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20 May 2017


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Unfortunately it is not only the U.S. resisting that effort of the soveriegn Syrian government to control its territory.

UK special forces are also at al-Tanf. Now Norwegians(?!) have jumped in too:
NRT English
Norwegian force deployed to Al Tanf border crossing in #Syria on the border with #Iraq. #NRTnews

The U.S. wants NATO to join the "fight against ISIS" - which now means war on the Syrian government, people and allies. Germany and France still resist to that nonsense. Some U.S. loving hawks in Merkel's party would clearly like to join. But with upcoming elections in September there is little chance that her party will risk such a move.


With Colonel' permission to post

IMO, Elijah J. Magnier recent analysis is spot on

“The “Shiite Crescent,” which extends from Tehran – Baghdad -Damascus and continues to Beirut, is not related to a certain geographical line crossing through this or that capital, as some sources imagine. It is in fact a “project” that materialised with the US invasion to Iraq in 2003 and following the ISIS occupation of Mosul in 2014. These events strengthened this virtual link without weakening it at all. This indicates that only ending the Middle East conflicts will make long-term stability possible in the area. The presence of the US occupation forces in North and northeast Syria will only create more conflict, reminding everyone of the Iraqi insurgency memory regarding Mesopotamia. The United States is clearly unwilling or unable to learn from history.”


It is in fact a “project” that materialised with the US invasion to Iraq

and from there on over statements like by Mr. Faster Please (onward soldiers: Let's first conquer Syria and the Iran)

congratulations to the Ruhani election, won't be easy to govern for him though.


This morning Southfront has an article stating that Syrian forces have taken a large portion near the al tanf crossing.


And to Kooshy, I think history is part of the humanities, and so sad to think how uneducated Americans are about their own history, much less world history.

Account Deleted


Saw your link to the report of Norwegians (what the absolute ****). The report says

"Coalition forces have given the protection of the Syrian side of the border crossing to the Norwegian force"
. My reading of this is that they are posted actually on the border - not to the Al-Tanf camp 30km inside Syria (where the US/British SOF's trainers are). This right?


IMO, Rohani will have smoother time in his second and last term .A sort of detente is in place with Europe all indications are Europe wouldn't want to go back to last decade American mandate, resaulting in pushing Iran further to China and Russia. Iran economy is getting more eased up due to trade and selling oil. Iran' economy historically is based on rade and Transportaion these both are now back again. From what I read Iranian policy maker are not much worried about US and his potential actions by her or her regional clients.


Colonel, Please consider me "challenged." Who intends to "occupy & control the southern borders with Jordan & Iraq"? Is it R+6? If so what options are available
to the U.S. to "resist" without massive escalation of hostilities?



Do you have a problem opening and closing locks with a key? SWMBO does and she has several degrees in STEM and ME studies. "A map is a graphical depiction of the earth's surface as seen from above." The funny lines that curve around represent different elevations above sea level. The colors often represent either elevation or surface characteristics, like forests. They come in different scales. The Arabic word for map is "khariita." Work on it. As to the identity of those wishing to secure the borders between Syria and Jordan/Iraq, they may be aliens, or maybe not. pl


the word going around is that the Syrian Army intends to counter the possibility of more US strikes by using swarm tactics. If there are multiple columns of advance, the US must commit to extensive area bombing rather than pinpoint 'warning' strikes, something Trump may not be prepared to do.


Kataeb Imam Al-‘Ali is very popular in Iraq among PMU and Shias.
Bombing it was not a good idea


Russian special forces have arrived in Al-Sweida. If they are attached to Syrian forces it will make a repeat of the US air attack much riskier



60 Norwegian soldiers were sent to Jordan last year to assist in training a group called New Syria Army / Jaish Suriya al-Jadid, who supposedly should ONLY fight IS. The Norwegians were not supposed to take active part in fighting inside Syria, but there has been very little information available from the government on what they are really doing, "for security reasons". Today, the deployment to the Syrian - Iraqi border is big news here, and we will probably have a few politicians voicing their scepticism. When the decision to send the soldiers were discussed in the parliament a year ago, the legality according to international law was said to be in order. Some sceptical politicians and academics voiced concern about that, and about possible clashes with Russian forces inside Syria. Usually, Norway puts great weight on following international law, at least officially.

Gene O.

In my humble opinion, they (the SAA) would be more productive going after the Nusra Front in Idlib province. They should clear that rats nest out before TKK backed rebels go in and establish another Turkish enclave.

Or perhaps coordinate with the SDF and creating a Maskanah pocket by driving through Ithriya towards Tabqa airbase. Or would the Americans oppose their presence there also?


gene O

It has been my position since the fall of Aleppo to the government that liberation of Idlib Governorate should have been the top priority. pl

Gene O.

Yes, I've read your thoughts on that and agree.

What is your opinion on the possibility of future SAA/SDF cooperation?

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