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10 May 2017


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Heros von Borcke

When the Petro-dollar ponzi scheme finally collapses (a certainty) along with Social Security and the majority of pensions schemes across the US an entire sequence of events will unfold that will include the collapse of the Federal Government as its employees can no longer be paid with money that anyone trusts. The IRS will be unable to keep real money flowing into the treasury.

State governments will be forced to fend for themselves, and this is why Texas, Utah and other states are declaring gold legal tender and trying to get control of their own supplies of real money.

The US, once a white Christian country, has completely fragmented and there is no longer cross group solidarity, or even much social capital within groups. So the majority of states will also split apart as they can no longer pay their employees and they split along economic and cultural rifts.

It will be self-segregation and civil war. This time for real.

Whether a Democrat or Republican is head at the FBI is just window dressing. This collapse is already long baked in the cake.


With this statement in mind it might be helpful if we are able to indicate our Nationality within our profile on this fora.

This would then prevent us inadvertently & accidentally commenting on subjects not concerning us such as American Politics or Constitutional issues, since it appears that as online subscribers &/or contributors to this fora we have, as "flang" no right to do so.

With this in mind then could you have a word with your "old muckers inside the beltway".....

Perhaps THEN the United States of America would keep their "neb" out of the political business of over 50 independant nations that they been PROVEN to have been politically meddled with since the end of World War 2.

The goings on in just about every country in South America & the Middle East also spring to mind. This is the problem at the heart of what we outside of the USA regard as "American Exceptionalism". Don't dare comment or criticise America, but America, the one indispensable nation (well except for Israel) can say & act or say as it likes.

If the United States of America spent a tiny fraction of its huge Military Industrial Complex budget on a decent healthcare policy for all, on its crumbling infrastructure & on the huge underclass of have nots before looking outward as the saviour of the world then it might actually help making the world a better place.

Dare you to post this.



There are too much hatre for "the others" in your post. I got the gist of your point of view, which is not unreasonable. But unfortunately it is nonsensical with so much hatre in the last two sentences.


It seems to me that the fastest and surest way to a Civil War would be to hold a Constitutional Convention.

What I see the Col saying here, we need a grand gesture. Somebody to extend their hand, in good faith, to the 'other side'. Now is the chance. There ARE Dems, maybe not from the 'hard left', but there are Dems out there who could do the job.

The gesture is worth the risk.


As you know I am not American but I spend more time watching American politics than British as, of the two, yours has more impact on my world than ours. Sadly what happens in the US does not stay in the US it impacts the whole world as the US is not like the EU, Russia, China et al in that it seems determined to export its views on a wide range of topics and punish those that do not follow them.
I await your 'I am Anti-American' response but I would be anti-Anywhere if Anywhere wanted to impose sanctions on ships that went to, or States that traded with, Countries that Anywhere happened not to like while other, equally despicable (or worse), countries got aid and arms shipments. And then there are the bogus foreign wars and attempts at regime change. As a Brit I am even more 'Anti-British' as we are guilty of actively aiding and abetting your Government in all these crimes as its loyal lap dog. I see no exit for either of our countries as we have both perverted our implementations of 'Democracy' to a point that the voters feel their vote is only for show and the wishes of contributors to party platforms are the only ones with any kind of influence.

Green Zone Café

I would be happy as a citizen of the Commonwealth of New England. That could be a nice decent little country if based on the town meeting, subsidiarity principle.

Trade, high tech from MIT/Harvard et al research, back to manufacturing and farming, too.

We wouldn't bother anyone like JQ Adams advised. Keep a small military staff and training establishment, a real Swiss-style militia, the Coast Guard vessels, and two SSBNs from Groton to prevent anyone from bothering us.



Find another soap box. pl

Nancy K

We can produce asexually in a sense, it is called in vitro.

Eric Newhill

Sure. I hear that all the time ("I'm on the left, but what you say doesn't describe me"). Well, it sure as heck describes your comrades. Go ahead, Deny it. There are innumerable examples available at the finger tips, at the university campus and on capitol hill.

