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13 April 2017


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I made my previous comment concerning the method of delivery because I'm skeptical that this crater and its contents are related to the alleged chemical attack.


There was no "communication about sarin", there are no "chemical experts".
The administration's comment of chemical experts is meant to scare us but merely achieves the opposite. For the comment to be taken seriously, it means that the admin is saying that it knows who is who in Syria. IE Col. Ahmed is CW, they know where he works, they know the structure of his command, and they have known since he took the job. All Syrian comm related to Col. Ahmed is automatically filtered and flagged. This means that we knew of Syrian plan before it happened. We didn't, there is no Col Ahmed, there is no sarin. Or do you want to believe our govt. did nothing to prevent the attack? Your choice: this administration is lying to you or this administration is complicit in the attack.

The Twisted Genius


Gareth Porter says the Russians provided 24 hour advanced warning of a strike on a munitions warehouse in Khan Shaykhun to the U.S. military through the established coordination channel. This communication included Syria's belief that the warehouse contained toxic chemicals. The full article is at the truth-out.org website. This is the kind of thing the Russians should put out there with documentation.


Yeah, Right

That poor, poor man..... how unlucky can one old guy be, hey?

I bet nobody wants to stand next to him when there's lightning about.....

Yeah, Right

Thanks for the link, very interesting.

I assume that the "former US official" mentioned in that article isn't Pat Lang, because if it is then there is a danger of this site and truth-out becoming a self-referential echo-chamber.


Yeah, Right

It is not me. pl

Richard Ong

Perhaps the United States can be prevailed upon to end the war in Syria. The U.S. has allowed this to drag on. We can and should end it.


Richard Ong

How do you suggest we "end it?" pl

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