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14 May 2017


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Tony L

"some extraordinary secrets" Their are no "extraordinary secrets" that the prisdent cannot legally de-classify in the course of his duties. There is no classification authority above the president. Do you think God Almighty classifies things as a higher authority? pl



Nothing has been proven against either of these men. people like Trump fire subordinates because they are inconvenient or embarrassing. Perhaps we should lynch these two as an example to ... pl



"Any fair-minded person will admit ...'

And those who don't agree with you must not be "fair-minded". Nice Kafka trap you created there.

"Trump could order his opponents shot dead and then pardon the shooters."

no he could not.



"Whether that rises to the level of High Crimes is all about political polemics." That is not true. There first must be an actual crime in office. pl



Yes, ordering his opponents shot dead would be a crime in law. Firing Comey was not a crime in law. pl


Well, I think a lot of people have given up on that expectations, 'we want leaders'. They DO want them....but look around? You see any? Putin maybe, whether one likes him or not.


Well, yes, I would indeed advocate treating the Diplomatic Corps as responsible professionals expected to be assiduously involved in the understanding of the national currents in their duty stations, and more widely, the regional currents that impact on the behaviors of the nation to which they are posted which may be quite necessary to honing their understanding of the national ethos. It is a conceit of an arrogant imperial power to neglect to attempt to comprehend the history and aspirations of other nations with whom they have relations. Merely being ready to slide some other ill-informed donor in as an ambassador hardly addresses this, and yet this seems to be your main complaint. Seriously? Let the poor, poor babies in the Diplomatic Service do their crucial work, and aspire to higher standards for your chief diplomatic representative whether they be an ambassador or charge d'affairs.


"The use of the word "leaked" implies illegality and is an example of anti-Trump propaganda geared to trigger readers to be upset with the president for doing something wrong."

What is so fascinating is that they recognize that POTUS has ultimate classification authority but insist on the propaganda line of "leaking national security secrets to the Russians". The double stroke reinforcing their meme that Trump is Putin's Stooge selling out the US. And right on cue all the Borgists in the media and the political establishment speak with grave authority about how bad Trump is. No one of course ever asks who is leaking to the propagandists at the WaPo and the Times? It couldn't be clearer that there are elements in government colluding with the Borgists in the media and political establishment doing everything they can to take down the Trump administration with innuendo and hysterical reporting.

A recent sanctimonious op-ed by Borgist Fareed Zakaria was definitely vomit inducing. This democracy is under threat propaganda while cheerleading mass surveillance, and illegal interventions all over the world.

different clue

Eric Newhill,

You are mistaken about who wants the Che Guevara and the Communism. (Also, Bernie Bros was a smear-word invented by the Clintonites to false-accuse Sanders of misogyny and etc.) The Sanderbackers range from wanting a New Deal Revival to wanting to Swedenize America.

The people who want Che Guevara and Communism are the people who call Sanders a sheepdog and accuse Sanders of selling out for supporting Clinton when she got the nomination. They feel betrayed because Sanders did not lend his "star power" to the Green Party when its head asked him to be their Pres Candidate.

different clue


After several decades of attrition and degradement of the Union Movement and many individual unions, I wonder how much money unions can still contribute as against how much they used to contribute before 1980. I also wonder what percent union political spending makes up of all political spending overall.



General Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador and President Trump’s passing on intelligence on laptop bombs to the Ambassador and the Russian Foreign Minister were both leaked by the upper levels of the intelligence community to corporate media. The best possible light is that both institutions are intent on changing the President’s policies towards Russia. At worse, this is an ongoing coup to remove him. I don’t know if the President gets it. But, his staff should. I think public opinion supports detente with Russia and a stand down from the forever wars.

If the citation posted above by johnf is correct that the intelligence community believes that CIA and NSA hacking tools were released by the Russians; this means that the USA is in a cyberwar. The ransomware attack is the first shot across the bow. There is an obligation to provide the facts to the American people documenting this and a declaration of war passed by Congress. Otherwise, if agitprop, a clean sweep of the upper management of the 17 Intelligence Agencies for corruption and incompetence is needed.

different clue


I wonder how much I should even believe that, given that it is the Clintonite Washington Post which makes that claim.

different clue

Bill H,

Pence is a Depublicratic Insider, just like most of the Democrats. He is "one of them" except for certain items of religious ideology. He supports their Assad-must-go, Cold War 2.0 with Russia, Forced Trade Agreements, and all the rest of the Borg Agenda.

Removing Trump and getting Pence would put the Presidency back in Establishment hands and make a visible show of punishing the pushy-upstart Trump for daring to challenge the Mainstream-Annointed nominee-wannabe Depublicrats. And then the Democrats could try exploiting Pence as a " cultural concerns" foe in order to keep their pink kitty cap base focused on social-culture items and carefully ignoring Forced Trade Agreements, collapsing real-wages, collapsing job-bases, etc.

different clue


Perhaps the EUropeans ( and Great Britain too) will abrogate NATO and form a NEATO (North East Atlantic Treaty Organization) of your very own.


Thank you Captain Queeg.


Fareed Zakaria, one of the leading globalist pseudo-intellectuals fronting for the Borg. Meh...

Although WaPo finally reported this, it won't get nearly the coverage. The courtiers of Versailles on the Potomac will continue their nasty gossip and innuendo to attempt to being down Trump.

McMaster: Trump’s sharing of sensitive intelligence with Russia was ‘wholly appropriate’ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/05/16/trump-acknowledges-facts-shared-with-russian-envoys-during-white-house-meeting/
McMaster added that Trump made a spur-of-the-moment decision to share the information in the context of the conversation he was having with the Russian officials. He said that "the president wasn’t even aware of where this information came from" and had not been briefed on the source. "I wanted to make clear to everybody that the president in no way compromised any sources or methods in the course of this conversation," the national security adviser said.