You probably believe in a little victim restitution here, a little modernization of the constitution there, a little "leveling of the playing field" for this matter, a little more fairness in that matter.....it's quite reasonable to you, but the problem is, the left never stops. Give an inch and they take a mile. Once you got all those little adjustments that you want, you'd see that things still weren't fair and just and you'd chip away at the margins further. Ultimately, you end up at the same place as your radical comrades, who you most definitely aid and abet.

And Baltimore, Detroit, etc are definitely a product of leftist ideology. How can you have a successful city when you tell the residents that they are victims of a racist system and that they are owed by the racist and there is little point in trying because racists will never accept them. So sit on the porch, drink your 40, smoke a little crack, pop out fatherless babies and get yourself paid by the man.

Nancy K

The U.S. was never a white only country. How convenient to have forgotten about the native Americans, Asians, African Americans. You probably believe the U.S. was only a white male country.


The 1965 immigration act and the chain-immigration that it subsequently

It feels I stumbled across this in various publications, statements, comments, that dug into the highly sinister intention and occasionally into special interests behind this act.

Could you let me know, why it is or could be the ultimate reason for a high chance--present or in the near future-- for the "Dissolution of the Union"?



Explain, would you please, Tyler.

The Democrats or the left, or whoever, the "Clintocrites and Obamacrats" maybe(?), were in the process of taking over and erecting a police state in which the soldiers for truth and virtue like you would be arrested their possessions confiscated while they are locked up. To put it starkly, if I may?


Nancy K

He can answer for himself but IMO the US was a predominately white country just as Israel is a predominately Jewish country. pl

English outsider

Fred - "... a more compliant demographic and are obtaining one via immigration."

That is the end result of the process. Something like the later Ottoman empire, though that was arrived at differently. A multiplicity of disparate groups, too busy looking after their own enclave to make common cause against the central authority. And if one group or set of groups did find a common cause you went in and hammered them.

You could find a parallel in that last respect with the flyover whites, or with the derelict industrial areas. There's a sense of masses of communities there groping their way towards a common cause, and one so disruptive of the status quo that they're coming up due for a hammering.

Which explains the frenetic response after the Clinton defeat. That wasn't just Team Clinton losing. The universal sense of crisis among the bien pensants, the universal fear of threat to the status quo, was palpable. As is the sense that this threat must be defanged somehow or else somehow repressed. It'll be so much easier when further mass immigration further fragments the population. Then the various enclaves can fight it out among themselves at the ballot box and none powerful enough to disrupt the status quo. If the conflict stays at the relatively pacific level of the ballot box, that is.

All that is implicit in your analysis of a more compliant population being achieved by mass immigration. But I stick at your "They want". That implies the existence of a "They". An identifiable group within the overclass, with its supporting retinue, deliberately bringing about the circumstances that will ensure its own predominance.

I'm not sure there's any such "They". No Soros & Co., or whatever group one cares to identify, artfully steering towards a pre-determined conclusion. There may even be groups within the overclass thinking they're doing that, but if so they're deluding themselves and we are deluding ourselves thinking the same. It's more a random mess heading towards a condition that is an inevitable result of various pressures. A bit of Zeitgeist here, a bit of self-interest there, good intentions but good intentions in an unworkable framework, a whole lot of bits and pieces of causes that all working randomly together will bring us in the West further down the road to ultimate disintegration.

Disintegration, that is, of anything resembling government by the people for the people. Of any sense of a community working out its own future together. More a dystopian world where a sullen population, divided among itself and thus powerless, remains at the mercy of a victorious overclass.

Except that communities, like individuals, do have Free Will. We are not merely mechanisms subject to some inevitable mechanical process. It is possible for us jointly as well as individually to identify those random process that affect us and to modify them. That is true politics. In the free-wheeling and anarchic world that is the American political scene I thought I saw, in 2016, that true politics in embryo. I believe I did see that, and that that fresh growth has not been killed off or suppressed. It is only the nurturing of that true politics that will lead us away from the dystopian world we are otherwise inevitably heading for.

