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25 April 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

The only issue I have is this:

Why have all these prophecies been so silent on Shoah; which, I should think, deserved at least a minor allusion in them.


Dear Colonel,

Agree and I would accentuate that "most people" also includes especially those people who have lived under the "mercy" of ISIS. As you have noted, ISIS are not fish that can disappear in the sea.

Hopefully, the US would withdraw its Special Forces (outside of Kurdish areas) that are supporting the non-Kurdish anti-Assad forces as their position is likely to become untenable.


The French weigh in as the Kangaroo Kort starts laying out the warmaking pretext in all its glory :

National evaluation
Chemical attack of 4 April 2017 (Khan Sheikhoun)
Clandestine Syrian chemical weapons programme


The Twisted Genius


I fully agree. The airborne option carries the advantage of surprise. It would be a Pristina Dash times a hundred with even greater political and operational consequences. Adding two MRDs to help secure Syria once and for all is what is needed. Perhaps the Egyptians could assist wth their two Mistrals to move the MRDs into place.

The Twisted Genius


Saudis already pour millions into Trump properties. Trump established eight companies in Saudi Arabia during his campaign. I have no idea what they are for, but I'm confident it's not philanthropy. Trump is only one of many Americans who have been kissing up to rich Saudis and other Gulfies for decades. Despite all his populist yammerings, Trump embraces neoliberal economics and now Borg foreign policy.


That's what I was thinking but then again it can't be that simple, can it?


Let me clarify, if the US creates a "safe zone" for jihadi's Russia doesn't have to recognize it. In which they would use the US's plan to round them up for "safety" and then they (R+6) could kill them

Eric Newhill

Right, the US could agree at least to stand down, while the extermination happens.

What's weird to me is that the jihadists must be able to conceive of such treachery themselves. So, if they go along with US offered safe passage, there must be a lot of trust between them and the US.


The French "national evaluation" states that sarin samples recovered from Khan Sheikhoun were found to match samples collected from the Saraqeb incident on 29 April 2013. Specifically it asserts that DIMP (a by-product of sarin synthesis) and hexamine were found in both samples, and that hexamine was used as a "stabilizer" in Syrian military sarin stocks. Of course neither of these two chemicals are specific to one production process, and there are other possible explanations for presence of hexamine in a munition.

Some brief comments:-

1. The report is not attributed to any intelligence agency or committee, and the lab (which should be the OPCW-certified lab at Le Bouchet) is not even mentioned. I suspect this means that no intelligence agency or lab director was prepared to be associated with it. Can Patrick Bahzad comment on this?

2. The Saraqeb incident was bizarre - the alleged munition was a riot-control grenade supposedly dropped out of a helicopter. There are many red flags associated with this incident, including the presence of Hamish de Bretton-Gordon and Ian Pannell of the BBC.

3. For an agency trying to implicate the regime, it would have been preferable to link the KS attack to the Ghouta attack (where the argument can be made that the opposition couldn't have carried out such a large-scale attack) than to link it with the Saraqeb incident. A possible explanation is that the original plan was for the UK to link the KS sarin with the Ghouta sarin, but Porton Down's scientific staff refused to go along with this. The French lab was then brought in, but as they had no environmental samples from Ghouta, the match had to be with Saraqeb.


I do not know, sometimes silence is priceless and more eloquent than a thousand words.

I am intrigued by Ezekiel's 38:11 within the prophesy against Gog of the land of Magog. In Genesis 10:2-3 we see that Magog is of the sons of Yapheth, one of the three sons of Noach, and brother of Gomer who is the father of Ashkenaz. This is not Russia but Turkic Caucasic people of Georgia, Armenia, Tartars who later migrated to Crimea and Eastern Europe.

What is most intriguing is that the armed invasion of the Holy Land by Gog of the Land of Magog (note than in verse 15 the mighty army's invasion is from the land of the North) occurs when there are no walls, security checkpoints, bars or gates.

If this is so, the Gog invasion has already occurred because there is a gigantic security wall meandering through Area A and Area B throughout the Land of Israel. Today there are multiple security checkpoints, garrisons, gates and bars. So this prophesy fulfillment cannot be future but past.



It looks like the Russians are withdrawing half of their aircraft from the Latakia air base.




They are rotating aircraft. They have done it before. pl


Thank you, Sir, for the clarification.


My understanding of the linkages is that each of the four attacks has been matched up to at least one other , such that the conclusion will be that all four came from the same working stock. I don't believe they can say that all four also match the stock that was destroyed on the Cape Ray , but they'll wiggle out of that somehow - effect of additional aging of the current material , substandard storage conditions , etc.

Yes , the argument that the grenade was dropped from a helicopter based on it causing a dinky little crater was a real stretch. Those grenades could have been launched with a big slingshot.


Yes , that could be. I only took note because Al-Masdar is pretty pro-Assad , so I figured they gave it the once-over. Needs confirmation , in any event.

Babak Makkinejad

Well, have it your way but if I were a Jew, I could use some early warning regarding the catastrophe that was to befall the Jewish community in Europe during WWII at the hands of the secular governments there.


It looks like the TOW and Kornet pipelines are fully open again (my eternal gratefulness to the CIA for training jihadists in the use of these), and light Russian forces, such as BMD equipped airborne would suffer losses from this. Plentiful light artillery, CAS and countermeasures will be needed. A heavier force with T90 will be more robust ... but was is the best force composition package?


TTG, with all due respect I don't believe Borg' forign policy and neoliberal economics can be separated, IMO one is prerequisite to the other, which is neoconish, and as far as I remember this whole new policy mentality started with the fall of USSR and, "we are the world", Clinton administration posture.


I think TTG, is right, battle for the Syrian Iraqi desert, still it's not over, there is straight line from Iraq' Shih south near PG through eastern desert to Qaim, to Dier el Zor, to Palmyra to Latakia, the west wants to eliminate any possible access through south east desert. As Said in Persian "speaking of fun, is half the fun"


Babak by the way that's the shortest and the most economical gas pipeline you can get from Assaloyh/PG to a Mediterranean port you can get.


The US shot callers are scared shiiteless that the Saudis and Gulfies will abandon the petrodollar, and convince the Brics and others to dump US T-Bills and go to a monetary gold standard or a petroyuan. I am not hip enough in that realm to know if that is feasible, but others on energy and fiscal sites seem to think this is possible, as well as being welcomed by other countries who believe that US bonds' time has come to being dumped, Big Time.


I believe that there are already small units of "Spetsnaz" units in country. The term Spetsnaz encompasses all manner of specialy trained units.


In the case of rounding them up for safety,(if doable) they can board the green bus express caravans to Idlib province, where they can be killed later. I understand they have taken personal weapons along. How do you say "Hey Good buddies, it looks like we got us a convoy?"

Ex-PFC Chuck

Koshy: "TTG, with all due respect I don't believe Borg' forign policy and neoliberal economics can be separated"

I agree with this 1,000%. The FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate) sector of the Borg has been driving US foreign policy since the dawn of the 20th century.


Sorry, I meant to add after the last word "convoy," in Arabic.

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