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15 April 2017


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Seymour Hersh says: Hillary approved sending Libya's Sarin to Syrian Rebels [Patricia Ramirez]:

"Document:Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels"

Sees more. Harsh!


Can't answer the 1st question, but the 2nd, I think is they are in denial.

The Beaver


Do you mean these:


Geez.. let's see... when Obama started doing things he campaigned against, the great majority of his liberal supporters similarly let him off the hook. Some of the progressive blogs spoke out against Obama when he did that, but by and large his supporters continued to support him. Same thing with George Bush, Clinton, etc.

What is going on here? Do you really not understand what is going on? Surely after so many years of voting for presidents that have disappointed you, you must have figured out what is going on by now. It's not complicated.


Brilliant adaptation :) Thanks for the laugh!


4/13/17 US announces March dry-run tests of dropping new [unarmed] nuke B61-12 gravity-bomb on Nevada desert:

Timing of announcement is weird. Why not keep it quiet?
Could be part of escalation of routine tests, but if I were N.K., I would consider it an in-your-face Sending A Message.

We Come In Peace. Ack ack ack ack.

different clue


I think wisedupearly is highlighting this as "MEMRI tee-ing up the Curveball 2.0" type of warning.

different clue

Babak Makkinejad,

That innuendo is being held in reserve, ready to use again, if Trump needs a whack on the nose to remind him of his recent training.

Mark Chapman

Yes, he is alleged to have said he buried chemical weapons he was ordered to use 'with his own hands'. And so of course he could lead western authorities straight to them. Badda-bing, badda-boom, Assad still has chemical weapons, here's your proof.

They really want Assad's scalp bad, and are prepared to construct any narrative - no matter how baldly self-interested or convenient - to get him. But the west is used to getting its own way and has so far not been getting it much in this conflict. That must be troubling. It's certainly caused the west to abandon subtlety.

Old Microbiologist

It will serve the immediate purpose to cause further obfuscation of the real events happening in Syria and to further drive the message the US must invade to protect the people. There will be a lot more false flags just watch and wait.

It is very similar to the testimony of the defected drug testing director from Russia which later turned out to be completely false and the scandalous test results were also negated, but the damage was done for the Russians in the Olympics. We will eventually see this guy's testimony will be bought and paid for but it willl be way after the fact.

The US itself along with Russia verified the turn in of the chemical weapons and precursor chemicals so now they are claiming it was faked? Next they will claim the destruction never happened yet it was under US supervision and of course, it will once again be a Russian plot. Boris and Natascha perhaps? That is how comical this all appears. In a way these PSYOPS games are sophomoric and very unprofessional. I am embarrassed at the poor effort put into this. The White Hats must figure even crap like this will bear weight if pushed hard by the MSM and Trump administration.


Its Easter Sunday. Christ has arisen. Amid darkness, a light at Easter.

First Lady Melania Trump awarded the 2017 International Women of Courage Award to Sister Carolin Tahhan Fachakh of Syria during a ceremony at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C.

Sister Carolin had some decidedly awkward opinions of her own which she didn't hesitate to express:

"Sister Carolin Tahhan Fachakh of the Salesian Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, who runs a nursery school in Damascus, Syria, told reporters Tuesday that she “likes” the Syrian strongman, and that he’s been very helpful and protective of Christians in the country...

Tahhan also said she believes there’s no truth to the reports that it was al-Assad who used Sarin gas to target a civilian population last week, an allegation which prompted the Trump administration to bomb a military base in Syria...

Tahhan described Trump’s decision to bomb the Shayrat Air Base, the alleged source of the chemical attack, as “a step back from peace.”

“Every time we say there is hope for peace, let’s move forward, something happens to set us back. The situation is ugly now...

Tahhan also said that she doubts al-Assad launched the chemical weapon attack in April because he knew the eyes of the world were on him and Syria, and that the threat of the U.S. or another country bombing as a response was real.

The sister regretted the fact that Syrian children are being raised in a “culture of war,” capable of distinguishing from their sound the difference between a cannon shot or a missile....

