's strings I prefer to call "Rothschild". There are plenty of labels we could use, but we have to recognize that these forces are
- Malicious (bombing infrastructure like sewage and water, double tapping, hitting hospitals)
- Sadistic (Phosphorus, false flag chemical weapons attacks, terrorism, droning)
- Anti Christian (Copts, Syrian Christian communities destroyed and not allowed asylum)
- Drug pushers (opium, heroin, coke, MDMA, mkultra, etc)

I could present loads of evidence linking these demonic forces back through the world wars, back through the civil war and revolutions of 1848, the opium wars, to the French and American revolutions. Of course few contributors here would be willing to read what I wrote let alone rationally discuss it.

So I will end with one common thread that I think ties these century old malignant forces together and helps to define their true form: The war propaganda. It is always the same lying, smearing and demonizing. From the Spaniards raping white women in Cuba to the Kaiser's army bayonetting Belgian babies to Assad gassing and cremating his own peoples. The worlds media, which long has been under the reins of one group with the Rothschilds at its head, always foments these wars on both sides, despite it clearly not being in the interest of any of the countries or their citizens.

Once again, the quote from Maria Rothschild:

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

Bill Herschel

"Russia is nothing like the USSR. There is no good reason for NATO to exist..."

The flip side of that coin is that Saudi Arabia should be a pariah state like South Africa was under apartheid.

Instead, Russia is a pariah state and Saudi Arabia is the first foreign country visited and fawned on by the President of the United States. I might add that I wonder what percentage of the American population could pick out Saudi Arabia on an unlabeled map containing only country borders. I would guess 20%.

How is it possible that things have gotten this topsy turvy? It has to be on account of the continuing, since the entry of the U.S. into WW I, power of propaganda directed by the United States government against its own people. And the essence of that propaganda is that we are a great democracy trying to spread democracy throughout the world. Utter nonsense.

Which brings us to Donald Trump. I suspect that he will not be impeached. Because that is not his purpose.

If he is not an agent of Russia, he is identical to what an agent of Russia elected to the Presidency would look like. Such an agent would have two purposes:

One, redirect American foreign policy into a non-interventionist channel. Time will tell.

Two, destroy the Republican party. About half accomplished. He certainly decapitated the party during the primaries. Who will stand against him for the next nomination? Ryan? Pence? Good luck with that.

You reply that Clinton created the Kosovo narco-state. Granted. But Donald destroyed them too. Do you think the next Democratic Presidential nominee will be a crypto-war monger/profiteer like the Hillary? She certainly is trying to run for President again. I will enjoy as much as anything on the public scene her agony of defeat. Go for it, Hillary. Give it all you've got. You elected Donald once, maybe you can do it again. Vladimir is rooting for you.



You are a classic Anti-Semite. Do you have a well thumb worn copy of the "Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion? I am probably going to ban you from SST. I will think about that. BTW my reference to "demonic forces" refers to forces within the bosoms of mankind, not to shadowy presumably Jewish groups. Also BTW, I will use whatever language I choose. pl


"Europe is in a tough position. It can't defend itself. Period."

Nonsense. Check the only potential opponent, Russia. Then we can dicuss.

"It does not have anywhere near the raw materials it must have to survive. It has to ship/pipeline them in. And it can no longer defend the sealanes that bring in the supplies."

Which country (save the USA) has the potentail to block European imports? Do I smell BS agian?

"With birthrate that is suicidal for the white race."

OMG. Not the colour of your skin, aka lack of pigments, makes you a good citizen. Even if this may be a surprise for you, intellectual input does.

"And a propensity to brand anyone a criminal or racist, or both, who points that out."

You gave a good argument why you can indeed be labled "racist", but this irony is obviously lost on you. However "criminal" is not correct in your case when stupid is more than sufficient.


EU = (much) Bigger internal market and it didn't become much bigger. Eastern Europe has a population smaller than Germany, Britain about the size of France and Iberia is smaller than Italy. EU allows us to make the rules at least with input from ourself. If the countries would be independent the rules would be imposed from the Outside


EU doesn't want that?

It doesn't really matter what the EU wants. The US is a very nasty tilted lover (see Cuba, Iran etc.) so even if the EU wants the US to leave it should be done in such a way that the Americans think (or at least can act like) they initiated it.


Some white nations are the only nations that have a modern society with near replacement birthrate. China, Japan, Iran etc have birthrates that are almost suicidal.


I don't think Europe can, or would, fight Russia alone. Period. You'd find a way to accommodate them, once again, the Poles aside. If you smell BS you should look down to your hands. I don't think Europe could have handled the peacekeeping mission, never mind a war fighting one, in the Balkans, never mind up against Russia and any allies it can muster. Mind you, I think no attack likely from Russia, but alone, in a crisis, they could not handle it.

Which country has the potential to block imports? Potentially, a combination of Russia and China. And either one, alone, could dramatically increase the cost of insurance as ships begin to go the bottom of the ocean like it is 1940-41, and modern day pipelines are cut off. Hell, in fact, I am dubious Europe could keep the Gulf open alone.

I hold no apologies, and am, indeed, proud for advocating the propagation of the white race. Or the black race. Or the Oriental Race. All contribute! By your charge of 'racism', and stupidity' (I was waiting for the Deplorable charge) you become a walking caricature, spewing discredited ideological, naive, nonsense of a Europe that is dying, by its own hands, as you and your type stand on the sidelines and cheer the end of Western Civilization and Culture as if this is not only a good thing, but a necessary thing. Have at it. I hope you and your ilk are stopped. Brexit was a shot across your bow. But right now, sadly, I put my money on a long term suicide.






We all weep that St. Barack Obama was unable to speak out on the KSA repression that occurred over the 8 years he was in office. We weep that Secretary of State Clinton made no statements condemning KSA violations of human rights during her tenure in the Executive Branch. We weep that the US embassy in Riyadh never once flew a rainbow flag in solidarity with LGBT Saudis. Thank goodness they at least flew that flag in Moscow. By that act alone the other things are all forgiven and we can get on with it being Trump's fault.


We ought to file away your post Charly, as a first. The first expressed concern over the birth rate of the Chinese. Anyway...China, Japan, Iran, et al, for that matter, do not allow much (any) immigration (although I understand Iran is relatively generous to displaced peoples from the Afghan region). Certainly none remotely resembling Western European and American levels. So, cultural suicide, to the extent it is an issue anywhere is not really an issue in those places.

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