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21 April 2017


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different clue


If the ClintoBorg gets Assad overthrown and then the Nuclear Norks sell atomic expertise to the Jihadi Emirate of Syria . . . the Israelis will discover that overthrowing Assad was not in their short term interest after all.

different clue

Mark Logan,

It will take many millions of calls and letters Trump and Sanders supporters to scare the officeholders out of giving Trump his AUMF for toppling Assad. The officeholders, esPECially the Clintonites, desperately want to topple Assad in order to "teach Putin a lesson" for "meddling in American elections". It will take a lot of counterpressure to make the Graham-McCainiacs and the Clintonites step back from supporting the AUMF they want to support.


Thank you, I'll look into the Olivares.

I live in New York and the problems you describe are sever: the meritocratic ethos casts those who fail under commercial pressure into the abyss and smugly tells itself its what they deserve.

I frankly doubt a "commercial civilization" can ever defeat a "patriotic" one, and the US was at its best when commerce was in the service of the civilization rather than the other way around as now.


In a formal sense PNAC is no more but its basic rhetoric and vision lives on. It seems that there is a connection with http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2017/04/does-history-repeat-itself-fb-ali.html


other guy? maybe William R Polk?


Could be. I am reluctant to lunch out anymore pl

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Mark Logan

different clue,

No argument here. Syria is in grave danger if Trump isn't bluffing. North Korea was in my mind when I wrote that but I neglected to say so. My bad.

Chris Chuba

Here's my nickel, Trump has bluffing in this toxic mix. He will likely get some marginally acceptable agreement w/help from China, who hate the presence of our THAADs. The N. Koreans will suspend missile testing but it will fall short of nuclear disarmament. It will be enough for him to save face and focus elsewhere.

Trump will then send an armada to Yemen to both teach the Iranians a lesson and as a demonstration of U.S. force to show N. Korea that they better behave or else. This is how bullies think but the MSM and U.S. commentators will be orgasmic and claim that we are punishing the bully.

Operation starve Yemen and blame Iran, will trigger God's Judgment against us, not that God rights every wrong on earth but the combination of doing something so evil while calling it good and all but calling it the Lord's work (ala Nikki Haley) will be the breaking point (4th Commandment) for Him. PS 98: "He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples with equity." (no special favors for the U.S.) Sorry for getting all religious, just frustrated by the monolithic face of Christians in U.S. public office. N.H. has certainly driven me to my breaking point :-)


As far as i remembered there were no flash flooding in the Netherlands but i'm not a WWII geek. What they did was use the already planned defense works around Amsterdam to flood the polders but that flooding didn't take a few hours but more like a week and people were prepared for it.

ps. My grandfathers farm was hit hard by it.

Babak Makkinejad



I concur, a combination of Trump's negotiating style and Kissinger's madman theory. As daft as that is.

That said I increasingly believe McMaster was a disastrous choice. He looks to be a true believer and promoted way above his capabilities. I agree with Bacevich that NSA is not a position that should be held by a military man, should have appointed someone like Mearsheimer. Perused Michael Scheuer's amusing latest posts on his blog and he says Jack Keane has been on TV salivating at the US now being a participant in the Syrian Civil War, straight out of Dr Strangelove. Just hope Tillerson finds his feet quicker.

Dante Alighieri

I have my highest respect for all the people who wanted to prevent a HRC presidency, for good reasons. But their sorry whine about Trump’s now not being what they in their delusional fantasies imagined him to be leaves me stone cold. You picked him, you own him.


As good an explanation as any other:

"Our problem is not Trump Derangement Syndrome; our problem is Deranged Trump Self-Delusion. This is the habit of willfully substituting, as a motive for Trump’s latest action, a conventional political or geostrategic ambition, rather than recognizing the action as the daily spasm of narcissistic gratification and episodic vanity that it truly is.

The bombing of Syria, for instance, was not a sudden lurch either in the direction of liberal interventionism, à la Bill Clinton in the lands that were once Yugoslavia, nor was it a sudden reassertion of a neo-con version of American power, à la both Bushes in Iraq. It was, as best as anyone can understand, simply a reaction to an image, turned into a self-obsessed lashing out that involved the lives and deaths of many people. It was a detached gesture, unconnected to anything resembling a sequence of other actions, much less an ideology. Nothing followed from it, and no “doctrine” or even a single speech justified it.

There is no credible evidence that Trump’s humanity was outraged by the act of poisoning children, only that Trump’s vanity was wounded by the seeming insult to America and, by extension, to him. It may be perfectly true that the failure of the Obama Administration to act sooner in Syria will go down forever, in the historical ledgers, as a reproach against it; or it may be that the wisdom of the Obama Administration in not getting engaged in another futile Middle Eastern folly will go down in its favor. But it is self-deluding to think that Trump’s action was meant to be in any way remedial. It was purely ritual, and the ritual acted out was the interminable Trumpist ritual of lashing out at those who fail to submit, the ritual act of someone whose inner accounting is conducted exclusively in terms of wounds given, worship received, and winnings displayed. (Perhaps his elder daughter, Ivanka, did play some small part in the action, as her brother Eric suggested in an interview, but this is hardly a comfort; the politics of a mad king with a court are no more reassuring than those of a mad king alone.)"


