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10 May 2017


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Green Zone Café

We would have to put the capital in Manchester or Concord to compensate New Hampshire for the loss of their imperial presidential primary circus! Would also be more central.

I took it another step: per capita GDP in New England is now more than $60,000, higher than US as a whole with $56,000. New England might be lower as an independent country, but still high enough to provide.

Alas, since I wrote the original comment I learned that the SSBNs are now all in Kings Bay, GA or Puget Sound, WA. Maybe a few SSNs from Groton still have nuke Tomahawks, but I doubt it.

Something freer than Europe and Canada and less brutal than Texas is what I thought. Keep the Bill of Rights (Massachusetts Declaration of Rights), start from scratch with the rest. A parliamentary system? Why not? No overweening executive. I don't know why some state hasn't tried it already.

One problem with the USA now is that the states haven't tried or are constrained by the feds from trying more new systems. I wanted Vermont to go through with their announced single payer health care system, don't know what happened.

Eric Newhill

I know. My wife was a teacher (middle school) for many years.She left the profession just as leftist ideology began to fully permeate the curriculum and general culture in the schools. Anyone who doubts this has occurred is either blind, deaf and dumb or a leftist so fully indoctrinated that they think it's wonderful.


No argument from me. Blair prior to Iraq. Cameron's speech to the House on Syrian air strikes made me cringe and ashamed to be British. I forced myself to watch 2hrs of that very painful debate of which only Julian Lewis' 8 minutes seemed aligned with any kind of reality.
I have no doubt that our Borg would be every bit as damaging as theirs given the same ability to effect change. The difference is if your country is being threatened by blocking of aid or unilateral sanctions against your banks, ships or other industries by the US for not towing the line on patents, copyrights, trading partners etc. it is a much bigger problem than if it is just little old Blighty. Likewise in the UN or any or multi-lateral organisation the US's ability to apply pressure is the difference. Back in the days of the British Empire defying us would have had consequence but now not so much.


I do NOT want to see the dissolution of the Union, nor should anyone else.

It pains me to see so many comments here taking such a cavalier attitude to the break-up of the Union.

If such a thing were to come to pass, the result would not be a patchwork of city-states existing in enlightened harmony. Nor would it resemble a "Walking Dead" survival scenario.

When contemplating a new civil war, the unstated assumption is that the military will side with rural, red state Americans.

In my humble opinion, the dissolution of the Union would simply open the door for a domestic corporatist/military junta/dictatorship, or domination by a foreign power, under which the "bi-coastal liberal elites," city-dwellers, AND rural Americans would suffer.

The fact that we will ALL suffer- as is the case with all wars- is why it MUST be avoided. We must find ways to compromise with one another. Dissolution is not, cannot be the answer. "I would save the union."

Col. Lang, thank you for providing a forum for these important discussions.



See chapter 14.

Here's an example of someone who became a US citizen and thus gained preferred status:



Very interesting. So far we have several who would want to be citizens of the Commonwealth of New England and I roused HCG's ire by postulating a possible People's Republic of Ecotopia in the NW. What other bits and pieces would you expect to emerge? pl

Nancy K

You have such a way with words, unfortunately you are wrong about the left. Your anger is coming through loud and clear.

Babak Makkinejad

I respectfully disagree.

Nancy K

I think the kids were taught to say this by their parents, who dislike public schools for many reasons.


I'll grant you this, your handle is apt.

But very financially successful? Put the pipe down, sir.


Google Boomer+Retirement and you'll have some reading cut out for you. I hope you are not impervious to evidence.

I'll leave it at that.


Col. Lang-

I think I have reached the limit of any feeble powers of prognostication that I may possess.

However, I will say, that in the scenario I outlined above, "pockets" of democracy/republics simply would not exist, in any significant sense.

The dictatorship I envision would rule over all. Rather than destroying the liberal cities, the dictatorship would seek to control them in order to maintain and harness their economic output.

Key to this control would be a campaign of rooting out resistance. There would be much bloodshed on the part of all Americans such that we would look back with nostalgia and regret on the partisan divisions which separate us so deeply and bitterly today.

Once started, this fire would burn hot and smolder long. I reiterate, we must not allow this to happen.

Thank you.