Or, less wordily, keep banging away, Fred. The rest of us will get it, sooner or later.

Swamp Yankee

I would too. It's funny that, independent of one another, we've both settled on very similar details -- Town Meetings, the "go not in search of monsters" principle, citizen-army Swiss (or Swedish or Finnish?) style, and a maritime force that, while mostly devoted to fishing and navigational safety, has the capacity out of Groton for a "continuous at sea deterrent" as the Brits say, just in case....

A decade back, at a boring office job, I remember adding up the GDPs of each New England state* while thinking along these lines, and coming up with a total that put us somewhere between Australia and The Netherlands in world terms. Not bad!

I would also advocate moving the capital somewhere else than Boston to avoid the Paris/London effect.

Obviously, I hope it doesn't come to this. But if it does -- I was reading a history of the last century of the Hapsburg Empire, and the similarities are several** -- it's likely we'll break down on the basis of our extant sectional/regional units. I don't begrudge our sister commonwealths like Virginia or Kentucky or Pennsylvania, or any state or region, for wanting to go their own way if it comes to it, either.

* yes, I know that this includes elements of federal interstate trade, etc.; it was a thought-experiment.

** A highly bureaucratic state devoted to keeping apart an interminably mixed and squabbling multi-ethnic population while serving primarily as an engine for a foreign policy and Great Power pretensions, e.g. Of course, there are major differences, as well.



So Schwarzenegger screwed up California's educational system and Governor Brown hasn't fixed it in all his years in office? If only Democrats controlled the California legislature.



God inspired all those Christian white men to draft the US Constitution. But if you want to ask God why the 2016 woman of the year hasn't gotten pregnant yet feel free to do so. Maybe he'll give you a non-settled science biology lesson.



If only the folks in town could elect people to city government. Someone should register them to vote. Too bad DeRay Mckesson sold out for a government job, he'd be good at that.



The current Republic would be a nicer place if still based on those principles.




It wasn't a third Hispanic in 1776. Nor were Asians even a single percentage point.


Your assumptions about my politics are still incorrect, but offering more detail here would take more time or space than any reader here would have the patience for (including me). To your last point though: I can't speak to conditions in Detroit (I was born there but haven't been back in over 30 years). However, your notions of what is wrong in Baltimore are fiction. The junky I chased out of my yard two days ago, the pimp and his whores who operste two blocks from my house, and the gang of pushers who roam our main thoroughfare are all white. The pimp and several of the pushers are on public assistance, but I don't think it's because they have been taught they are victims of a racist system.


Your remark about how the Constitution was created interests me.
I know that it was, by the original 13, but how clear is it, IYO, that the other 37 had any real choice other than to sign on as a condition of being admitted as states?
I don't advocate the dissolution of the Union, but it doesn't seem to me that it might not happen. If history shows us anything, it shows us that the existence of nation states and empires is evanescent in the long term. There have nearly always been significant centrifugal forces at work in the USA and I can envision those tearing apart the Union at some point; the trigger could be significant economic dislocation resulting in different views,regionally, on the cost/benefit equation on remaining attached.
This of course is all speculative. I have been reading "The Black Swan" and maybe that leads me in that direction.
Discussing the mere possibility seems to provoke strong emotions in people; I have had friends just get mad at me for talking about it as a thought experiment, while the same friends are quite at ease talking about life on earth being wiped out by an asteroid strike.


That sounds good to me :)

Hood Canal Gardner

Pat re "Do you see the present constitution as divinely ordained rather than a politically negotiated document? If you do not see it as divine."

Why not just say "The US Constitution, Quran, Bible, Talmud (et al) are politically negotiated documents?"

The Constitution, on a good day, had an 'as is' half life of maybe 10-15 years. It's been tire patched on the side of the road from the start.

Is there a "best time" to rewrite the US Constitution or are tire patches all we get/deserve?


A. Pols

You haveanswered your own question. It was a pre-condition for admission to the Union. The clearest case was in the case of Utah in which Mormon semi-theorcracy had to be abandoned including IMO polygamy. pl

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