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18 April 2017


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tim s

This post at 9:03 didn't appear correctly. In between both dual quotation marks is supposed to be the "less-than i greater-than"

FB Ali

I'm no expert, but, as far as I know, HTML tags operate thus:

To start italics etc type in < > with i within. To end italicized text type at this point /i , inside the brackets.

The same goes for bold or underlined text, except that one uses b or ul within the < >.

For more on all this see: http://tinyurl.com/lnrd7r9


Fair enough, but you'll have to respond one more time in order to have the last word.

The US (and its "allies") have indeed expanded but principally by taking on fresh liabilities. As for its (their?) enemies being dead . . . really? Seems to me they're very much alive, and getting stronger by the day.

And its friends, well, my guess is their sense of conviction, unlike that of America's appointed enemies, is definitely not growing stronger.


IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH is a true statement if incomplete. Keeping the masses ignorant allows the elite free reign to enslave them.

The same with WAR IS PEACE. Foreign wars rally the masses around the elite and allow them to squash dissent.


Babak, no harm meant. Seriously. What feels like irrationality to me, beyond your Makkadinejad theses, must not necessarily be. It may have to do--I am more intuitive then rigidly empirical around here--with your more emotional side in comments. Usually you seem more controlled by reason in your judgements.

"I have a question for you: 'Why does EU so irrationally hate Iran?'"

I have not the least qualifications to speak for the European part of "Fortress West". Personally I do not hate either Iran or Iranians, people living there or expats over here or elsewhere collectively. I also have a limited amount of influence on European foreign policy, to the extend there ever was a unique foreign policy.

We agreed to disagree on Ahmadinejad, remember? I may have been completely mistaken in my judgement. He felt too much of the Janus face of another ME player from my no doubt limited grasp.

While I would agree, that some things in his UN speech were justified complaints, Iranians no doubt have a lot to complain, the larger semi-coherent narrative irritiated me.

I am aware that not many agreed with me at the time on Mondoweiss. I sure did agree with them concerning a deep dislike of the war drums against Iran, on the other hand.

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