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24 May 2017


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"My suspicion is, it won't be easy to sort out neocons/ziocons short of some type of inquisition given the length of time post 1945. Or to what extend the American narrative is necessarily entangled with the neocon/zionist one."

Actually. it would very easy since they self select and publicly parade themselves around in the media(thank God for good old human vanity). Only need to get the top thousand to turn the page on their current reign of error.

"After all I am not a native speaker."

Hats off to your english teacher since you rarely make a mistake, though whoever it was did you, a Catholic girl from the Black Forest region, a disservice by not translating Pharisee. That is if what you have said here through the years is true.


Interesting allusion, David. Incidentally I was pretty fascinated by Restoration Drama and it's larger theater, actors and staging context. You may realize why. But I am not more then vaguely aware of George Farquhar after all these years.

Your reference to the Battle of Blenheim makes a lot of sense. ;)


Pat, I simply wanted to challenge the statement, not necessarily the gender gap concerning strength. Triggered a chain of associations, admittedly. ;)

Strictly, the British series made me wonder about medics in the army more generally. Besides, I did not necessarily expect the TV series to show the real British army. Obviously I wondered to what extend the Zeitgeist discussed here too influenced the story. But I like to watch other European productions.

And yes, obviously I wonder about the genesis of series from idea to script. ;)



I have no objection to having women in the armed forces so long as they are no forced into roles for which individuals of either sex are not suited by virtue of personality or physical strength. All are not equally qualified. As TTG a few others here have said, One must have tried to put up a wet, general purpose medium tent to fully understand what I am talking about. pl


Please no "hats off" to my English teacher, Thomas. Would you be so kind?

He successfully chased me out of the language branch. We distinctively disliked each other. I had to shift to the natural science branch, more precisely physics instead of English. My math and physics teacher on the other hand, liked me.

My English teacher on the other hand also successfully managed to kick me out of school frequently before for one or two weeks at a time. Started with me not wearing a skirt in summer, which was the rule for girls. Seems there may have been a specific day he waited in his office overseeing incoming students, and all other girls obeyed or knew the rule.

I had always had preferred trousers. That's how our troubles started. Sure, I had heard about this rule during his 'new school year address' some time before. But fact is, I simply had no skirts when I arrived at the school. It's that easy. I guess, I didn't even alert my mother to the problem. I simply did not take it serious.

dilbert dogbert

Col Lang
Could you expand on McMaster and "Falling On One's Sword" and "Drinking The Coolaid". I wonder if he thinks he must stay on Team Trump to prevent a greater disaster vs leaving and preserving his honor.

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