English outsider

Yes, your first paragraph brought back some bad memories. I should add, however, that I don't feel ashamed at all. OK, maybe ashamed of belonging to the same species when Blair was at the top of his form, but no more specific than that. You might think it's a bit difficult getting behind the team these days when you see what our politicians are like. But ever more frequent resort to the thinking behind the term "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition" gets over the problem for most of us.

On your second we might amicably disagree. On foreign policy, and looking at what the two sets of politicians + cronies get up to there, I'd say that from the point of view of the prey - the prey being the foreigners who happen to live on the chessboard squares - there's no odds between the lion and the jackal except that the jackal is more furtive.

Babak Makkinejad

The Aristocrats of England have done a decent job, in my opinion, since the death of Cromwell; in my opinion.


Ah! I see... it's that river... in Egypt...
Can't remember the exact name...

Babak Makkinejad

I am sorry but I do not see anything wrong here with this Horatio Alger type of story.

Sam Peralta


You've hit the nail on the head!

The example you gave is exactly how the game is played. The left pushed Fannie, Freddie, FHA. Both the left & right supported Greenspan and Bernanke as Wall St learned from LTCM and took mortgage backed credit volume to the stratosphere. The flippers got in the game as it was such an easy way to riches with all the no-doc financing. Bill Clinton, Bob Rubin, Larry Summers with the assist of the Republican establishment repealed Glass-Steagal and got the TBTF going. Then the establishment from both sides - during both Dubya's and Obama's administration, made sure that Wall St was made whole with Bernanke doing the heavy lifting after subprime blew up the whole credit edifice. Holder who rotated in from a Wall St law firm made sure the clock ran out on the statute of limitations. Perfect scam in which both the left & right are complicit.

Yeah, many Americans love big government as they get some cheese too.


tim s wrote:

Colonel, Nobody who loves their country/union wants to see it dissolved, assuming that it still is in its essence the country/union that it is in their hearts and minds. The question in my mind is, what is the USA? I know what we're told that it is, in the classical sense, which was the union as our founding fathers envisioned it, with a representative balanced governing body that has checks to limit power, with the people deciding who rules them and being represented by those elected. Is that what it is now? In a recent thread (http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2017/05/httpswwwclausewitzcommobileprinciplesofwarhtm.html), you posted the following: "This seems to be acceptable to the Israeli/R2P satellite state called the US a satellite which was once a proud country. A country for which my ancestors literally fought since the 17th Century." I think you hit the nail on the head with this statement. It seems that all of the political maneuvering both inside and outside of the USA by those elected (or non-elected) officials is largely controlled by the most powerful, and these are globalists, i.e. not Americans. The destruction of the USA as good-old Americans see it seems to be the goal of the globalists. The color revolution being waged inside the USA with the SJWs, antifa's, etc is a difference in degree only from that waged by ISIS elsewhere. Seeing that the mass media only adds fuel to the fire by generally supporting/advocating for these subversive types and NEVER supporting the side of the traditional Americans lends credence to this being a color revolution rather than just a butting of heads of people with different opinions. The mass media, as always, is just hauling water for TPTB, the money changers, neocons, as you will. Is dissolution what THEY want??? Is dissolution of traditional Europe what THEY want as well? Europe looks to be in an advancing state of dissolution. Is the USA any different? All of the West is largely controlled by the money changers. George Carlin's "AMERICAN DREAM" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acLW1vFO-2Q) bit sums our situation up as well as anything I've seen. A dissolution of any society where this is the most accurate thing that can be said about it seems inevitable. Is it possible that the money changers want global domination, and that a healthy USA and Europe would be the greatest impediment to that goal, in their opinion? By deception they rule. By deception they wage war. Our politicians are deceptor marionettes only. If votes are tallied and a new constitutional convention is staged, it will not be because the Americans wanted it (not including the young dreamers who don't know any better, or those Americans who don't know shit beyond the Disneyesque portrayals shown to them and parrot those portrayals - but then that just goes back to TPTB).


