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10 May 2017


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"There are separate indoctrination programs for the feral savages that don't complete k-12 (e.g. denizens of S. Chicago, Compton, Detroit, Baltimore, Ferguson). These are all zombie warriors for certain elites. I'd rather fight them than join them or become their captives."

Comity huh? Good luck with that.


War is a constant in human history, and the fall of the US Empire will increase the occurrence of conflicts, not diminish them. Consider the demise of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe.

Leftists who hate their own country and idealize the brown and black 'other' (to assuage their guilt complex) are completely incapable of realizing this abiding truth: victims have no superior moral compass.

Chomsky types think that once the 'military industrial complex' or 'capitalist exploitation' are dealt with, they'll finally be able to get on with what's really important in life - living out their lives as 'last men', with a pervasive welfare state facilitating the equal abasement all humanity.

Well, those people are in for a fright. Because post-modernity selects for those who reject it.


Rousseau talked about the necessity of discrete and integral custom in order to form a society where the law is viewed as binding and sovereign; an embodiment of the 'general will'.

Under the aegis of post-industrial capitalism, the rubric of the 'proposition nation', the intensification of mass society, the hatreds engendered by multiculturalism, and the infiltration of the American elite by elements hostile to the traditional West; the ground on which unity is a possibility has been washed away.

The very fact the various factions have started to view appointments outside their party as an existential threat is a signal only raw managerial power keeps the Republic together. Washington is no longer a Federal capital, its an imperial city state arbitrating between several 'nations' whose loyalty to Washington emerges from hating and fearing it slightly less than they do each other.


I am an American citizen, but I can see why non-americans want to see the end​of the American war machine.

I'd rather see a constitutional convention than a civil war.


Augustin L,

I disagree. I think they want a more compliant demographic and are obtaining one via immigration. The new and improved Americans as replacement for the stubborn individualistic ones America has now.



I say no. Sadly the days where I am able to influence those who still think voting and participation in civic life matters are getting shorter.


Appointing an FBI Director from the Left will not stop this madness. Sorry but we are one justice away from SCOTUS discovering 2A rights mean "the National Guard" and a confiscation act is hunny dory, to say nothing of them deciding the 1A doesn't cover "hate speech", which is whatever they want it to mean whenever they want it to mean it.

I thought the election of Trump would pull the Left back from the edge and make them self reflect, but they have driven themselves mad with apocalyptic dogma in a way doomsday cultists would be uncomfortable with.


Col, Think you're right, a Constitutional Convention would tear up the pea patch we've spent over two hundred years tending and refining through amendments, legislation and case law. No telling what would come out of it.

Seems with the profound polarization we have now the problem will be to find a competent FBI director who is not crazy either left or right. Partisan, fine, but rabid partisan, meaning hysterical Dem or dingbat Repub will only make things worse. Also, the FBI is a big enough institution it needs a Director with line officer experience.

Yates showed courage and integrity when she refused to defend the Muslim ban, and she was quick enough on her feet to hand Cruz his head recently. I don't know enough about her to know where she stands politically or if she has any large organization management experience.

We are living in interesting times as the old Chinese curse goes. I fear for my grand children and the world they are growing into.



Off topic:

Here's a tidbit I thought you'd find interesting in reading. Prior to the May 9 Victory Day parade in Moscow, Putin paid a visit to his old KGB mentor when Putin worked in Dresden, Putin's old mentor lives in Moscow and had just turned 90.


Swamp Yankee

Colonel Lang,

I quite agree, I think the Union is in real peril. People who see the Union as somehow "natural" or fore-ordained seem to neglect their history to me. Not just the facts of it, but even more so its astonishing and ironic ebbs, flows, twists, turns. The maintenance of the Union for as long as it has thus far held together has been a "near run thing" indeed. Nothing guarantees that a continental-scale federal union of widely differing regional cultures and societies holds together permanently.

I also agree with what Jack said above, and what you have stated before: a fight within states (which yes, certainly occurred in the 1860s and the 1770s) will be even more extreme if we come to active internal violence, insurrection, or war today. You don't have to go far from the glitziest parts of downtown Boston or lower Manhattan to find people who passionately hate those places -- in my view, often with great cause, for their essentially colonial relationship with the rest of us -- such that the countryside in places like southeastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, the Hudson Valley/Catskills will be solidly aligned against the city centers. Indeed, I think you can imagine a situation where people in outer neighborhoods of the cities themselves (parts of Queens & Brooklyn & Jersey, Dorchester and Revere, etc) align with rural regions against the overwhelmingly ritzy-urban ruling class (no South or West Side or Roxbury for them!). You could easily foresee a dynamic like 1789, or 1917. It seems to me people are really playing with fire here.