Therefore, together with other Franciscan sisters who run the school, they try to offer them a climate of peace and serenity, “where every child who is in need can play in the big courtyard and study.”

Asked about the international perception of al-Assad being a “monster” or a dictator, she responded: “I like our president. He’s very close to us, as is the first lady. They’re very close to the Church. Speak easily, call him a dictator, but to me, he’s not. We’re at ease.”...

Tahhan is not only defiantly against the portrait of al-Assad given in the West. She also challenges the perception that Muslims and Christians cannot coexist peacefully in Syria, saying that to this day, six years into the war, most still get along.

The problem, she said, is terrorism, not Islam.

Beyond the school for children, the Salesians in Baghdad also run a school to train women in sewing and tailoring. In the past 7 years, more than 500 woman have attended class.

“The majority are Muslims. If I said we would only choose Christians, then I would become a fanatic myself,” Tahhan said.

“When a missile falls or there’s an explosion,” she continued, “many Muslims knock on our door and ask, ‘Sister, are you OK? Do you need anything?'”


Its good to know the spirit of Jesus is still alive in the East, however hard we work to eradicate it.

Old Microbiologist

Well, what can the voters actually do until the next election? Have you ever tried to contact your Congressman or Senator. I have tried multiple times and I get a form letter in reply with verbiage having nothing to do with my communications. That has happened many times. They are deaf to the voters until it gets close to another election. Now I am an expatriate American and have no representation whatsoever in Congress and no ability to get any support other than weak support from our Embassy which is openly hostile to American citizens.

I recall back when I was trying hard to retire from active duty in 1997 (a period of relative peace) and was refused without reason 3 times. My Branch refused to say why I couldn't retire yet I had 26 years of service. The IG refused to intercede citing needs of the Army and my Congressman also refused (I made an appointment and physically went to his office) stating he never interferes with the military on personnel matters and blew me off completely. I was flabbergasted. I waited another 2 years and it was approved. I had been offered a very lucrative civilian job at a nearby University which I had to turn down. But, after I retired I rolled right over to a GS-15 (after a brief 2 year period as a contractor) and stayed at my same job throughout being a prolific scientists with multiple funded projects. I only took the GS slot as the Principal Investigator rules changed and contractors could no longer be PI's on their own funded projects. Only direct government employees could do that so I forced a Term GS-15 slot to open up. I was paying my own salary anyway through grants so a real no brainer as 45% of what I brought in went to command overhead. I was begged to stay as I once again had a great job offer. Staying was a poor decision and I regret it but we only live life once. So, my point is that Congress doesn't answer nor care what citizens do or think.


Thanks TTG, Beaver, Mikey

though none of those seems to fit the "round plate in a hole".

I am also not content with the theory of a chemical shell. The crater is too big for a soft-shell chem projectile to land. Postol's theory is that someone blew up a chem projectile by an extra piece of explosives on the ground. The crater is, in my eyes, too big for that too.

This really needs a specialist with some experience in these issues. Surely the CIA or DIA would have such people available. But those were likely not asked.

The White House report is a sham - that's for sure. It doesn't fit to any plausible story of what really happened. None of the relevant agencies signed off on it.

The media will not pick up on it. They are too happy that Trump has now "moderated" (they actually used that word) from a more isolationist position towards their desired "kill more non-white people anywhere" position.

robt willmann

Two items, although mostly off topic.

First, president Trump on 6 April renewed a declaration of a "national emergency" as to Somalia, which was first declared by president Obama on 12 April 2010. A national emergency ... Somalia?--





This apparently has resulted in "trainers" being sent to that country.

Second, an active duty Navy Seal, a/k/a Jay Voom, has been exposed as having performed in pornographic movies with his porn actress wife, and apparently a couple of others--



At some point, this activity was claimed to have been done to make extra money to deal with financial problems. Part of the financial difficulty the couple developed came from a real estate venture that went sour. I apologize in advance for making an obvious joke, but the sitting president, as a real estate operator, may be able to assist them with a few pointers, because, alas, it is a little late for them to attend "Trump University"--



My apologies, wisedupearly.