“…turning Greece into a penal colony…”
You throw this aside about Greece and I cannot resist to respond to it, but let me say first that

I very much go to your comments first when opening the SST, because I value them as very appropriate and wise and short. However, this time I have a “beef” with your statement about Greece. I am not a Greek and have never been to Greece, so my knowledge is limited to what I get from the media, be it MSM or internet or books. From what I understand about Greek economic problems, it is a mixture of internal inefficiency, corruption, and collusion of international banking capital with the “2 thousand rich families” and the Greek government. Sure, the common people in Greece are suffering, and they are not getting any help from the said “2 thousand families” and the elected government. So, I would not phrase it in terms “poor Greeks, they do not deserve their plight, they are the victims of the foreigners, mostly those evil Germans” who should eternally pay for their crimes in WW2.
For more about these issues I recommend to read the books by H.W. Sinn “Die Target Falle” (Hanser Verl. 2012) and “Der Euro” (Hanser Verl. 2015)
and a very thorough SST discussion in 2015:

and the article in Frankurter Allgemeine Zeitung about how the person who tries to speak truth in Greece is treated by greek judiciary (former chief statistician sentenced to prison for not being a patriot)


Well . . . In 1981 Pierre Trudeau repatriated the constitution. It's all Canada's now. England doesn't run the show any longer.

It’s a still a constitutional monarchy. Canada’s Head of State is still the Queen of England. The PM is only the PM, and the Governor-General is the Queen’s Representative in Canada. Canadians seem to like it that way. Colonialism dies hard.

Whereas the Articles of Confederation in the US lasted a mere decade before the 1789 Constitution, Canada’s equivalent lasted from 1867, or something like that, until Trudeau wrote their constitution in 1983.

The US Prez is unique, or almost unique, among world leaders. He is both Head of Government and Head of State. (Israel has a PM and a President.)



Hey, I love Canada, and am a dual national. That does not change the fact that the Canadian confederation was created by the UK after agitation by people like Macdonald and Laurier. The British did not create the US, far from it. One of my Anglo ancestors, Amos Hall, fought in the Continental Army against the British for 6 years and then 20 years later moved to Quebec and became a Crown Loyalist. Go figure. pl


LeaNder and Babak,

The ethnic stock that made up the American nation for 300+ years is being replaced via uncontrolled immigration, which is really a form of large scale invasion.

The globalists that are driving this policy are using immigrants as a way to permanently reduce and eliminate the political power of Americans of European dissent. Our country is slowly transforming to something that we don't recognize anymore. The behavior of the ruling elite in our country is weird and alien. It appears to be something from the 3rd world. CNN is not American. Its not our news. Its foreigner's news.

I walk around the streets of California and feel like a foreigner in my own country. I turn on CNN and see that they are trying to overthrow our democratically elected president and I feel like I am watching some foreign news outlet. I watch our political elite manage our country like its a 3rd world country.

Babak Makkinejad

I understand about California; but the social and political problems of US are not caused by those immigrants.

The foreigners; i.e. those who do not belong to the "ethnic stock that made up the American nation for 300+ years" were not the ones who infiltrated or otherwise hijacked the Office of the US Secretary of Defense in order to usher in the US-Iraq War of 2003.

Similarly, those foreigners - or some such like them - did not cause the Economic Crisis of 2008; those who caused it almost uniformly belonged to the "ethnic stock that made up the American nation for 300+ years".

The machinations of Republicans and Democrats against one another are not run or caused by the foreign element; far from it, it is pursued by the members of the same "ethnic stock that made up the American nation for 300+ years".

The foreigner brought with them olive oil, rice, yogurt, dolma, uzu, noodles, gamelon, oud, filial piety, respect for authority, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc. They are not the ones who are harming the United States - without a doubt.

Foreign immigrants did not destroy Detroit, they did not cause the decay of Oakland or St. Louis, the demise of the so-called Rust Belt.



Greek’s problems derive from adopting the Euro. They could no longer denominate their debts in their own currency, which they used to have control over. No longer.

Your attitude towards Greece is the typical German sneer about that country. And Germany refuses to help, unlike what the US did for Germany after WWII. We ploughed billions into helping your country rebuild.


"The foreigners; i.e. those who do not belong to the "ethnic stock that made up the American nation for 300+ years" were not the ones who infiltrated or otherwise hijacked the Office of the US Secretary of Defense in order to usher in the US-Iraq War of 2003.

Similarly, those foreigners - or some such like them - did not cause the Economic Crisis of 2008; those who caused it almost uniformly belonged to the "ethnic stock that made up the American nation for 300+ years"."

Actually they are from the stock of newly arrived nineteenth century immigrants from central Europe with their undying hatred of Russia and psychological need to fulfill the mystical myth from the book of Daniel by destroying Persia to save their idealized state on the Land. And they will keep on going until someone or something stops them.

Swamp Yankee

I like the way you think, Green Zone Cafe!

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