That said, in my little corner of New England, we have local institutions that are imperfect but democratic, and I have great confidence in the small communities of this continent to govern themselves well. The divorce between the kabuki and the navel-gazing in the wealthy neighborhoods of DC, NYC, San Francisco, and all the other shiny metropoles, and the reality of life in 90% of contemporary America, is vast; and if the rulers, in both parties, don't start to do something to close that gap, I think we are headed for heavy weather.


so you think Citizens United was decided "by unelected leftist Supreme Court judges"?
the most influential decision of this century
and i don't think any "leftists" joined the majority opinion

Nancy K

I just finished watching Lawrence of Arabia, wonderful film. Seems we need a Lawrence of America to bring the warring tribes together.

Nancy K

Maybe more right leaning should become teachers instead of complaining there are too many left leaning teachers. I get it, teachers don't make enough money. Why be a teacher when you can be in the insurance business and make the big bucks.


Thank You Sir, actualy closer to the Palisades , colonel Lang, the day after he fired him, he invited the Russian FM, it was a show of finger to McCain, and the rest of Russia freaks.


Deep State/CIA specializes in disinformation, anarchy, and color revolutions. Don't understand why such might be applied against American government, but the tools are in place and proven.


When the Comey decision was announced over the radio, I actually dented the center console in my truck in a fit of ecstasy. Lucky I missed my leg. Somebody did something. In Washington.

If for no other reason than to stop the meaningless trickling of spiteful rhetoric from the Hill, (being charitable here), I would like to see the FBI put in a state of receivership under a cadre of appointees and blow the lid off of the Russia meddling story as well as the DNC vs. Russia imbroglio.

Sadly, though, just as with the Warren Commission and the 911 Commission, I would not expect to be near satisfied with the reports. Let it be sufficient to channel the sludge into a process that establishes a broad consensus of finality and move on.

The sooner Trump realizes that his sword is made of rubber the better. Firing Comey may have been within the purview of his power, but whatever is in those FBI files, if anything, is sure to be well-guarded by the gumshoes.


Twisted -- Well said. We need to stand together...either by birth or by choice..."to protect and defend the Constitution." I have no confidence in a new convention...the level of discourse is too low and the backers are not interested in the national interest.


You are welcome.


Eric -- When was the last time you stepped into a comprehensive public high school? There is no way that US education is "controlled by the left." In fact, on one issue -- the teaching of civics -- it is a more rightward push that has created this last couple of generations of dunces. At least in California, government is only taught for one semester so that the other semester can be freed up to teach economics! I think we can all agree that there is enough to learn about American government and practice to fill an entire year of classroom work...and that teaching economics could easily be done through American history with an emphasis on economic history. Love of money (or love of the study thereof) IS the root of all evil!


Many (including myself) would consider me "on the left" and I recognize nothing of my beliefs or desires in what you describe. I hope that stuff about Marx and destroying the Constitution was hyperbole. Also, you mention Baltimore, but I fear you see it only in the abstract. As a long time resident of Baltimore, I am a daily witness to the results of "American Carnage", often quite literally in my own backyard. The utter neglect this city and its people have suffered under the political elite, both locally and nationally, is a crime. But it is not an attempt to raise a zombie army. It is simply humans failing to govern well because they are all too human. I suspect that is a problem in many places. Also, I can attest that, wherever you are, you are safe from the angry poor of this city. When they riot, they loot and burn their own neighborhoods.


In 1981 Pierre Trudeau repatriated the constitution. It's all Canada's now. England doesn't run the show any longer.

But back to the idea of the USA breaking apart. Didn't a Russian geopolitical expert of some sort actually predict this a couple of decades ago? What a mess that would be.


Not seeing it--THAT revolution doesn't start until 2023-2030. Current one only uses AI peripherally but rather is being fought in the weaponized P.R. and media agencies. Also in currency--India profoundly worrisome test case. But still looks like old-fashioned Ziocon/GoldmanSachs/Ergodan style power-grab revolution. Outcome of this one will determine how totalitarian (universal East-Germany-style surveillance, anyone? "Administrative detention?") America becomes, which in turn will set the board for the next revolution. Doesn't get really crazy until the Terminators come for the 3rd wave, Empire Strikes Back, around 2032. I'm buying farmland.

The Porkchop Express

I think Trinlae is trying to point out, perhaps a bit clumsily, that some of the comments above defining leftist ideology as "cancerous" share some degree of blame for the toxic political environment as much as leftist whining about naughty words, misogyny, or fill in the blank. One half of the population demonizing or invalidating the beliefs--or at least that appearing to be the case--of the other half does not a healthy polity make.

While I definitely agree with your comment below about alienation and partition (in the group sense), I'm curious how you define discreet, alienated groups? Do you mean political groups with a specific hobby horse or set of them? Or more long ethnic lines? Religious? Geographic? Socio-economic? All of the above? (Apologies if I'm getting too social science-y)

I think it speaks somewhat to Trinlae's point: there are a number of these individuals/groups sort of brewing in the ether who can fundamentally agree on a core set of political beliefs but are fractured and less willing to affiliate with one political party or another for a variety of reasons.


Down in Front

I meant the original creation of Canadia. pl


If God wanted us to be libertarians, He would have made us reproduce asexually.

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