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28 May 2017


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The civil liberties ship has long since sailed.


A point of view from you I can agree with.

We’re almost married.


Thanks for that link, Sylvia 1. I didn’t see that. It’s a good report.


Jack, OT. We're too far down the rabbit hole for any kind of self-correction.

Few know that Jimmy Carter in an effort to curb rogue elements in the late 70s fired 4,000 agents.


"By the way, TTG is developing the Silverman sindrome."

WTF. You gotta be kidding, or totally ignorant about who TTG is, or what he stands for.


Simplicius: Smart.


Started with Ronald Reagan.



Sergey's Morse code machine has Bluetooth, wifi, GPS jamming and a social media propaganda subsystem that will make your eyes bleed. :-) You need to get out more and see the world. Sergey's got some high tech shit.



"It's not that America will become the usual third world country..."
You must not have politicians bringing in a replacement demographic of a more amenable citizenry.


"Normally we would expect the so-called liberal media to attack such abuses and lead the charge against the law breakers. But these are not normal times."

It hasn't been normal since at least the 110th Congress passed the innocently titled Protect America Act of 2007, reauthorizing the legislation (PATRIOT Act) Democrats railed against and had to thank for retaking both chambers. That same year the Senste voted on granting retroactive immunity to telecoms who assisted federal agencies with illegally collecting private information. Except for some holdouts like Glenn Greenwald the media hasn't revisited the subject since both parties reached parity on this abuse of federal power. With no one in power to tell the media look here, they see nothing.

Babak Makkinejad

It was sometime in 1980s - I think - when it was revealed that the Marseilles Police had kept the Gestapo files collected during World War II; much of them covering Jews.

It caused some heated debate in France but, I think, they decided to keep the records instead of destroying them.

Babak Makkinejad


You are not looking far enough into the future.

In less than one hundred years, the communication surveillance data, the medical records data, the criminal records, the public commercial records, the gnomic data (including enzymatic information regrading propensity to violence or docility) will be compiled and available to many governments in the world.

In turn, that data would also become available to shady business, criminals, and criminal syndicates, for such activities as cheating, blackmail, extortion and so on and so forth.

Sky would be the limit.


Thanks for the link Sylvia!

More proof that Comey has lied to congress. We already know Clapper did. When the heads of intelligence agencies lie to congress as well as the public (though that's more expected) and it's documented and eventually makes the news, it seems to make no difference. No difference to their careers, no difference in the deference still shown them by media, and therefore ultimately no difference to most Americans.


I also appreciate SST. Not because I agree with every opinion but because there are a multitude of opinions, from many angles and viewpoints.

Thank you all.

Jeannie Catherine

Amen to that.

Peter VE

"if they even mentioned a foreign target" So, since everyone on this site has mentioned Putin in some context or another. Welcome to the Great Eye of the Borg...



The Google search data; Facebook postso, likes and comment history as well as spending patterns by credit card to include political donations.

dilbert dogbert

Question: Is it possible that Publius Tacitus is Josh Trevino?


Fred, what I mean is exactly that, that America without its original demography is not a "Nation," but a mere resource for international parties. It surprises me that underlining the conversation in this thread there is the notion that someone would actually intervene against the advance of the police state for the sake of preserving essential american liberties. I think that is no longer the case.

Freudenschade, I know, and I am aware how sophisticated is TTG's insight on that.

TonyL, TTG has a long history of abstaining from discussing american internal ethnic tensions. When Tyler arrived I thought TTG had in him enough substance to at least impart on Tyler a more "Special Forces" approach to the conflict young americans have ahead (you know, having a herd of water buffaloes awaiting you in heaven with long faces and litigious claims of premature earthly departure, like Col. Lang has) otherwise why the hell would Tyler be directed by Providence to SST? I pressed TTG to tell his tale, but the "substance" ended up being mere romanticism of the "Royal Marines" kind. Worse still, TTG implied in typical liberal retconning for virtuousness imagery that he wished his A-Team had been less white. Now, while Tyler would long have abandoned SST were not for the absurd levels of impartiality in judgement regarding the problems of american society displayed by Col. Lang, we come to the full circle with TTG drinking the very kosher "the russians did it" cool-aid served by the child molesting predators of the democratic "no whites allowed to speak" party, because in the end, he is no less prone to ideological manipulation than Nancy K (who weeps for the children of illegal immigrants but is fast and furious in prescribing divorce, single motherhood and abortion, with benefits to biotech biz, to those who by all rights should be called "thy neighbours.")

TonyL, in few, I like to pester TTG from time to time. Don't be annoyed by it. He isn't.


Babak, a little OT.

I ran across a copy in my files the other day of an interview with the noted historian and researcher Yehuda Bauer. He’s a professor at Hebrew University, and a senior consultant to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.
Yehuda Bauer Interview

I found this interesting:

”...Two thirds of the Jews of France survived, so obviously it had something to do with the attitudes of a large number of French people. Sixty percent of the Jews of Belgium survived, eighty percent of the Jews of Italy survived. In the inner let's say region of Bulgaria, not the areas that were conquered by the Bulgarian army outside of Bulgaria, but within Bulgaria, all the Jews survived. Why? Why did it not happen elsewhere? Now that is not very difficult to explain. And it is very important if you are looking for the human element, then how do you explain that people behaved differently in the Ukraine than in Poland, then France? And how high do you value those few who did help in the Ukraine versus a general mood in France that made it much much easier for an ordinary Frenchman to say well my neighbor is doing this so that's okay, I'll do it too. And how come there are these differences and Bulgaria isn't in Western Europe, so it's not a question of region maybe it's not a question of democracy, Bulgaria was never democratic and so on, it was for a very short time, France was, yet the behavior seems to be similar in some ways."


Here's a good analysis that is not flattering to the FISA court opinion or sanguine that it has materially reeled in NSA's violations that go back to at least 2003:


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