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08 April 2017


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I believe the worst.

Of course you knew that no GB was used against Khan Sheikoun, because the fake first responders, the CIA funded death squads in Syria, those child-beheadering White Helmets, whose fraudumentary got them an Oscar and a standing ovation by the perverted Hollywood elite. Of course you know that these fake first responders — who don’t own a stethoscope among them, who can’t do CPR, who haven’t been taught spinal precautions — were founded by a Brit intelligence officer, and are headquartered in Istanbul. When they are not on camera, they carry weapons and they murder Syrian soldiers, and Syrian civilians.

Of course you saw the various deviant, dramatically staged rescue scenes. You surely noticed how some wore useless surgical masks, and nobody had on skin protection. Nu, none of your advisors told you that GB is both pneumonic and transdermal?


35.008142,36.835521 on top of mount smokey.



I'm not at all optimistic. If this little fantasy turned out to be anywhere near right I'd be astonished, albeit happily so.

However, I think the setup stands. Trump's enemies are deeply invested in the anti-Assad, pro-war narrative; it's part of their worldview and raison d'être. He could walk away from it easily, indeed with profit; they couldn't (and probably wouldn't under any imaginable circumstances).


Yeah Right,

Please see my reply to Thirdeye above.

Even if many in the administration had doubts about the chemical attack, is it likely the record of internal deliberations would show an entirely cynical decision to launch the strike against the available evidence? Presumably everyone involved would want to cover themselves.

As for your second concern, evidence that "the Russians were telling the truth all along" would suit this fantasy scenario perfectly. Something like it would be what's needed to allow Trump to once again take control of the narrative, this time with his enemies entangled in their own history and their newfound praise for Trump, Commander-in-Chief.

P.S. Again, just to be clear, this is not something I'm expecting. It's simply a curious and somewhat ironic hypothetical.


In order to prevent escalation it would ideally be shot down by a Syrian jet the second it entered Syrian airspace.


The mind boggles. US ground troops in Idlib amongst their friends the 'moderates' and KSA backed AQ types. While these groups may have been happy to take their arms and money to attack Assad I can not see them relinquishing control of hard won territory to US forces whom their rank and file would be happier to kill than the SAA. So now we have the prospect of US forces fighting, and being killed, by US supplied weapons fired by US trained moderates. Given the UK gov's recent statements I am sure they will want to send our brave troops into this meat-grinder if they can perjure it through Parliament.


It would be brutally ironic for it to come about that President Trump's reactiveness quickly morphs into a multi-front series of rash actions ...

Dear Puck, depending on your specific interpretation, in my case based on admittedly very little knowledge about a series of fields that matter, it may not be an irony but more an obvious result based on a basic consent in the mainstream of reigning foreign policy elites and circles both sides of the Atlantic. Plus a degree of system driven continuity ... I had to reflect longer how to put this better. ...

How did you personally interpret Trump's foreign policy speech? Admittedly it left me with very, very mixed feelings. No doubt my attention my have focused on specific details that surfaced.

Two contributions to the SST discussion by Michael Brenner, come to mind - more associatively in this context:
25 September 2016, "HOW THE BORG SPENDS 36 HOURS IN TEXAS"

I may have asked you before. What's your field. Dr. suggests one. Or is your intent to pick up on the Rudyard Kipling discussions David Habakkuk offered for debate at one time or another? Puck? No doubt is a real family name too.


His "masterstroke" is therefore hostage to any one of those subordinates leaking the information to WikiLeaks.

Seems I have this knot on my mindwaves, slightly modifying a German proverb here. No Eureka effect.

Anyway what specific Wikileaks masterstroke are you referring to here?


Trump isn't a world beater, but if twitter is Trump unfiltered, Trump has already accused Obama of bombing countries to increase his polling. As an aside, I believe Obama made decisions based on least resistance. Generals work for the President, and Congressmen can tell the President to bug off.

Back to Trump, how had his week been going? 40,000 doorman jobs were created. Rumors are tax reform and infrastructure are dead. He had nothing on Healthcare. Then there is of course what I like to call the "OMG Putin!" garbage.

Guys like McCain are openly stating Putin will fold. If Trump buys this assessment of Putin, I can see how Trump, a classic bully, will try to throw his weight around to cover his own insecurities expecting Putin to fold. The usual toadies will be ecstatic, and Trump has already said he could shoot a man on fifth Avenue and still maintain his followers. Joining with Hillary might be an unforgivable sin.

William R. Cumming

Was Trump briefed on the futility of TOMAHAK strikes to fully disable the airport?

Old Microbiologist

I don't know but last week Putin out of the blue announced that West Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Putin never says anything without a good reason so this is perplexing. Then all the Tomahawks had to fly through Israeli airspace as they had been denied permission 2 weeks earlier (from Russian articles) by Lebanon. This lends credence to the Russian MoD statement that the strikes had been planned for weeks and predate the false flag of the chemical attack. So, what is really going on here is anyone's guess. Tillerson is still going to meet with Lavrov and Putin this week which is somewhat unusual given the typical response would be to cancel all meetings.

