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30 May 2017


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That JC guy just made quite interesting remarks in an NBC interview.

"If you put that in context with everything else we knew the Jews were doing and just the historical practices of the Jews, who typically, almost genetically driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favor, whatever, which is a typical Jewish technique."

Isn't that some deeply fascist stuff to say?



There comes a time when the public should be informed. POTUS committing treason is one of those times.



You have no evidence whatever of any treasonous behavior on Trump's part. This is mere slander. You are an obvious political troll. pl



"ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam"

We know your opinion of the leakers, but what about their substance?


Excommunicate me if you must, but Kushner asking to use encrypted communications from the Russian embassy is the very definition of treason.


Clearly you are a political partisan. And in your hatred of Trump quite willing to sell out the US.

The only evidence of treason is by two former intelligence officials and a congressional source, who have leaked the ability of the US to decrypt secure communication of the Russians. Maybe they'll get the noose if such crimes are ever prosecuted.


Sedition is the right word. We are witnessing the overthrow of POTUS by bunch treacherous bastards.

Short of a civil war, is there legal/political way to stop these guys? Would it help if Trump calls for a million man march in DC?



Their substance is nothing, less than nothing. For foreign governments to wish to find ways to influence an American Administration s completely normal. Do you not think our NATO allies have the same conversations as well as our lovely Israeli friends. What do you think ambassadors do for a living? They advise on how to affect hat? As or Kushner's commo proposal, it was a stupid idea but hardly treasonous. you have to remember that the Trump people were not yet the US government. pl


worth noting
jfk opened a back channel to Khrushchev after he was elected and before he was sworn in as president


"By long standing legal precedent journalistic projects are immune from prosecution for disclosing government secrets"

I don't especially want the press to have to censor what they publish. As long as it is not something which will obviously place people in jeopardy, they should publish. It should be the job of those in charge in the government to keep stuff from leaking to begin with.



bks says...
Excommunicate me if you must, but Kushner asking to use encrypted communications from the Russian embassy is the very definition of treason."

Treason??? Even the lowly NY Times disagrees with your extremist analysis. Here's an excerpt from today's paper:

"responding to questions from The Times about the meetings with Mr. Kislyak and Mr. Gorkov, Ms. Hicks said the meetings were part of an effort by Mr. Kushner to improve relations between the United States and Russia, and to identify areas of possible cooperation....

But the Trump transition was unique in its unwillingness to use the government’s communications lines and briefing material for its dealings with many foreign governments, partly because of concern that Obama administration officials might be monitoring the calls....

So the Trump people figured out what any sentient being has known from the very beginning, that the crooked Obama team and their allies in the IC were sweeping up all their communications to derail their political agenda which involved normalizing relations with Russia.

Is that what you call "treason"???



Explain how. Do you even know what treason is?

iowa steve

Why do we assume the "leaked information" is true and not something entirely made up by the "sources" and handed to the always credulous media?


b, JC claims "Russia is not our friend." Could he really be so naive as to believe that nations have friends? One could argue more damage has been done to US security by some of our "friends" than our "enemies"- for example, its unclear how NK has hurt US security to date.

different clue


First of all, Kushner supposedly "ASKED" to do this, not actually "DID" this. Would "ASKING" to do this be just as treasonous an act as if he had "DONE" this? If so, that brings me to . . .

Second of all, the Overt Act which must be witnessed by 2 people at the same time . . . must be in direct assistance to an overt enemy declared to be in a State of War against America. Did this Overt Act, if indeed it was one, seek to render assistance to an Overt Enemy in a State of War against America? No. Because Russia is not an Overt Enemy in any Declared State of War.

Now . . . is Russia a "covert enemy"? Or maybe just a "covert adversary"? Maybe so. In which case, broadcasting to the world including most of all to Russia itself that we can decrypt their most sensitive strongestly-encrypted communications destroys our ability to do that decrypting. And THAT is a highly anti-American thing to have done.

The Twisted Genius


Sedition isn't any more correct than the foolish talk of treason. Those screaming the loudest about Trump's supposed treason are seeking to used the existing structures of government and the Constitution to oust a sitting president and those around him. They are not trying to overthrow or destroy the government.

Trump certainly could call for a million man march, but he better be certain he could generate crowds at least as big as the women's march. Anything less would backfire.

We may see something big happening on twitter soon. Trump's two twitter accounts have gained over five million followers in the last three days. Most are empty bot accounts which have no activity. Accounts are being added at a hundred bots an hour. Many people are reporting their accounts are now following the Trump and related bot accounts without authorization. Some are unfollowing and blocking Trump only to have their accounts reconnecting to the Trump accounts. People are being advised to change their passwords and disable any twitter related apps. My guess is that some kind of shit is about to hit the fan.



