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20 May 2017


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With all due respect to you and Col. Lang, I don't think it will wash.

Stephanie, for me, personally, it makes a lot of sense to distinguish between Pat, and whomever else he puts up for discussion on SST.

I agree with you though, along the lines several others suggested here, the dismissal or more specifically how it happened was a disgrace. What I also think, never mind the Russian interference theme, the way it was done had to trigger what we witness now for exactly this reason. The way it was done: Not least the reference in Trump's discharge letter.

I am tended to add another line of thought, but ...

Eric Newhill

Based on the number of new info ops commenters that have shown up on this thread to hand wave away PT's observation, I'd say PT is dead center in the ten ring. They doth protest too much.



Sergey Lavrov is the Foreign Minister of Russia.


Do I need your pemition to post an opinion you wouldn't agree with? Is there an order of seniority in the comment section?

Sam Peralta


Yes, a few Congressmen and a few unimportant bureaucrats and a few losers like Huma's husband to make it seem that the application of the rule of law is universal.

Have you heard of a CIA Director or FBI chief or NSA Director or someone at that level being prosecuted for anything other than illicit sex? Of course, there are a few cases like Scooter Libby & Tom Delay, although he was acquitted by a Texas Court of Appeals.



Can you make a case against the comments? I would like to hear it.

You are only judging them to be "info ops commenters" because you cannot refute their logics.


Sam Peralta

Be careful. This is not our fred. pl



The hierarach here is ME. I will decide if your comment is worthwhile. pl


PT and Stephanie,

when I first read PT's argument this morning, I was struck by the same flaw. He was asked about the DOJ, not POTUS. Is the POTUS a part of the Department of Justice? Clearly no. If you're going to make a technical, legal charge of perjury, you'd best make sure the facts line up. In this case, they don't.



who is splitting hairs now? If your claim is that Comey is overly political and should have revealed Trump's attempted interference instead of metering out the truth, then I think we can agree. But you are making the claim that he committed perjury, i.e. lying under oath. You're making a hand waving argument that although the question was about the DOJ, the answer seemed to encompass the whole of the administration. Good luck with that.

I do agree he should have blown the whistle on Trump at this point.

William R. Cumming

Which of the many investigations of HRC and DT now and in past years were self-initiated?

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