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22 May 2017


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Account Deleted

You know that photo-op. resulted in a denial from the church:

Yes, that church.



"Salman" is not "Solomon." "Suleimen" is "Solomon." pl


SR Wood

There is no conscription in SA. If you are a member of a barely tolerated sect like the Shia why would you sign up to be a henchman of the al-saud?
I doubt if there are any Shia in the military or the police.
there certainly are none in the SANG. pl


Good morning and sorry sir, like me, I phone autocorrect is not Salman Friendly.


Saudi Arabia and Israel are allies in the material and psychological war against secular, modern Arab countries.

would you be able to give me a little more mental fodder on that thesis? Hmm complicated, luxetvritas?


populist tunes versus their ultimate realities?

Just followed commenter's links on an Al-Tanf post by b, which led me to Max Blumenthal on InformationClearingHouse. Same focus:


ex-PFC Chuck

Iran was essentially a client state of Britain beginning early in the 20th century, when it became the primary source of oil for the Royal Navy. That role devolved to the USA when early in the Eisenhower administration the US, at Britain's behest, instigated the coup against Iran's Mossadegh democratically elected government, which had nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (now BP). That relationship ended in 1979 when the Shah was overthrown and after some instability, Ayatolla Khomini became the leader.


curious, what makes you fold the Munich hostage crisis and Entebbe into the larger "hostility to Iran" narrative?



He owns stock in a company, that's why he made all these deals! You sound as bad as CNN.


A good question. This is one explanation, albeit not fully satisfying.



I hope to God that you and Sri Bhadrakumar are right.


Colonel, thanks for the correction, yes that was a blow below the belt with sarcasm. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Seamus Padraig

Venezuelan currency.

Keith Harbaugh
  • The Iran hostage crisis of 1979-81
    certainly caused U.S. anger with Iran,
    but (and I realize this is still controversial)
    I can see how the U.S. efforts to modernize and Westernize Iran under the Shah
    very deeply offended those Iranians who wished to preserve their culture.
    I am sympathetic towards such Iranians (and other cultural conservatives in the Middle East).
    Are we to be hostile towards all Islamic states that oppose adopting the current values of the U.S.?
    I, for one, hope not.
    In any case, that hostage affair was nearly 40 years ago,
    and no one died in it.
    It hardly seems cause for continuing hostile relations.
  • Re Irangate, aka the Iran-Contra affair
    I don't see why Iran was guilty of anything in this affair.
  • The war between Iran and Iraq was started by Iraq.
  • Re the documented Iranian support for terrorism:
    This needs to be examined on a case-by-case basis.
    In the case of the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon
    this bombing was not motivated by a general hatred of "the West" or the U.S.,
    but was specifically a reaction to the MNF presence in Lebanon.
    Should the U.S. retaliate appropriately against Iran for this act? Sure.
    But I think letting it permanently ruin U.S./Iran relations would be a grave overreaction.

LOL... more orb fun here https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/05/22/donald-trump-and-the-mysterious-glowing-orb/

Chris Chuba

More evidence that Trump has been taken over by the Borg. Like Theon (or Reek) in Game of Thrones, he gets a nice warm bath when he does what they want but if he does something bad, such as have a normal meeting with the Russians, he gets flayed. This is the second time Trump got lavish praise from the Borg and their echo chamber in the press, the first time being when he bombed Syria. I think this is the perfect strategy to manipulate him.

If the interests of the Saudis conflicts with Israel the Borg will choose Israel. It doesn't matter what the Saudis think they bought. The Borg don't honor agreements. Saddam gave up WMD, we got him hanged. Gaddafi gave up whatever he had and he was killed by a mob after R2P intervention, Russia gave up eastern Europe, we put NATO next to St. Petersburg.


So the President didn't get an inbrief from State regarding the liabilities of interaction with the Saudis et. al.. Sad, it would have been better served if Trump had had the Saudis and the Israelis come to the White House.


Trump the deal maker went to Saudi Arabia to sell a few hundred billion weapons contracts. The Saudis can't use them with success anyways (not even in impoverished Yemen) and don't need them. They only needed the fig leaf of parading Trump. He didn't mind to be seen with dancing swordsmen and rubbing their crystall ball. This scene is reminiscent of Alladin's lamp and the 40 thieves. Hezbollah chief, Nasrallah, has written an objective analysis of the bizarre spectacle. The Saudis are scared and desperate. Their power projection failures continue to mount and the whole world is watching their jihadism explode in their face. Mean while, bogey man Iran went to the polls thus legitimizing their government. When was the last time the Saudis had elections? After the grotesque show, Qatar had a change of heart towards Iran and broke ranks with the Saudi led charad:. "Iran is not the enemy." Trump also went to Riyadh to lay the law of the land: "ISIS is finished!" John McCain notwithstanding. Understandably, Erdogan didn't even show up in Riyadh as he knew better. The Kurds are receiving all the attention now and he is not happy. The house of Saud is a creation of the British foreign services and Lawrence of Arabia. There is open rebellion against the Saudis all around in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Qatar, Egypt, etc. Perhaps the house of Saud has outlasted its shelf life and usefulness. This has them running around scared shitless, so they bribed Kushner, Ivanka &Trump himself through Goldman Sachs' peddlers and temple moneychangers to show his face in Riyadh as a much needed fig leaf.

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