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18 May 2017


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Grand. pl

The Twisted Genius


Magnificent. Thanks for this gift. It arrived at a most opportune moment. Just yesterday, a dark eyed junco laid her dark blue-green eggs in a nest in a rhododendron bush just outside my window. I'm keeping the blinds shut so I don't disturb her. I watch her and wonder what goes through her mind.


Thank you Richard Sale.


Great story, Richard. The wisdom of the crowd?

Great details, well written.

steve g

Mr. Sale:
There is tree near near our rental condo
in Florida called a "Monkeys puzzle" which
has some of the physical attributes you
mention in this piece. Birds rarely land
because of its thorn type braches. It does
have a foreboding appearance especially
near dusk with its cascading branches.


Richard, I won't be forgetting your story any time soon. I have a chattering monkey brain that keeps making associations. The following mental montage, as I read your tale, was going on in my brain room:

"I Knew a Woman" poem Theodore Rothe,
"Trees" poem Joyce Kilmer,
DARPA The voice of God program,
"Duino Elegies" poems ("Beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror") Ranier Maria Rilke
& thoughts of a magnolia I planted about 26 years ago that's in beautiful aromatic
bloom & now about 80' tall & fills up with fireflies @ night if the neighbors don't
spray too much mosquito spray, my mystical Christmas tree...sure I've talked with birds not at them but with them... but lately my avian experiences have been less than stellar. The Swiss rooster next door has taken to viciously attacking me; a sparrow flew into my house & was trying to nest in my hair while I was sleeping; came eye ball to eye ball with a large black vulture buzzard...
all these thoughts as I read your story.

Hope it's ok that as a after thought I'm imaging a blithe spirit, like an iridescent fairy has sprinkled gardenias on your poor dead bird, he has recovered having
learned his lesson. Thanks.


A wonderful story Richard.

Richard Sale

thank you.


Richard Sale

Thank you.

Rilke is one of my favorite poets.


Richard Sale

Thank you, It means a lot.


Richard Sale

Thank you.

Richard Sale

You have a sharp eye. Thank you.


Richard Sale

Thank you Fred.


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