Simple, liars leading liars in denial, equals: Sheeple wall to wall.


Tillerson in Moscow with a U.S. Cyber spook by his side, caused anger on the Russian side. The Russians knew exactly who she was and her career in cyber warfare against Russia. Lavarov refused to look at Tillerson during their press conference, and Putin refused to be photographed with Tillerson because Tillerson's entourage choice.

English Outsider

"Thomas Frank’s “What to Make of the Age of Trump” description of the Democratic Party is the best blueprint of the actual structure of the ruling elite that I have seen"

It is also a brilliant demolition of neo-liberal economic prescriptions. I wish all progressives could be as forthright and as perceptive. There's a lot of common ground there, though no one yet to occupy it, between the economically literate progressives and the deplorables. Frank's presentation was for me the clearest and best articulation I have yet seen of the reasons for the rejection of the status quo by Trump/Sanders supporters. In that respect Frank is from much the same stable as Steve Bannon, though I think both would be dismayed by the comparison.

Unfortunately Frank sets out no concrete solutions for the economic plight of the middle and working classes that he sets out so clearly. I don't see him examining the mass importation of cheap labour, either. It's head in the clouds thinking not to acknowledge that the use of cheap labour, whether exploited in situ by out-sourcing or exploited by direct importation, is one of the main reasons for that economic plight. Trump got that more or less right in his election campaign. Thomas Frank doesn't.

Your own comment indicates that you consider Trump's reneging on his campaign commitments on foreign policy will be mirrored by a similar abandonment of his domestic/economic policy. I hope you're wrong. You say that the US and the EU are splintering apart and I agree that that is self evident. But "there is a great deal of ruin in a nation" and it may be that we still have some way to go. The hope was that Trump would use what time is left to change course. If you're right, and Trump is not going to use his time in the last chance saloon to any effect then the Trump movement will not merely have lost its leader. It will have lost its raison d'etre.

John Jones


Do you have a email I can contact you with?


"as long as the Borg is not authorizing it to become national news."
It seems to me also, that there must be somewhere a centralized 'clearinghouse' of permissible and not permissible news. It is amazing how the media are led like cattle be a nose ring. This brings up the question who is behind it, how it is organized that there is around the clock watch, globally, because the European media are linked in the system. I wonder why the RT and the Chinese media have not picked up this video.



These pictures remind me of one from Iraq-Iran war days of an Iraqi chem warfare worker filling an aerial bomb warhead with what was said to be VX. He was wearing a painter's mask, rubber gloves and was using a kitchen funnel. One drop of VX on the skin will kill you in about 60 seconds. We had our doubts about that picture as well.

Unless things have changed a lot since my departure, both DIA and CIA had technical intelligence departments quite capable of understanding this situation but perhaps unable to offer more than a mute hostility in opposition. For that reason this administration, like the last, has chosen to write a white paper full of assertions but little evidence. I did not a post a comment a few days ago that seemed to e clearly a message from someone I know in the WH. This message pathetically expressed surprise and dismay that I oppose the Borgist vision of the world. This person also asserted that the people I am posting are "not experts." Is Dr. Postol not an expert? pl


Interesting... I wonder if it was Tillerson's choice to bring her or if she was sent as a minder by the Borg. Trump was stupid the way he attacked the IC when he got into office (not that it wasn't somewhat deserved). Good chance there has been payback for that behind the scenes (that we will never know the details of).

Do you have a link?

Bill H

You answered your own question. It does no good to have a new nuclear weapon unless it is known that you have it. Notwithstanding all of the "the nuclear option is on the table" statements, nuclear weapons are a deterrent, and they cannot deter if they are kept secret.


Bush, Obama & Trump Middle East Policy is one in the same: http://wsenmw.blogspot.com/2017/04/bush-obama-trump-middle-east-policy-is.html


edit: "Beautiful plumage!" ==> "Beautiful umbrage!"*

typo: "You own bird-brain ..." => "Your own bird-brain ..."

* UMBRAGE is the CIA program for false attribution of cyber attacks

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