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06 April 2017


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ex-PFC Chuck

By the way, Scott Adams predicted Trump's nomination and election victories in August of 2015.


They are not news organizations, they are corporations for profit.


Sent the POTUS a message on the White House page, forwarded a powerful video message from an Iraq war veteran and protests from three active duty servicemen protesting any action on behalf of Al Qaeda.


Trump is a wheeler-dealer... Any possibility he is using this to get the focus on the borg/intelligence community/media and that he intends to jujitsu them by declaring it all fake news? Or perhaps go after ISIS harder? I consider it possible, although unlikely.

At some point he has to call Putin on the hotline to prevent WW3, so at least one person will give him a clue. Unless he wants to skip that step and go straight to WW3.


You think that a Hillary WH would have reacted any differently? If Trump is going to do what we all fear he will do, then the USA has a much,much greater problem than this partisan bullshit. It means the (((Deep State))) is real far beyond any conspiracy theory estimation of it, and to be feared if you are American. I see dark times ahead


The Europeans are dumb as shit. It is them that have been burning up the phone with Trump since Tillerson said the priority was no longer regime change. If the US attacks it will send another wave of refugees to Europe.

They should name it "Operation: Rewarding Terrorism"

Col. in your opinion does the US have the means in theatre to protect the Americans on the ground from any retaliation or will there be a pause while resources are shuffled?


The taming of Fox? What has happened? Does the departure of Ailes or the succession of 2nd generation Murdochs explain it?

Big advertisers trumpet their boycott of Bill O'Reilly, as if they were some sort of PC angels, and still no discussion arises in media or popular discourse about how powerful, monied interests can set and censor news and public discourse - more often without the trumpets.

An old game but the order of magnitude has grown? I imagine Eliot in an earlier Boston evening: "The readers of the Boston Evening Transcript/ Sway in the wind like a field of ripe corn."


Looking very much like it. Found myself humming 'Good ol shoe' this morning.


50 tomahawks on their way.


Really, good to know.


Cruise missile strike just launched on Syria.


The other day I wondered what was the real reason Bannon was kicked off from sitting in on all meetings of the NSC and I have a queasy feeling it may be because he disagreed with those pushing for an attack


Too late, Trump just attacked a Syrian airbase with 50 cruise missiles.



The swamp has drained Trump.

The Beaver


It has started:


Trump has done a direct flip on his campaign promise not to interfere in a country's civil war. Damn him!

Peter AU

The US has just launched fifty cruise missiles at a Syrian military airport on the strength of an al Qaeda snuff movie.
It seems Putin has two options. Fold and give saving Syria, or 2) launch all out attack on US strategic forces. Perhaps if all the cruise missiles where shot down, it will be let ride for awhile, but it does now seem that if Russia is determined to save Syria from AQ and ISIS, they will have to enter into direct military conflict with the US.

Publius Tacitus

Donald Trump is a liar and should be impeached. There is zero evidence that the Syrians used chemical weapons. He may have started WW III

Jonathan House MD

For those who want to read or re-read Sy Hersh's piece on the first false flag 'sarin attack', here's the link

The Red Line and the Rat Line
Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels


Wars don't get declared. Not anymore. This isn't war, anyway. This is punitive strike/s after Gulf of Tonkin...redux. Almost had the same in Yemen recently.

Bombing in Syria/Iraq, by the US, didn't require a declaration. It just required a pretext, and the AUMF.

I'm not from the US, but from what I'd read the Executive was granted wide reaching powers after 9/11.

Chris Chuba

It looks like DT is going with a heavy dose of Israeli style long range attacks about 50 cruise missiles so far. I was hoping that the Russians would have the sense to shoot down unmanned cruise missiles but it doesn't look like they have the nerve. Hey Russia, these are Neocons, you cannot appease them, don't you remember WW2, it will only get worse.

This may sound trite while 19yr old Syrian soldiers are dying but this also means that there will be no investigation. An investigation after we, the all mighty U.S. have passed judgment would only serve to embarrass us if it proved us wrong so the truth will forever be buried along with any Syrian soldiers caught at the wrong end of a cruise missile tonight. This is a disgrace to our country. I wonder when the Almighty will tire of our antics.

Unless Serge can tell us that this is another fraudulent video from Southfront, this link will show you the type of monsters we are supporting in Syria (Serge, if it is a fraud, I would like to know)
It shows the White Helmets giving fraudulent medical aid to a child and killing him on the table. I can barely bring myself to read the story and I cannot make myself watch the video.


Well. This is what you guys wanted.
Unlike HRC, Trump has never tasted blood and now has popped his cherry. Think this is the end? Nah. Only the beginning.


59 Tomahawks for one airfield?


For those who expected DJT to reject interventionism as he promised during the campaign, I am reminded of a line from Tom Lehrer as LBJ began the escalation in Vietnam in 1965:

"People are beginning to feel like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis."



My calls and appeals didn't mean a tinkers damn.
The US is the Israeli, AQ and ISIS air force.
I'm watching RT and learning that DT's manhood was challenged. Write to tell him to grow a pair.
Now heavy clashes between the terrorists and Syrian soldiers are reported.
We should be ASHAMED!!

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