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21 May 2017


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Again money is the key.

Iraq have their own gas reserves why buy anything? Also we are talking petty cash with Kuwait and Oman. If you want billions of Euros in revenue, EU is the only game in town. The world's biggest importer of gas.


If Iran can invite European companies to Iran why not sell gas to the EU? The religious war thing apparently doesn't matter with regards to Iranian gas sales to Turkey, so why should it be a big thing with the EU.

The Party of Ali needs to develop their nation's economy. Or do you think a weak economy is a source of strength? It will also make it harder for the US to introduce sanctions again.

The EU will have to invest in the pipelines from the south to the Turkish gas pipelines but that will also bind the EU's policy options.


Turkish pipeline is not exactly big so would also need to be upgraded besides a pipeline through Iraq & Syria is cheaper than the Eastern Turkey and its earthquakes and mountains

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