And if you don't like it from the Left, take it from the Onion:

WASHINGTON—Amid concerns that a U.S. attack on a Syrian government air base would only escalate the ongoing conflict in the region, President Trump assured Americans Friday that his decision to order a missile strike came only after carefully considering every one of his passing whims. “I want to make it perfectly clear that the decision to launch a military intervention in Syria was the result of meticulously reviewing each fleeting impulse that I felt over the last 48 hours,” said Trump, adding that after learning of chemical weapons used by Bashar al-Assad’s forces to kill innocent Syrian civilians, he gathered his top military aides to pore over dozens of his sudden knee-jerk reactions to the situation. “I examined many different options that whirled through my mind in the moment, including authorizing drone strikes, deploying U.S. troops to Syria, sending in SEAL Team Six to take out Assad, getting up and grabbing a snack from the kitchen, doing nothing, and dropping all our nuclear bombs on Damascus at once. Ultimately, I concluded that an airstrike was the best option at that particular second.” Trump went on to say that if the Assad regime’s behavior continues, he will not hesitate to order further military action if he hasn’t already completely forgotten about Syria by then.


They would, wouldn't they?


As daft as that is

daft, don't remember seeing or for that matter hearing it for ages. It may have been among the first words I learned in London. ;)

Has it made it into the US vocabulary, I wonder? Must have.


Yes, obviously:

As postscript what forces/synapses on Babak's mind lead to his assumption that every single one of us, even the daft among us, like me, can be collectively regarded as one influential particle of "Fortress West"? And thus responsible for e.g. sanctions against Iran and Russia?

Ok, seems it made it before into a comment, but maybe I cannot trust a complete Google site search of Pat's blog:


What is not discussed is how corrupt the military industrial complex is, and how degraded the weapons systems they produce are, whereas the Russian systems out perform the American ones. The Russian Air Craft are superior to the American. If the US would confront the Russians in Syria, they would lose and they know it, hence the bluster. Likewise, Iranian and Hezbollah forces are not Saddam Hussein's demoralized army, just ask the Israeli's in Lebanon. These are the reasons there has not yet been a full fledged invasion in Syria. Vast devastation seems to be enough for the borg even if conquest is impossible, a la Libya

Babak Makkinejad

He silenced all the innuendo about his relationship with the Russian Federation by a limited military strike on the Syrian Arab Republic which had zero effect of the strategic situation in that theatre.

SAR is, per the Western Fortress consensus, is an "Honorary Shia" government, in cahoots with the despised Shia enemy in Iran; both allies of the Russian Federation which has its bloody claws in the carcass of Ukraine while gnawing on Crimea.

He received domestic praise as well as praise from his alliance members; and all with pre-paid missiles that were sitting in storage somewhere.

I do not doubt Trump's sanity; I doubt the sanity of those whose appeasement required a president of the United States to bomb some one, somewhere, in order to make them go away.

different clue

Dante Alighieri,

Well, those of us who picked him can now oppose and obstruct the Trump Damage unfolding every which way we can at every appropriate level.

Since Trump has now been given the Clinton Housekeeping Seal of Approval, he is immune to impeachment. That means I can now criticize and oppose this-and-that about the various Trump Directives about which I kept silent till now . . . out of not wanting to play into the hands of the Intel-Clintonite soft coup makers.

I will focus a lot of my small lay-citizen energy on undermining Trump's effort to Make America Polluted Again and Make America Sicker Than Ever. Others may focus on other things.


thank for the link. It was interesting to read and watch.

Just once again the Syrian gas mystery can be witnessesed in the image on the site. The image text suggests that the doctor is traiting a gas victim.

Well, or unwell, if the man had been poisoned with Sarin or the like, just touching a poisoned spot of the skin would would make the doctor sick like a dog. Alas ...

Needless to say, our doctor is mysteriously resistant, and so he does his treatment without gas mask, protective suit or hand gloves. That is, to be kind, utterly unprofessional and quite unwise as an approach to such a victim.

As I was hammered in the army during NBC courses: 'NEVER EVER leave or loose your protection in situations after B and C use. To do so would mean death or sickness.' A lesson worth to be kept in mind.

That is why IMO the image and the story told about it stink. I can't even laugh about that sort of clownery anymore.


George Friedman on Bloomberg radio, commenting on the news of the type:

Trump's sweetening the pot, offering China better trade terms if the Asian powerhouse takes steps to put North Korea's provocative behavior to rest. {from CNN}

(paraphrase): this policy has always been in place, all US Presidents have followed this policy, it is just that Trump is the first POTUS to talk about this policy in public. In my opinion, China is playing the USA; whenever a trade issue with China comes up, North Korea starts acting up; the US asks China for help, and China says, we're helping with North Korea, why are you bringing up less important trade issues? And the US makes trade concessions to China.

Sam Peralta

"China is playing the USA"

George Friedman is echoing what Pat Buchanan has been saying.

“America First” thus takes a back seat to big-power diplomacy with Beijing. One wonders: How much will Xi end up bilking us for his squeezing of Kim Jong Un?



The center of the country, with a few exceptions is not second or third world. I grew up surrounded by corn fields and my family roots are small time tobacco farmers and moonshiners in Appalachia. We have one of the most sophisticated agricultural systems in the world. Take a look at the inside of a current model John Deere tractor, the massive automated dairy farms, commercial bee keepers moving flat bed trucks loaded with hives from the Florida citrus to California almonds and slaughterhouses that process thousands of animals a day. Compare the lives of even the old order Amish that live here to southern hemisphere farmers and it is easy to see that middle America is not 3rd world. It doesn't have the resources or financial clout that the coasts have but it is as Sam Kinison once remarked "where the food is."

Timothy Janssen

The link is trash. Fake Noise.

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