Another bombshell tonight. If not a smoking gun, at least some powder burns. If I were on a jury and had to decide if Comey was truthful, or Trump was truthful, I'd call it for Comey in a microsecond. Of course, I'm just biased.

Saw an interesting comment at HotAir: Trump's mistake was that in firing Comey he increased the list of things the Comey could talk about tenfold.


The Comey memo may well shorten Trump's presidency to less than a full term, but it could be also shortened by assassination. There are a lot of really angry leftists out there.

Ingolf Eide

If Trump hopes to win (or maybe even survive) these infowars, a larger narrative is needed. Something that helps supporters and undecideds contextualise what's happening and pre-emptively casts doubt on future destabilisation attempts.

Many of the elements are there in what he's been saying: the whole "fake media" thing; the Democrats trying to cover for their failure and so on. However, to me it doesn't feel like it's really coming together, with each new drama responded to in a rushed and often fragmented fashion.

He may need to go all in and openly and consistently emphasise the nature of the deeper battle. Put a frame around it. Namely that those who for decades have entangled America in pointless, destructive interventions and wars are fighting a desperate, ruthless battle against Trump's vision. It seems there's no end to the tricks, the exaggerations, the lies they're willing to use. The future is at stake, right now, and we all need to be aware etc etc.

Sam Peralta

This campaign to create a narrative around POTUS and his Russian "connection" with the objective of his removal from office is truly bizarre.

Take the example of the narrative and consequent media hysteria that POTUS disclosed very sensitive classified intelligence to the Russian FM and the Ambassador during their WH meeting, and now no intelligence service can trust the US with sensitive intel. If this was so sensitive and so classified and the IC hair was on fire, then what about the leaking of this information by someone in the IC, to the purveyors of propaganda, at the WaPO and the Times and then on to CNN, MSNBC, et al, who then spread this all over, while making a big noise, such that everyone knows about this so called sensitive intel. So, let's ask the simple question, is this highly sensitive info or is this just a big stick to beat Donald J. Trump with? Clearly, those that claim it is super sensitive intel, such as those in the MSM, have no problem contradicting this claim as they disseminate this sensitive intel along with their now frequent hysteria. It is this dissonance that many Americans, specially those in the the ranks of the Deplorables are cluing into and one reason that this blatant "soft coup" could badly backfire. So while some may believe that Trump is way over his head, they also see this concerted effort to depose him through a massive information operation and feel that actually is even more dangerous. In any case, the Borg is truly playing with fire as their actions are not very subtle and many people get what they are doing.

Phil Giraldi is bringing this point to the attention of his readers.


"I recently produced my own analysis of the possibility that there is in progress a soft, or stealth or silent coup, call it what you will, underway directed against the president and that, if it exists, it is being directed by former senior officials from the Obama White House. Indeed, it is quite plausible to suggest that it was orchestrated within the Obama White House itself before the government changed hands at the inauguration on January 20th."



No exhibit A, thank YOU.



I meant extraordinary secrets in nuclear compartment only. I would be surprise if the President can legally declassify those. But please correct me if I am wrong.


jonst, admittedly I still have troubles with "the Borg". Journalists are just as human as we are ...

What feels slightly more curious then earlier pretty scandalous events in the Post 9/11 US universe, is, how easy it seems to predict the next step from a purely human experience basis.

Example: Trump's threat: be careful, I recorded you, triggers mentally e.g. both recorded phone calls, and a supposedly recorded phone call one may have used as pure threat oneself. Works wonders sometimes. But it also triggers, protocols made after an encounter.

Strictly, I always taken care I had proof they arrived in more important cases. I never assumed given our laws of evidence, they mattered in any way if not. Which is obvious, strictly, I could have seriously misunderstood someone. If I sent him the protocol, s/he has a chance to contradict.

I am on no one's side in this matter, but strictly quite possible, if customs were followed in the dismissal of Comey, there wouldn't have been a story at all. Or at least not the hype we witness now.


Thank you for your word of caution. While one can never be certain as to who is walking with whom the Wikipedia entry for James Henry (for what its worth) does not raise any obvious red flags. If anything quite the opposite. His work as a senior adviser at the Tax Justice Network and publications such as “Pirate Bankers: First-Hand Investigations of Private Banking, Capital Flight, Corruption, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime, Terror Banking, and the Continuing Global Development Crisis (2006)” are indicative of walking an altogether different path.

In the article references to Mogilavich are sourced:

.”According to a certified U.S. Supreme Court petition, Felix Sater’s FBI handler stated that he “was well familiar with the crimes of Sater and his (Sater’s) father, a (Semion) Mogilevich crime syndicate boss.”


“According to the Financial Times and the FBI, …, Birshtein was a close business associate of Sergei Mikhaylov, the reputed head of Solntsevskaya Bratva, … 1996 FBI intelligence report cited by the FT claims that Birshtein hosted a meeting in his Tel Aviv office for Mikhaylov, the Ukrainian-born Semion Mogilevich, and several other leaders of the Russo/FSU mafia, in order to discuss “sharing interests in Ukraine.”
( No doubt you are aware of Mogilevich’s ‘close association’ with Solntsevskaya Bratva.)

The article (and the videos referenced above) bring into stark relief some of Trump’s rather dubious business dealings with characters who have, at the very least,. ties to Russian organized crime. I fail to see a hidden agenda here nor any similarities to the type of situation described in your informative post.



Tyler's reference seems to have more to do with maenads rather than Queeg. pl

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