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13 April 2017


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Whether or not the Hatla account is verified , we know the U.S. and coalition forces have bombed suspected CW facilities in the past , most notoriously the Sudan pharmaceutical plant in Bill's " wag-the-dog " moment. There was also a huge 50-strike bombing run on an ISIS CW facility in Mosul and strikes on Mosul University facilities believed to be engaged in CW-related activities.

So , using America as the Gold Standard of allowable wartime activities , Syria is off the hook for any unfortunate fallout from their attack on the suspected CW warehouse. What remains is to determine the perpetrator of the single anomalous event - the pothole-sized road crater with the remains of a small delivery canister/cylinder - which seems the likely candidate for the sarin component of the attack.

I believe sarin was used. I believe this was a well-planned false-flag event , intended to focus global outrage squarely at Assad , and without the sarin , this attack is just run-of-the-mill , for the reasons described just above.


It wouldn't be at all surprising , nor cause for suspicion , that the military would consult with CW experts before bombing a suspected CW facility. This , to me , seems obvious.

That's why we'll never hear the details of those conversations.

Augustin L

H.R. McMaster's pushing hard for 10000 boots on the ground in Syria. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-04-13/trump-said-no-to-troops-in-syria-his-aides-aren-t-so-sure


Kooshy, I have seen interviews of Trump going back to the 80's and he has basically had the same criticisms of US policies since then. His thoughts on solutions to the problems he perceived have also been consistent since the '80s.

Therefore I don't think he was lying. I think he very much believed what he said when he campaigned and believed he could accomplish those goals. All presidents run on particular campaign issues and then have to deal with the realities and constraints of the job and pre-existing power structures and trends. Most campaign promises are not kept regardless of party. You may recall the various pundits making fun of Trump or castigating him for attempting to keep his campaign promises.



"More disingenuous excuses for confrontation. Must the struggle for control of the public narrative take precedence over any concern for facts or understanding?"

I believe the answer to that question is a resounding, "YES". We have not had a fact-based foreign policy for at least a generation.

Peter AU

Side by side images of old man in scarf from seperate white helmet productions.

Perhaps another ID'd here. The man with the twins, who seemed to change his clothes from one shot to the next at the cemetery.

Peter AU

The father burying twins scene. Several shots or stills of him holding the twins at the cemetery (headstones behind him) before they are buried, then shots of him being led away in grief after the burial, but in different clothes?


Not an expert on this subject, but wouldn't soil samples taken at the 120mm casing also indicate whether this was the method of delivery of the unknown poison gas? The sarin indicators should be elevated in the area near the casing. Of course the crime scene has not been secured so the possibility of tampering also exists.


Valissa, Thank you for your comment, I also know and did business for many years with another Donald with much the same mentality, ego, hubris and maybe as rich, that’s Sterling, previous owner of LA Clippers. Men like him, will do anything and pay any price for their ego, survival and specially to win no matter what. As I wrote, IMO Mr. Trump was given an offer by Borg he understood he could not refuse, he thinks he can survive his job, reversing himself and folding to Borg’ demands. IMO, Borg operates much like mafia (like losing credit with Banks), they will never trust him again, for what he said and did to their choice candidate, they are probably right, knowing he has no loyalty to anyone except himself.


I don't think Trump believes in anything. He is a conman. He said whatever to get himself elected. Now he is doing whatever to keep him in office and earn the accolades from the Borgs. The presidency is just a mean to satisfy his ego, and enrich his brand.


It is not the sarin itself that is interesting but the byproducts. It shows how the sarin was produced and its age.


Tony, consider the possibility that it's not an either/or situation. Everyone believes in something, so your 1st sentence is merely whining because you don't like him. Human beings are complex and generally inconsistent in the application of their beliefs. Anyone who runs for president has to have a huge ego and "flexibility" in their political beliefs given the ambition that drives them, and their desire for a legacy.

If you expect something different you are naïve.

