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07 May 2017


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"Le Pen quipped during the campaign that France would have a woman president no matter"

Lost Putin his manhood? :-))

Larry M.

Le Figaro says only about 75 per cent of the electorate voted, which is a rate lower than at any election for the French presidency since the Pompidou-Poher duel back in 1969.

The rate of blank or invalid votes, which Le Figaro gave as between ten and eleven percent, is an all-time record. The conservative French newspaper says this somewhat diminishes the otherwise clear victory by Macron.

Sam Peralta

Col. Lang

IMO, Macron will be Hollande II. He seems to be a perfect cutout for the EU establishment. Nothing much will change. Next, we'll see the same fault lines play in Italy.

We'll see how the French vote in their parliamentary election and how their political parties fare. I wouldn't be surprised if Melenchon's and Le Pen's parties do much better than expected.


They're pretty good numbers for what the (((media))) vilify as a 'far right' candidate. The inevitable cavalcade of Muslims exploding with increasing frequency as terrorists return from Syria and elsewhere, and an economy at the mercy of a stooge of global capital will surely result in more (actual) French moving to the right in the next election. Or civil war.

Either way, a heartening result for those of on the right who see the long game.


So many commenters seem to want to project the recent U.S. presidential election onto the French one and draw parallels (e.g. 'Le Pen is the French Trump', 'the French are smarter than us and didn't make the same mistake we did', etc., etc.) Rather silly; one can make a solid argument that the French will get a Trump-like President - either an "anti-immigrant" version of Trump or an "economic" version of Trump (roll back state intervention in the economy, cut public-sector jobs, introduce employer-friendly labor reforms, reduce taxes on business, etc.)


Well, I like the result. Good Le Pen is out. Good for France, and thank God.

I have to say I am quite delighted that Le Pen lost, and its made all the better by how severely she lost.

If Le Pen was Trump she'd probably utter about the vote result 'Fake news, so sad!' by twitter.

LePen is not a bright girl, to the contrary. She's malevolent and nutty. She has so brilliant ideas as doing a 'Frexit' (which likely would lead to France getting bankrupt) and other fantastic things.


With bright ideas like that her practical policy would have devastated France. France deserves better than that and better than her.

Thank god she didn't win - which likly won't prevent Le Pen from being a vocal opposition pest. I don't believe Macron is a saint, but at least he apparently is not a malevolent nut like Le Pen.

Bill Herschel

The turnout compares favorably with turnout for the Presidential election in the US in 2016 of 55.5%.


Le Pen was very much seen as the French Trump, from afar and from within. Neither Le Pen nor Trump won their elections in the popular vote and Le Pen may regret being tied to The Donald in the public mind. His reputation, whatever it may have been, has not worn well. Neither have his campaign promises, which he has repudiated since being elected. A liar and a buffoon.



There are reports by some French that say their election was stolen by the EU, in that LePen was in dead heat or just a hair under, and then all of a sudden she is behind 25%. So many French are going -- hmmmm.

There are musings that the French are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.


Looks like it's Frau Merkel, FTW! ;~)


Apparently white and invalid ballots seem to be closer to 12%.


Just to comment on the comments that have already passed - they're rubbish. Macron has been elected with a significant majority. I don't particularly like him, but he's elected. Impugning his manhood seems to me fatuous.



His manhood? I said nothing of his manhood. I said he looks weak. Don't You know any strong women? We will see. Aren't you the fellow who told me a year or so ago that the SAA had ceased to exist? pl


I'm not so sure if Macron is going to be a "very conventional" politician (although what that could mean in French context is not very obvious to me.)

While, in policy positions, LePen looked vaguely like Trump and Macron looked vaguely like Clinton, they seemed quite opposite in other aspects.

LePen is, in her own way, an old fashioned politician running at least in part on a famous name that has been around for several decades now, with a somewhat "conventional" base of support that has been more or less the same, even if it has expanded quite dramatically relatively recently.

Macron is coming in out of nowhere, almost literally. He is not bound by any institutions of old politics in France. He is coming in practically as a rescuer of the status quo politicians without owing them anything--in a sense, somewhat like Trump was to the Republicans in U.S. He is as "centrist" as he plays to the fear of the old fashioned conventional politicians and their allies of the old fashioned "extremists" a la LePen. But what exactly he is is unclear, again, given his lack of institutional ties and obligations to the status quo.

In a very strange way, France seems to have become a bit of bizarro universe version of US: the winning "centrist" is brash a young man with an old wife playing to the fear of the internationalists feeling besieged but with little ties and no obligations to advance the latter's agenda--a bizarro, internationalist version of Trump; the loser is an old fashioned politician playing to the same old fashioned (even if highly nationalist and "extreme," whatever that really means) audience, helped out by her father's name--a bizarro nationalist version of Clinton.

Bill Herschel

Marcon is a brilliant speaker. He is fluently bilingual, although with a strong, very strong, accent. I suspect he will be taking lessons to work on his accent starting now.


Fascinating stats:

French electorate: 47 million
Macron: 20 million
Abstention & blank ballot: 16 million
Le Pen: 11 million

It seems that those not too keen on Macron larger than those who voted for him. Considering that 34% of French electorate were not inspired by their electoral choice says more than who will be next president.


So have the French rolled over to EU/Globalist tyranny? That's what some French are claiming.

