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29 April 2017


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It is now confirmed that Russian soldiers are putting up shop near Afrin to deter Turkey from attacking the north-western Kurdish enclave.

Military police and some special forces - in total maybe platoon size traveling light. Just a show of presence like the U.S. Ranger platoon did further east.


Ok, thanks, Ulenspiegel. You surely have more expertise on this then me. I guess the pessimist in me surfaced again. ...

The contradiction is that UK opposed a more EU centric defense in the past as EU member

No doubt. But, I spare you further meditations on Europe... I sure hope that Macron wins. Let's see.


Dernier sondage : Macron se maintient, la dynamique est chez Le Pen



Many players today are using social media and fake news to spread rumors of fearsome capabilities that are obviously imaginary.



"Your still falling for the populist dazzle-dazzle?"

WTF are you talking about?

Can't you read? All I did was share a link and excerpts from it. I didn't vote for Trump. I'm a 3rd party voter.

Babak Makkinejad

US might be playing a game but Turks, Arabs, and Kurds are doing the actual dying across 3 countries.

I cannot personally assign exclusive blame just to AKP and Erdogan; Kurdish political parties in Turkey bear major responsibility for the crisis in the Southeast

And then there are also the Gulen Sheep and the Kemalist Mini-Mussolinis.

All of them have failed to sketch out a credible Laissez-faire vision for Turkey over decades; in my opinion.

Babak Makkinejad

Building Boom also underwrote the economic expansion of Ireland, Spain, and Portugal.

I have come to the conclusion that for many countries, such as Turkey and Iran - let alone war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria - economic development based on "Building Boom" makes a lot more sense than a model based on export-oriented economic activity.

The land in Istanbul is very inefficiently utilized, the city infrastructure could use a lot of improvement and there are entire section of the city that need to be razed and rebuilt. The Parks are few and in-between and streets are too small for the volume of traffic.

I do not know the specifics of the Gezi Park case, however.

Brad Ruble

"Triumph". It has been a while since a general had a ticker tape parade.


Come to think of it, I think the persian name of the mountain range Hindu Kush meaning killer of Indian is more likely correct, that is since all other names of locations around the region are persian and have a meaning in persian, like the "Dorah Pass" meaning the pass of two rads. Which the two rods one goes to Pamir and one to Hindu Kush down to Panjab, in persian meaning five waters/rivers.


You're joking, right. What does Turkey have to do with the Charlie Hebdo attack?


Both ISIS and alQueda claimed responsibility.

Maybe you forgot that ISIS oil was being shipped through Turkey?

Maybe you forgot that the main transit of foreign fighters to ISIS was through Turkey.

Most people didn't know of these things at the time but bloggers suspected and government security agencies would've known.


When you propose that the borg is "winning the battle for the President's mind" you implicitly make it appear that Trump (and others close to him) is resisting borg entreaties. This point of view is very similar to that of Obama apologists who insisted that Obama's heart was in the right place.

Repetition of this line of thought simply amounts to running interference for the President. Trump seems to have betrayed his 'base' just as Obama had betrayed his. And the fact that they each could gain monetary and other rewards for doing so should not be ignored. We don't need convoluted theories that seek to explain their betrayal. Occam's razor suggests that THEY EACH KNEW who they REALLY work for from day one.


All, www.rudaw.net/english/culture/01052017

'Baghdaddy': New York turns Iraq war into a musical

TTG, Thank you once again for an excellent post, IMO Sultan Erdogan
is in need of behavioral modification therapy.


Valissa, it feels that Buchanan may have been too concentrated on something like a long needed revolution in the US. At the expense of everything else. America First, back to Reagan? Make America Great Again?

He must have read a different foreign policy speech by "the Donald" then I did. Not surprising, really. E.g. Concerning Russia, what he said then made me wonder how real his more generally taken for granted rapprochement would be. North Korea surfaced too, as did Iran.

One of the central pillars always was the military. Considering he has no experience himself, why it is a surprise if he relies on it's men now?


The New York Times headline declared that Trump’s speech was full of “Paradoxes,” adding, “Calls to Fortify Military and to Use It Less.”

But isn’t that what Reagan did? Conduct the greatest military buildup since Ike, then, from a position of strength, negotiate with Moscow a radical reduction in nuclear arms?

America single-highhandedly won the Cold War? By forcing Russia to spent on the military beyond its means? Spent more on the military then they could afford? Forcing it on it knees?

Someone around here advised me on why spending on nuclear arms may make sense. But he clearly wasn't worried about that. Admittedly, I was. Never mind my basic ignorance on matters.

I never completely understood, the Reagan hero worship. But, I assume that is one of the central sources: He won the Cold War.

Maybe, I'll read his book on Nixon.


PS: Another random Pick. I surely understand American's resistance to fight in WWII.

I am aware how many gave their life; considering the treatment of conscientious objectors at the time, that surely was the lesser fate.

But paradoxically I was always quite grateful America did fight in WWII.

Babak Makkinejad

So do the Western Leaders.

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