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03 April 2017


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You know how this probably worked. Rice et al had a bunch of names unmasked. Then Obama authorized authorized dissemination of these documents across the governments. After that leaks to the media were inevitable. Stick around, more revelations are on the way. pl

Sam Peralta

A perfect example of Trump Derangement Syndrome!

Did you care how much Bill & Hillary "owed" the Saudis? Do you recall it was mostly Saudi citizens that attacked the USA?

David Habakkuk

Colonel Lang, TTG,

It seems reasonably clear: certainly Rice, and probably Obama, have no understanding whatsoever of the nature of constitutional government, and the long history of arguments over the preconditions for existence, and continued survival.

But then, increasingly, I am wondering how many people, either in the United States or Britain, still have much understanding or interest in such matters.

And, above all, how many have any understanding of what historical experience teaches about the latent fragility of constitutional systems.

Sam Peralta

Col. Lang

Perfect borg propaganda. McCain is on it.



I simply cannot find any moderate-leaning news source to express concern about what Rice did, or might have done. In contrast, right-ish news sources are all over it with blaring exclamations of crimes. This contrast has become a true source of concern for me: our citizens, for the most part, are choosing to live in ideological bubbles. Even the journalists who scribe the news can't see straight!! This contrast continues to limit the possibility of productive conversations among Americans about important issues of the day. Personally, I continue to appreciate the work of the Colonel, here, and Jonathan Turley's blog...but the pickens are slim.



Trump has been a boon for the MSM. They now have 24×7 hysteria on all channels and above the fold. Any thought of real reporting has been banished.



Why are you posting comments on this blog? You clearly are not on the same wavelength as people here and I'm sure you recognize that. So why do you come here and give us the 'white people' lecture?

robt willmann


With that sentence about being shocked that communications of U.S. persons were being acquired, I was being sarcastic about the collection; I should have put a note or somehow made that clearer. Maybe more a little later.


BIrturner: For the Nth time, nobody here cares that you are a black woman, its adds exactly zero to the value your arguments. Please take your identity politics somewhere else.

Babak Makkinejad

They hate him because he is not PC, he is blunt, he is simple, and he talks of unpalatable truths that go against the grain of established received opinion.

I think it is the more intelligent and better educated people, unfortunately, that seem to dislike him the most.

I am struck by the negative tones over the last few months in the international science journal Nature against him; struck me as unthinking, uncritical, and uninterested in digging deeper about the man and his policies.

Obama whose government helped initiate the Syrian Civil War and organized and waged an Economic Siege War against the Core State of Muslim Civilization gets a pass while Trump, who is basically concentrating on domestic issues of US is getting condemned.

The Beaver

@ John_Frank,

Sen McCain should communicate with his buddies in KSA and UAE as well as the 'advisers" inside the WH.

KSA and UAE are making googoo eyes with Assad and Abadi in Syria and Iraq and the expectations are that they drop Iran like a hot potato for the brotherhood of the Arab brothers.
However, this is not going to happen and when the Boeing contract with the Iranian airline will need to be finalised ( yep Billions $), I would like to see how the pas de deux between the US and Iran is played.

robt willmann

More fun ... Susan Rice appears on the friendly MSNBC television network in a 16-minute interview with Andrea Mitchell (the wife of the former Chairman of the Not-Federal Reserve Bank, Alan Greenspan). She talks and talks about the "unmasking", etc. --


Meanwhile, the stout Joseph diGenova, a former U.S. Attorney, says: "What was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked Trump associates in perfectly legal conversations with individuals ....”--


First, Evelyn Farkas recently gets back on television to try to explain away her revealing statements of early March. Now Susan Rice goes on TV to try to explain herself.

S. Rice may end up talking herself into being the designated patsy if this thing continues to unravel.

Regardless, the Big Story -- the structure of the domestic surveillance system and its illegal operation -- remains taboo, with only very short minutes here and there slipping out on television.


You know if Assad did it, or you just believe what ever you read, see or hear on western MSM regardless of thier past or present records. This could be as credible as Saddam' WMDs.


"Local banks in the area usually are eager to lend you money, both for capitalization and for operating money."

True - but not in Trump's case. He is not well regarded in the business community and after his repeated mismanagements and bankruptcies good lenders stayed away. Only shady money or a troubled bank like Deutsche Bank would have anything to do with him. So the money trail is potentially important here, particularly in the case of a president who has ignored the ethical norms and customs related to his high office.



"True - but not in Trump's case. He is not well regarded in the business community and after his repeated mismanagements and bankruptcies good lenders stayed away" Nonsense. The international group I worked for were no saints. Numerous defaults on agreements, Several bankruptcies and we were besieged by Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama banks with offers of loans. The same thing applied to Southern Corporation, a huge utility company who wanted to offer us concessionary rates on long term electricity contracts. And then there were the US Congressional delegations from these states as well as the state economic development commissions who just couldn't do enough for us. You obviously have never been in major business. pl


Col. Lang,

I would love for her to be held accountable. I doubt it will happen. The MSM is making excuses for her left and right and I just saw her saying who WON'T TESTIFY.

She's busted but so what?

I've always enjoyed Lionel


Babak Makkinejad

The experiences of Libya, South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Yemen I think clearly demonstrates how difficult it is to establish and maintain a state - whether constitutional or not.

Once a state is destroyed, it seems to me, its restoration requires long-term foreign military occupation.



Look at facts people of all colores in America lost...COAL are not coming back.

Bye Gurl!!

From one sister to another.



Depends on what they are talking about doesn't it? A public speech? Who cares? Private conversations about money exchanging hands for some quid pro quo? Different story. However, if it is the norm that campaign officials start talking privately with other governments before taking office, then this should not raise a red flag. If it is not the norm, then it should. You obviously don't know so you are just protecting your team.



Really? Many POTUS candidates do the foreign tour thing. Who cares? What we are talking about is campaign staffers holding undisclosed private conversations with other governments. You, like Fred, don't know if this is common or not so cite some non-relevant nonsense. If you don't know, just say so.




I knew that you were being sarcastic.

I felt that your sarcasm about the collection/unmasking led the reader to believe that THIS collection/unmasking was no different than any other.



If you think McCain is of the "Right" because he wants to bomb the world, obviously you haven't been around the last eight years.

Lets stop pretending there is any daylight between the Borg and the Left.



Right wing death squads.


We have evidence that Cocoa Messiah's Mystery Meat Crew illegally used the intelligence apparatus on their political enemies, but the MSM, the Democrats, and the Borg (but I repeat myself there) all are crapping the bed over Russian dressing



It strikes me that such a take on Farkas' conduct is similar to Bradley Manning's defense: I saw stuff I thought illegal or against America's national interest so I did what I did. In his case giving all that info to wikileaks rather than other government employees. Except Farkas was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia and not an PFC. She, like Manning, apparently didn't bother to contact any members of Congress to include both Nunes and Schiff. But spreading everything around to various staff members in government because they are apparently more loyal than her boss, the attorney general, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, its chairman and of course President Obama? That really doesn't pass the "its not politically motivated test."

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