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31 May 2017


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There is reason to believe that Shajul Islam was/is working for the MI-6.

The trial collapsed because two witness would not appear. But there was other available evidence. Still "the crown" refrained from using that and the trial collapsed.
"At the start of the hearing in November 2013, prosecutor Mark Dennis QC told the court that all evidence against the brothers rested on the two victims, who were unable to be called, and therefore could not proceed with the case."

"After the criminal case against him collapsed, and he was found not guilty, he faced close monitoring by the security services."


The trial was earlier supposed to take six weeks (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-20184994) but the only thing the prosecution then presented were two unavailable witnesses. That does not sound reasonable at all. The earlier testimony of the witnesses including to various newspapers was not regarded, nor the other evidence that Islam was part of a terrorist group.

It seems likely that some deal had been made to let Islam go.

It was UK policy at that time to let Jihadis go to Syria just like it earlier promoted Jihadi migration to Libya. (Which came back in the form of the Manchester bombing.) Some of those people the British authorities let go were informants. The responsible Home Secretary for all that was one Theresa May.

The Beaver

@ b
Some were invited to go as part of their "gap year" and Qatar was willing to pay to the tune of $50K/head for that one yr liberating Syria from Assad, until the Emir was replaced by his dauphin back in 2013.

Account Deleted

The type of theater 'Dr' Islam was trained in is apparent to anyone who has watched a few of his posts with a healthy degree of skepticism. This one, posted on 4th April, was widely shared (6,000 RT's) and appeared in at least one online MSM article after the Khan Sheikhoun attack.


I am no doctor, but it strikes me that there is another medical condition which would cause non-reactive pupils; death. Watch it carefully.

OTOH this one could be genuine re sarin - or show victims of organophosphate exposure (Russia's hypothesis). In other videos Islam uses dramatic backdrops e.g. frantic heart massage. They start to look staged once you've seen a few. The point is there is too little medicine and too much drama in Islam's posts. The MSM using his content are either too credulous or complicit (I suspect the former). I'd be very wary of donating to the charity he promotes: http://1m4syria.com/

Bill Herschel

Off topic. For me, Putin's interview with Le Figaro is required reading. The translation is at this link:


Our President dances, literally dances, with Saudi Princes and Russia is accused of being a second Nazi Germany. Saudi Princes who practice genocide in Yemen.


No doubt the MSM is complicit in promoting Mr Islam's and the jihadist's propaganda.  There were enough lies spread by these Saudi-backed  jihadis to negate the Trump administration's statements about moving away from regime change in Syria, and trigger
the senseless American bombing of the Syrian air base on April 7th.  The charges that Syria used chemical weapons "on their own people," including "babies," Trump said, was based on videos, reports, and photos on the ground from Islam and others.  His reports
not only made it into the media, but likely into  intelligence reports fed to the White House and Congress.  Luckily, Russia was smart enough not to take the bait when the US bombed the Syrian site and has stuck to the objective -- destroy ISIS and AQ.

Peter in Toronto

My favourite medical professional! He's developed a keen sense of smell for organophosphates, his ability to take a small sniff and not succumb to the effects were remarkable.


A true sign of Sarin impact is the loss of control over the digestive tract. Said differently - people hit by Sarin shit and piss all over themselves. They vomit violently.

There is no sign in any of the Khan Sheikhoun videos that this happened to any of the "patients". The patients' beds, rooms and floors are clean. People who have seen a real emergency room during multi-casualty "action" will immediately recognize that as very curious and wrong.

There are even people in very clean undies getting doused with water.

The Dr. Islam videos are fake. I recommend these (rather humorous but by a credentialed expert) to dive deeper into them:

"Analysis of the Shajul Islam video"

"Top Ten Ways to Tell When You're Being Spoofed by False-Flag Sarin Attacks"

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