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05 April 2017


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Only the economic history of rentier labor empires a la East India Tea Company plantations and the like is to be whithered away.

In the idealistic extrapolation, cultural history would be not be extinguished as such, just made irrelevant to economic outcomes. The problem has always been over zealous putting the cart before the horse, like those who crave Armageddon so much as to incite it.


There are so many blind spots and weaknesses in DC their hubris and ignorance of HRC is a virus epidemic.

DC is completely ignorant to how irrelevant they are to the economic world that is India, Iran, China, and associates. Just think for a minutte what it means to have senior execs and tech back bone of India at Google, with bollywood YT channels with routinely 11 million views or half a million subscribrers.

USA will frack and pipeline itself until uninhabitable in lacking potable water tables, then look to other countries to take themselves in as refugees, and suddenly realise it has no friends in except only other inhospitable terrains.

Persian, Chinese, Indian inter cultural and economic links stretch back tens of thousands of years. Usa will spill its treasure, with the help of Israel and KSA, while others will simply absorb it and then sell it back to the Americans! Isn't that what we've seen happening all along?


That sensation does inspire one to rake the leaves and cut the lower tree growth; some years ago I removed probably a good 300 cubic feet of material from the grounds of a wooded bungalow in Angeles national forest after sensing the flammable tinder quality underfoot while standing outside one early summer morning.

The local park warden once wanted to give me a public recognition for it, but his superiors wouldnt allow it....afraid to be interpreted as playing politics or something like that. Some of their regulations were absurd: my neighbor wasnt allowed to repair the dereliction on his storage shed and garage, including wide open areas of the roof allowing in the elements, because it would "alter the original [1950s era historic] appearance."


Sorry not to reply sooner.

Darwin I think was ambivalent about it. His cousin Francis Galton, the eugenicist, and such as Herbert Spencer are usually seen as having been its early British proponents. The Englishman Houston Stewart Chamberlain was a big influence in Nazi Germany. The Japanese proponents of it wrote in the Jinsei-Der Mensch journal, in China Liang Qichao was an early proponent.

The idea of racial superiority certainly pushed British Imperialism, but was probably more influential in later imperialisms such as German and Japanese and Italian.

The Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 in Tennessee is often portrayed as a reactionary attack on Darwinism. William Jennings bryan, who led the prosecution, was probably far more worried/concerned about the iniquitous effect of Social Darwinist theories as a justification of "Red in Tooth and Claw" American capitalism and its sharp division of society.



Fukuyama was basically a neocon savant. IMO he was not conservative, merely right wing one worlder. pl



Lost in the smoke: Seth Rich leaked and eliminated.


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