Speaking of the treasonous shows, did you know that Morning Joe Scarborough and Mika are now engaged? Also, Mika's daddy Zbigniew Brzezinski passed away 4 days ago.


I don't see any evidence that Trump's hold on the Presidency is in any real or imminent danger.

The Russia scandal newsfeed is slowing him down a bit, which may not be a bad thing given his reputation for impetuous decision making, lose talk, arrogance when it comes to the details and a tendency to keep it in the family, or at least among loyalists. If the Dems think the Russia thing is going to win them control of the House, they need to think again, it seems to me.

Coronel Lang, there are some things I really don't understand. Perhaps you could explain:

Could it really be a big secret that the IC is able to decrypt Russian communications? I would imagine there is a constant tug of war here: sometimes the US IC is able to do decode and sometimes not, as the systems on both sides are upgraded and changed periodically.

What are the goals of those in the IC who are supposed to be sabotaging Trump? What exactly is it that they are trying to accomplish or prevent?

What precisely are the two side of the controversy over what is the right stance toward Russia and for what reasons? The answer to this could include Syria as well as the Ukraine and NATO.

What was Trump trying to achieve by visiting Saudi Arabia in the way he did and what is to be gained and by whom in making Iran the great enemy? Did he achieve it?

Many thanks if you take a shot at it.


Tidewater to All:

The Eurasia Review has an OpEd by "Mina" with the headline: "Washington Post Exposed NSA's Ability to Intercept Chatter from Russian Embassy." It can be googled. Even has a photo of Jared.

Mina refers to and relies on Col. Lang as an authority and notes his shock and outrage at this publishing of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). Mina states, among other things: "In other words, for the sake of causing some minor embarrassment to the President, the Washington Post struck a major blow against US intelligence."


It's far more likely that they're just making this stuff up. Are they ever going to be required to repeat this stuff under oath or even produce evidence of their claims? I very much doubt it.


Recently you mentioned how tired you are of the ‘mendacious BS’. Be assured you are not alone with your fatigue. I am not only tired of it but also deeply shocked, to find myself 50 years later in my old age confronted again with such mendacious BS. In my youth under Soviet domination it was totally impossible to imagine that one day the ‘russki’ FM would make jokes about how the roles have reversed and the Pravda and Isviestia (‘no truth’ and ‘no news’) would have their imitators or heirs in USA. So, Colonel, do not get tired and have a beautiful, restful Birthday! ( and a glass of Champagne will do good ).


I vividly imagine Russian analysts now sifting through all Dec. 2016 communications for that remark: able to influence the Trump administration through publication of (financial) derogatory information. Not an easy task, but with the keyword 'financial information' they afterwards will know pretty clearly which frequency and encryption method is no longer good enough.
Why would there be legal protection for the journalists for bloating out this capability, however indirectly, in the absence of a clear public requirement? If the publisher feels there was one they could easily explain it to a court, II assume. Is there not a code of conduct or legal responsibility of each publisher in the United States? And if not wouldn't it be possible to use a copyright infringement law?

Old Microbiologist

It is interesting. I saw a clip from CNN yesterday (can't find it now so probably erased from the internet) where they were trying to push a panel of (not-so) "average" Americans to agree with the premise of Russian tampering. To their credit these particular Americans questioned the entire premise and instead turned the tables on the American government questioning credibility of unnamed sources etc. as well as past misdeeds. I was pleasantly surprised at the intelligent answers given and the consternation of the interviewer. But, what is shocking to me were the written responses on the posting many of which were in the grain of "these Americans were treasonous and should be shot". Probably many of the posts were bots but if this is true then the liberals are in deep trouble and in complete denial about what has been happening in the US and especially US foreign policy.

What will be interesting is what the response is going to be when the illegal US base in Syria is attacked by the Syrian Army, perhaps today. This is a put up or shut up moment in history. The same thing is going to happen in North Korea soon. I also noticed a interesting lack of concern for Israel test firing an ICBM (a rogue nation with illegal nuclear weapons), yet we said nothing about it. Korea on the other hand, is the opposite, and we are coming close to war over the same thing.

Regarding the leaks, I believe it is imperative for Trump to find them fast and perhaps maybe have a few shot as these are the real treasonous Americans. I also think he needs to go after Podesta, Soros, McCain et. al. in earnest and remove them from the board. He needs to get ahead of this and start removing obstacles. Playing nice isn't working.


Kushner asking to use encrypted communications from the Russian embassy is the very definition of treason.

Treason? You’re a nutcase.


Substantively, this (the entire 'Russian Affair, or, employing the mating call of the asshole, RussiaGate, seems like mush, seasoned and spooned to the American Public with a whole lotta adjectives (like the guy above, "treasonous" and such), and sold as steak.

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