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09 May 2017


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"The political situation in the US is so toxic that exceptional disclosures by the US government are justified. "

Unfortunately, two key factors exacerbate the toxicity:
1. Trump's firing of Comey, apparently so abrupt that Comey learned of it from televisions in LA
2. Grand jury subpoenas issued to associates of Flynn in the hours prior to Comey's firing.

Irrespective of anyone's personal political views, the timing and juxtaposition of events are concerning.
It's going to take extraordinary efforts to reduce the political toxicity.

Bill H

I recall that as well. It never got any traction as the media sort of implied that even if the president told him to do it, it was still illegal.

Bill H

Part of the hyperventilation, particularly from Sally Yates, is that Flynn had put himself in a position where he could be blackmailed by the Russians. Does that remind anyone other than me of Cold War rhetoric? The Soviet Union was certainly a threat. To what degree is Russia, even with its nuclear arsenal, a similar threat, given that we are not provoking them?

Account Deleted

So there's nothing like events to get you to re-evaluate your premises!

Even if Trump doesn't know he can declassify the transcripts already, his willingness to use executive power so far suggests he would find a way, if he wanted to. Gonna have to go with Occam's razor on this one now: Transcripts compromise Flynn, probably Trump & won't see the light of day under what is left of POTUS45.



No. IMO this is suicidal. pl

Eric Newhill

When you reply from your I-phone, the comment that you are replying to disappears and there is a pre-canned messaged that reads "This comment has been removed by the moderator....." - or something close to that.

It happened to a comment I posted a little while ago and that you replied to from your i-phone. I thought I had offended you somehow, though it was a pretty innocent comment. Later the same day the comment was back up. On this thread there were three comments where the same thing occurred. One was a comment by Walrus.

We know you replied from an I-phone because your response is stamped with something that says so.


Eric Newhill

Ah! OK I will stop responding by iphone. pl


Clinton's base will have to process some hefty "doublethink" ideas today, it has me LMAO. President Trump is a very brave man. I still think he should be impeached for the Syria missile salvo - again lmao, as if that's ever going to happen, perhaps he got some bad advice from a Borg darling, yeah, probably. I think McMaster is next up to the plate, home run or strike out?


Your IPhone comments initially process in a weird manner, rather than posting a reply it deletes the comments posted by the likes of Walrus, they are a "bug" and not a "feature" of this site and likely not something you intended to happen,


Yes, no doubt, to the more casual observer it feels a bit like a soap opera scenario for public consumption.

Gonna have to go with Occam's razor on this one now: Transcripts compromise Flynn, probably Trump & won't see the light of day under what is left of POTUS45.

If you say secret and classified over and over again this no doubt stimulates our imagination.

Personally, I would be more interested in how the now three agencies--versus all seventeen collectively as HC claimed--came to the conclusion that the Russians, especially its own agencies versus let's say some type of Russian-Anonymous-hacktivists, who didn't cover their trail well enough, interfered with the American election.


given that we are not provoking them

Are you sure that this is the Russian assessement of the situation?

William R. Cumming

P.L. correct that Secret Restricted Data a product of the Atomic Energy Act.

William R. Cumming

IMO the current "Russia" meddling is mislabeled in that FP set by oligarchs on both sides not nation-state interests. The true interest of Russian oligarchs is to see that money laundering can continue in the West largely through real estate, a largely unregulated sector of Western economies.

Bill H

Well, good point. I worded that awkwardly. The thought hit me as I was posting and I tried to tack something on to avoid looking like an idiot. Wound up looking like an idiot. Of course we are provoking them.

What I meant is, would they be a threat if we were not constantly poking them in the eye with a stick?



Real estate is unregulated? You must not have tried to build anything in any of our cities.

William R. Cumming

Fred! Definition of "property" one of state law. You are talking building and zoning law while I am speaking to funding of real estate ventures.

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