My question now is will the French be mandatory drafted into the coming EU Superstate military machine that Juncker and other EU apparatchik envision?


So with the EU winning the French Election, guess the German Defense Minister will be headed back to Germany, who had been rushed into France just prior to the French elections, and the German Military Special Unit that was poised to go into France and restore order had LePen been elected are now standing down.




The euro and the EU regime has been a disaster for Southern Europe including France. Sky high youth unemployment, massive debt, low capital investment, stagnant median incomes and rapidly growing social welfare payments.

Frexit will be good for France just as Brexit will be for Britain. With 34% of the French electorate not voting for either candidate in the runoff it shows massive dissatisfaction with the status quo and a resignation that their votes don't really matter. This is the kind of environment in which civil wars and revolution are born.


Dear Colonel,

Apparently a third of voters refused to choose between Le Pen and Macron! Sounds like Macron won with 65% already disliking him (of those who cared to vote) and of his 65%, a likely large fraction who detest him only slightly less than they detest marine.

The term rudderless leadership for the next five per Nigel Farage seems likely.

Nigel Farage called 2017 for Macron and predicts 2022for Le Pen.


Bill Herschel

There are things that are unusual about him. Quite a few things. Phew.

From Wikipedia:

"Raised in a non-religious family, he was baptised a Roman Catholic at his own request at age 12.

His parents sent him off to the élite Lycée Henri-IV in Paris, where he completed the high school curriculum due to their alarm at the bond he had formed with Brigitte Auzière, a married teacher with three children at Jésuites de la Providence, who later became his wife.

They first met when he was a 15-year-old student in her class, and she was 39, but were officially a couple only after he turned 17. They married in 2007. Macron has three step-children, Sébastien (born 1975), Laurence (born 1977), and Tiphaine (born 1984).

His best man was Henry Hermand (1924–2016), a businessman who loaned €550,000 to Macron for the purchase of his first apartment in Paris as he was Inspector of Finances. Hermand also let Macron use some of his offices on the Avenue des Champs Élysées in Paris for his movement En Marche!."

I will only say that if it were to come out that Trump had seduced a 15 year old girl when he was 39 he would be gone. Clinton was impeached for Lewinsky who, to say the least, went out in the rain to get wet.


Actually, I think a Frexit would have ultimately been good for France. It would have led Germany down the path of a severe recession if the Euro were to implode and they would go back to DM. Meanwhile, the investment into Spain, Italy, and France would have been significant.

That aside, I don't think she was the right candidate, but a central currency shared among disparate economies, who don't have the individual means to create or restrict money, is a futile experience doomed to fail. Better sooner than later in my opinion.

The only way the Euro would work is to go back to a gold-backed currency. You can't do what they're trying to do with a fiat currency.


Very disappointing result...

The French were given a chance to vote against the bankers..
vote against austerity, vote against the corporate superstate that is run by a G-Sax banker at the ECB, vote for their own anti-globalist liberation and they balked.

What were they thinking?

If Hollande was bad, Macron will be worse. No experience, no backbone, no bona fides except for his years of indoctrination as a Rothschild bankster. What kind of pedigree is that?

No one even knows who the man is or what he represents, he's a complete mystery, a blank chalkboard like Obama that people scribble their own values on, and are later crestfallen when they realize he's a fraud. Another two-faced, Hopey-changey chameleon who'll do whatever his paymasters say without a whimper of protest.

This is big triumph for the bad guys who managed to pull the wool over the sheeple's eyes once again.

But it's another black day for democracy




The founder of modern France “designed the Fifth Republic as a hybrid regime, combining the institutions of a parliamentary system with a powerful presidential office so that a crisis in the party system might not necessarily provoke a crisis of government,” Manent notes.

Macron’s presidency will “be a true test of the Fifth Republic as De Gaulle envisioned it,” she added. “So far, this has never really been tested, because the system developed into a de facto two party system.”

“It may have taken 60 years,” Manent writes, “but De Gaulle’s vision of the Fifth Republic could well be coming to a point of crisis.”



Macron held more than one cabinet post in the past five years, including finance minister in 2014. How is that "out of nowhere" other than in revisionist history terms?



So FN under Marie La Pen has a 100% increase in votes from 2012. A few questions come to mind. How firm will those voters be in the next election? How many seats in the legislature will her party have and how important will that be given the structure of the French government?

Charles Michael

Le roi est mort, vive le roi !
( the king is dead, long live the king!)

Marine LePen Never had a chance to win and will Never have. I am puzzled by some expressing their disapointment here as on Russian media, and in France.

The ''young Prince that has became King'' means the continuation of more of the same submission (Kollaboration is the proper word) to the dangerously and very destructive triumphant Germany.
More euro, more Bruxelles ukaz and more Nato is in the book, and financial market are euphoristic, a sure sign of continuity.

The party of Sarkozy and Fillon will oppose vocally but support on a case by case a very liberal, anti-social policy.Main objective is to keep some legislative power and such leverage.
The Parti Socialist (Hollande) is the big looser... or not, if one considers the Macron Show as a clever masquerade.
The very unknown quantity is the results of the two extreme Left(JL Melenchon) and Rigth (LePen), both souverainist and largely anti-euro, at the next legislative election of more than 570 deputies.

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