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28 April 2017


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Medicine Man

Thank you for this post, Publius Tacitus. With double standards being the coin of geopolitics, articles like this are very useful for maintaining perspective.


It wouldn't surprise me at all that if Americans were polled about the 9/11 terrorists' backgrounds, most would today say they were from Iran. Just as they once believed Iraq was responsible. It's not so much that people are stupid but most citizens are busy enough dealing with day to day issues and they just hear or read snippets.

The art of selling is framing the narrative, not communicating droll facts. Much as Colin Powell did at AIPAC in early 2003. He slammed Iraq as the largest state sponsor of international terrorism. It meant one thing to the AIPAC crowd which was aware that Iraq paid out money to Palestinian families of suicide bombers. From the average Israeli (and AIPAC activist) POV, that was emotionally compelling, if not accurate description. To the larger audience of Americans not so ME aware, it was just re-enforcement that Iraq was the big bad and supported the notion of Iraqi involvement in 9/11.

It worked then why not now? And with the Gulfies leading the effort it's a powerful pitch. Now that the Trump administration has been assimilated, what could possibly go wrong?

different clue


Its a version of the garbage in- garbage out principle. A very good computer with a very good program will give bad answers if given bad data.

And of course the human neuro-bio-brain is not a computer. It is way more complex. The more it is given a certain set of "fakks and thawts" to think about, the more its neuro-plastic neurons will grow tendrils and connections to think and handle those "fakks and thawts" more easily. If you then try giving it a different set of "fakks and thawts", the cerebro-neuro networks formed around the prior fakks and thawts will resist and reject the different fakks and thawts.

So it would take years of offering people a coherent set of counterfakks and counterthawts for those people to even begin to regrow their cerebro-neural networks to accomodate the counterfakks and counterthawts. And that's just the people who already susPECT that something is wrong with the fakks and thawts they are currently running and actively seek to try finding a different set of fakks and thawts.

Now HOPEfully SOMEone is dealing in actual facts and thoughts. I think that SST is dealing in actual facts and thoughts. Certainly the SST people have made a lot of accurate predictions and forecasts about what will happen when and where. That indicates a robustly predictive theoretical framework running on SST.

So hopefully the readership here can keep spreading SST to people who suspect something is wrong with the fakks and thawts they are given by the MSM and are already looking for something better. Spreading it both individually to real analog persons in meatspace and digitally to reader-avatars in cyberspace. It will require years of patient effort. Many of the people who voted against Clinton and the Brand Name Republicans have shown that they are already looking for a means of escape from the MSM brain-cage.

(Interesting observation: spellcheck red-flags "meatspace" but does not red-flag "cyberspace". So cyberspace is a real word so far as spellcheck is concerned.)

William R. Cumming

It would be of interest to figure out who or whom in the U.S. government determines what groups will be supported or utilized by U.S. diplomacy or military assistance.



Great piece. I've been complaining about MEK for years.

Korea and Iran ate mentioned in Crosstalk



Thank you for your post, it is refreshing and interesting, regarding Iran and US' ongoing 50 plus year of struggle, and Iran and UK' 150 years of
struggle, which usually starts with Iran being blamed for past terrorism (in which means they started this struggle), there are a few points that needs to be considered before anybody can accuse Iran of state sponsored terrorism. Is well know and documented that Iran and US are in a strategic asymmetrical war of attrition( meaning US wishes Iran gets a regime change, and Iran whishes US will have a mind change) , ever since the Iranian revolution. Is well known that the venue, the start timing and type of this war was not chosen or picked by Iran, it all was decided and chosen by US, is a US war of choice ( necessity?) imposed on Iran, to stop, delay, defeat independent Iran's insubordination to US' dictates. This is not unusual for superpowers (you read empires) through out history, they all hated insubordination, independent acting states, US is no different there. I don't wholly blame this US' posture on demands of Israel and KSA, and others, this is partly normal hegemonic empire stuff, like what Victoria Nulands of world think brings endurance to thier values.
So if we can establish US has started, an is in an ongoing asymmetrical, strategic, proxy war against Iran and her resistance allies ever since Iranian revolution, then we can not blame the two sides for taking thier agents, operatives hostage, killing each other's soldiers, agents, and assets. Certainly US has, and is, justifying doing all that all around the world, in fight against terrorism, why can't Iranians? IMO, A coup against legitimate goverment is no different than other form of terrorism. IMO, from what I have learned on Iranian history, behavior and national values, I don't see Iranian will fold raise a flag and let the west take over, they have no choice but to resist. Like the nuclear deal this is all US' call. President Trump ( and generally all other administrations since the revolution) think this is like a business negotiation, deal making, if you bully the vendor and can't make a deal with one vendor, you can always go and deal with a different vendor. Thank you


With regards to the Middle East, I have come to the conclusion they are determined by whether they advance the "Oded Yinon" plan of breaking up any entity that could be a problem for Israel.


This is becoming less covert than in the past, as indicated by US Defense Secretary wearing a lapel pin with both the American and Israeli flags "crossed" during his press conference in Israel.



Great comment Koshy, thanks!


Regarding the crossed flags lapel pin... is this usual? When visiting the UK, France, etc., would such a lapel pin be worn? I find it a little surprising but that could be my ignorance.

ex-PFC Chuck

Per Tigermoth: "This is becoming less covert than in the past, as indicated by US Defense Secretary wearing a lapel pin with both the American and Israeli flags "crossed" during his press conference in Israel."


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