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08 May 2017


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I'll fwd your inquiry to the FBI director.


Thank you, Colonel. As the news of Comey's dismissal came over the air today, I would like to refine my comment. Much as the opposition would like to frame the firing as a move to get out from under the Russian election meddling story, the central theme seemed to be the lack of action on the mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and her staff. To possibly answer my own question, is it fair to say that the elected officials, by virtue of their public trust, are held to a much more lenient standard that cleared personnel who are subject to a stricter surveillance protocol? Thus Huma Abedin skates while Flynn gets the hook?

William R. Cumming

Granting of a personnel security clearance does not the game end. You must then be able to meet the NEED TO KNOW test.

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