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25 May 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

So, even the great Voltaire could not rid of himself of this obsession with Jews.


So, even the great Voltaire could not rid of himself of this obsession with Jews.

Babak, the 'epigones' the follow-up-Monotheists (if I may, never mind religious precursors, ... Zarathustra/Ahura Mazda, Echnaton ...) may have comparative problems.

If their religious update is valid, the earlier ones should join their ranks and convert. Shouldn't they?

Luther may be a good case to prove my basic hypothesis. Initially not so fond of contemporary and earlier takes, or what we nowadays call religious antisemitism, he rigidly shifted after he discovered never mind his religous-update these obstinates didn't want to join his camp. Now if they didn't want to get under the protective collective ethical coat? What could this possibly mean?

No doubt, Voltaire liked Zarathustra... On the other hand to us "Western" outsiders the Muslim family dispute affair is a rather cryptic matter.

Babak Makkinejad

I have had close Zoroastrian friends and have studied that religion a bit.

If I were a Zoroastrian - which I am not - I would have argued thus:

"It is a truly laughable spectacle when followers of those religions that followed Din Behi, put on that air of having finally arrived at the final religious Truth available to Man. And all concur in condemning the Din Behi as being obsolete or irrelevant.

They could not be further from Truth for all they have they owe to Din Behi.

They all seem to have conveniently forgotten how much of their religious ideas and ideals are re-packaged from Din Behi - some would say pirated. Jewish women light up candles, a perfectly understandable ritual from the point of view of Din Behi, they owe their salvation in the Old Testament to the Great King - a Zoroastrian- the theme of Light permeates the New Testament as well as that Jesus was greeted at birth by the three Mages - from Persian Mogh, and the Quran states: "God is the Light of Heaven and Earth..." and Salman the Pak was a close Companion of Mohammad. And then there is that entire set of ideas of another world (Heaven) that follows death. All from Din Behi.

The Blessed Zoroaster received his Revelation 8600 years ago; in the language of secularist, "He intuited the deep moral structure of the Universe." He was the first prophet, the first holy warrior, the first evangelist and the first prophet to be martyred in the path of righteousness.

Din Behi is the least crisis-ridden religion extant today and the most rational one. To wit:

There is no problem of Theodicy in it; the Wise Lord, El Senor de Luz, has created this Universe to entrap those of his own potentialities that men perceive of as Evil - to be followed by another creation.

This Universe is the Dominion of War; Man has been created to aid the Wise Lord - Al Hakim - in waging this cosmic struggle. In fact, all men who were ever to be born and to live, had already sworn to do so before this Universe was created. The war continues and like all wars, men die and no one escapes the battle field.

Every human soul has sworn to dutifully carry out the orders of the High Command, even when they do not make sense. In the Story of Job, in the Old Testament as well as in the Quran, one is left to understand that one has to endure the capricious will of a mad god. From the point of view of the Din Behi, the truth of the story is quite evident, however. The Wise Lord is not Mad; like in any war, the High Command makes decisions and issues orders that are often not understood by the rank and file soldiers but are dictated by the military logic or strategic goals. As sworn soldiers, one has to salute the proverbial flag and carry on. Others may only hope that the High Command will not cause them to be in a fubar situation later.

When this Cosmic struggle is one and the potentiality of Evil has been completely exhausted and entrapped in this Universe, the Wise Lord will be creating a new universe in which there will be no disease, no old age, no hunger, and no thirst and no death. All men will be resurrected and given new incorruptible bodies.

It is heart-warming as a Zoroastrian to look at the account of the Resurrection in the Old Testament when the Disciples meet the Resurrected Jesus and could not recognize him. That story confirms the Truths of the Din Behi; Jesus was resurrected and given a new incorruptible body (the reason for the Disciples not being able to recognize him) which, also by a short implication, meant that the Cosmic struggle has been won already – in a sort of meta-Time or Divine Time – and the new Incorruptible Creation has already been completed and is populated.

God forbid that the adherents of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam practice some humility – which they themselves so much promote – and admit that they are off-shoots of the True Religion and, furthermore, that they have, at times, hopelessly garbled up this most Rational Religion’s deep understandings of insight.

At least, in the Quran, Din Behi is honorably mentioned; not so in the Old Testament or the New Testament where it is not at all present. One has to ask: This Great King, the Liberator of Jews, a man of God, what was his religion? And those 3 mages who greeted Jesus; what was their religion? It is far too much, I suppose, for them to admit that Din Behi predated them and their own religious message is at times amplified, and at other times, a garbled up re-telling of the Revelations of the Blessed Zoroaster.

That our numbers are now small does not diminish the validity of Din Behi and that their numbers are enormous make their ideas – which have so much tied men into knots – more valid. No matter; in contemporary Iran, the ancient symbols of Din Behi are present again, its famous spiritual exercise is inscribed everywhere, and one would hope that the essential Rationalism of Din Behi would come to influence human being again in due course. "

At any rate, that is how I would have argued if I were a Zoroastrian.

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