Chris Chuba

WarrenPeese, "a senior US official" is the source for CNN regarding the SIGINT, not Mattis or Tillerson. Maybe Mattis / Tillerson have 'no doubt' because of the video with the White Helmets spraying water on the survivors. Why people look at the same thing and come to different conclusions, is someone lying?

Our government has lied about SIGINT before. Ronald Reagan, who I trust more than DT on his best day, had the intercepted radio communication between the Russian Jet that shot down KAL-007 and the air traffic controller edited down to make it look like it was intentional when it was clearly a mistake. The pilot tried to warn what he thought was a spy plane to land but Reagan played the bad version before the U.N. to make them look like monsters. Sounds familiar.

We do not have the transcript of what is in the SIGINT, I'd love to see it.

Yeah, Right

Note that if you look at the latest article by Publius Tacitus you will see a photo of some dude collecting samples from that crater ("Figure 1").

So we know that environmental samples were taken, yet there is no mention by the White House that such samples exist and are being tested.



I did not vote for either Clinton or Trump in the last election. IMO, you are still hoping Mr Trump will turn out to be the type of leader you wanted him to be. But if you have read enough about his business dealings and his conduct as a person, you would have come come to the same conclusion as I did.


i say again, a coalition of the willing is going into syria. the "warning orders to expect warning orders" went out last week.


"We believe it is highly likely that the attack was carried out by the Assad regime," British Prime Minister Theresa May said in a televised statement. "Apart from anything else, we believe it's only the regime that has the capability to make such an attack."

Not counting , of course , the Trump regime , the Netanyahu regime , the Erdogan regime , the May regime , the Hollande regime , the Al Saud regime , the.....


In my rehabilitation hospital where I spent half of last year they had swimming baths.

Water for such things needs to be clean kept, and for that chlorine is used a lot. Sometimes when they used it there was the smell of chlorine in the air. The scent is unforgetable. Reminded me of my army time and the stuff I learned there about C stuff.

In the Reha, there was a storage room in the cellar where they held the substance, and at its door they had a gas mask holder for a mask that provided filter and full eye protection (chlorine would vitriolize eyes, harming eye sight - blind you wouldn't find your way to flee).

It always felt creepy when going along that door and I always was happy to get out of that cellar.

That written, from what I read, stuff like chlorine was apparently used by ISIS and/or Al Quaeda folks repeatedly in Iraq (emphasis mine).

"Iraqi officials have shown the BBC footage, which they say proves Islamic State militants are using chlorine gas in roadside bomb attacks.
The bombs contain small concentrations of a chemical agent and in open ground are unlikely to be lethal.

Experts say they are designed to create fear rather than harm.

There have been multiple reports that IS has been deploying chlorine gas since late last year, but Iraqi officials say their footage confirms its use.

Haider Taher, from the Iraq Bomb Disposal Team, said troops have defused dozens of devices containing chlorine as part of the offensive against the militants.

"They have resorted to this new method," he told the BBC..."


That much for the view that any use of gas clearly implicates the guilt of Assad.

Nancy K

He lied throughout the campaign, why did you think he would stop once elected. He is not a man rooted in solid ground, he seems to have few deep and abiding principles. He is a hollow man.



IMO as a layman he has a number of "learning disabilities" and is over-compensated for them. Some kind of autism, Asperger's syndrome, dyslexia? pl


Warren Peese

I don't think Trump is anything like an intellectual. He has no fixed opinions, only attitudes. IMO every day is a new day for him and he reacts to the current situation.


Warren Peese

There was an ongoing risk analysis of the likelihood of the present of lethal chemicals on the target. The same thing was going on on the US side. pl

Eric Newhill

MY SWMBO agrees with you. She used to work with children who have "speech production issues", as it is called professionally, and she sees it clearly. Sometimes such people have intellects that intake things from a different,interesting and correct, perspective than most others. Sometimes they don't.


Nancy, I only voted for Mr. Trump for only one reason regardless of who he was and what he said, that was to defeat Clintons. I had mentioned this many time, for that and the only choice I had i am not sorry.


I have said this numerous times at this blog... I did not vote for Trump. These days I vote 3rd party for president. I voted for Gary Johnson.

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