To me it looks like a 3D chess game with multiple levels.


Russia has an insecure naval supply line to Syria.
The U.S. would like to push Russia into a quagmire in Syria. It could keep the war going and going by providing more and more capabilities to the Jihadis. Erdogan could cut off the seaways and call up more of his jobless youth to enter the fight.
A second front in Ukraine could open any day with Crimea in danger.
NATO is pushing more troops into the Baltics which would totally cut off Kaliningrad in the case of a crisis. There would then be an exchange offer Kaliningrad versus Crimea.

I understand that Putin is careful to not put more into the Syria basket. He needs all reserves he possibly has. He is trying again and again to find a solution with the U.S. but is put off or deceived (Deir Ezzor attack) each and every time.


There is at least one 1RL257 Krasukha-4 ECM system in Syria. The Russian are good with such stuff.



Is it possible to be very crisp and clear that simultaneously, the US is no longer in the regime change business, as well as, the US will not let any use of WMD go unanswered because of the bad precedent that no retaliation for WMD use would set? (and of course, take the care needed to deliver the retaliation to the actual perpetrator)?

I think this administration has lost that clarity, if it ever had it.

Chris Chuba
"From Putins perspective, an R2P based incursion into Syria would scuttle his hopes for a return to a world order based on existing international law. Russia would then have to accept her position as a vassal state - something Putin is not going to agree to, however the grand illusionists believe Putin is just another crummy politician who will back down in the face of a barrage of tomahawks."

Agreed, regarding Russia ending deconfliction protocols what do people make of this? Given that I don't see the Russians are prone to empty gestures, I read this as a simple statement that it has benefited us and worked to their disadvantage.
1. They believe it was used at Deir Ezzor to hit the Syrian army.
2. They see some machination at Khan Sheikhun. Maybe they think we gave the Jihadis a heads up allowing them to stage the false flag (long shot), or more likely turning their innocent reconnaissance mission into another grandstanding moment to blame them for the WMD attack.
3. Had we not notified them of the air port attack, they are confident that the could have taken out all of our Tomahawk missiles so the risk to their personnel is not a compelling enough reason to maintain it.


"Reuters: Russia, Iran Joint Command Center Will 'Respond With Force' If US Strikes Syria Again "

I am going to the link to RI as includes a number of links to other organizations reporting this. Becuase it was released in Arabic translations can very.


And the US is getting ready for an attack on North Korea as well.



The Russians will wait until the last minute to show their hand. How long did it take the 58th Army to mobilise into Georgia...with no apparent warning?

That said, I doubt the Russians will make a large commitment to Syria if it come to blows. They may write off a certain size force while supporting their allies in an effort to make American operations as expensive as possible. They will then prepare the next line of defense.

Does anyone have an explanation why the Russian don't pin one of the many Salafi ops in Russia on al Saud and lob a few missiles of their own? Is the latest NSA leak an as symmetrical response?

Babak Makkinejad

There is no "next line of defense" - Syria is that line of defense.

The attack by the United States on SAR was preceded by a Sunni Muslim terrorist attack on Christians in Sweden (she is not involved in wars among Muslim) and was followed by the terrorist attacks by a number of Sunni Muslims against Christians in Egypt (who have not been involved in any military actions against Muslims).

The political position of the United States, and indeed the entire Western Fortress is not tenable. You cannot put any lipstick on this pig.

Babak Makkinejad

Russia has not put that many forces into Syria - fewer than 30 airplanes, if my memory serves.

SAR's supporters are not just Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

Algeria is sending them oil and oil derivatives.

I would not be surprised if Egypt, Hungary, Romania, Greece also be helping SAR indirectly.


The implication is that if Pax Americana decides to up the ante, and state that regime change will take place in Syria as part of the "war on ISIS" and an all out military action will commence to "settle" Syria, the Russians will fold and pull out all their forces.


Nice compilation of recent White Helmet victim actors photos/videos, including a couple from the recent incident, at the Colonel Cassad blog today. This material is so obvious it is hard to imagine that anyone can take it seriously - but then the MSM never points out any of this readily available information...


Russian, Iran, and Hezbollah military leaders issued a joint statement which threatens the US.

This is at Al-Masdar but their site has just gone down and I could no longer access it.

Times of Israel has some of it:


"“The aggression against Syria oversteps all red lines. We will react firmly to any aggression against Syria and to any infringement of red lines, whoever carries them out,” read a statement from the Syria-based joint operations room.

“The United States knows very well our ability to react,” said the statement published on the website of Al-Watan, a daily newspaper close to the regime."



Since the Borg serves Jerusalem, Putin is playing his last few cards to get the Dogs of War re-called. Will he accede to Ersatz Israel that includes parts of Syria and Lebanon, and the destruction of Iran? The real question is how far will Putin go in resisting Pax Americana? Up to and including MAD? Or accept vassal status?

The Borg groupthink is that everyone folds. So they are not gonna calculate rationally.



Playinv the Long Game? Revenge is a dish best served cold?


Why Israel, seems to me that the logical way is to fly over sea and Syria. Besides has Lebanon an air-defense?

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