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07 April 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

If you were on the bleeding edge of the job migration, then you would not have written that "Trump's domestic agenda is despicable". So many working people in the United States have vested their hopes in him against their loss of income.

I doubt that you work for a living in an activity that can be off-shored or moved to Mexico, India, or China; likely in one of the protected professions - thanks to government regulations - like Medicine or Law or a variety of soft-positions created by the well-to-do European-Americans for the well-to-do European-Americans and their off-spring.

Babak Makkinejad

There will be no US action in Syria.


I wonder what more it will take to convince some of us here of this.

Stop making excuses for the man. He's the president, he has to own his policies.


I don't think those people count.


Two pints,
One- after almost 15 years of internet accessible alternative media like this one, you are still amazed how come the so called MSM/Western Media is not reporting the truth and just reports the party line? Second with what is going on across the western world, IMO a confrontation with (the rising) Russia is more likely .
as it seems the Borg under no circumstances is willing to accept a powerful comeback of Russians as a balancing power to uni-polar power position US has held for last two and half decades. And IMO, this has nothing to do with who and which party, holds the presidency in US, as we can see, if the POTUS resists, or not willing to follow, or even propose to make minor changes to the Borg's posture/ global policy, he she will be removed at all costs. That is why and what has happened in this last few months.


Martin Chulov in the Guardian reports that samples are being collected.


"Rescue workers have gathered soil samples from the scene of a chemical weapons attack in northern Syria and sent them to western intelligence officials, who are seeking to determine precisely what nerve agent was used in one of the worst atrocities of the country’s six-year war."

"Samples taken from the scene in Khan Sheikhun, as well as biological specimens taken from survivors and casualties, will be compared with samples taken by intelligence officials from the Syrian military stockpile when it was withdrawn from the country in late 2013. Syria’s stores of sarin are known to have particular properties which experts say can be forensically matched to samples taken in the field."

With modern mass spectrometry, chemical profiling of soil or other environmental samples can be used to match a sample of nerve agent to the facility where it was produced, and to reconstruct the synthetic pathway used. Seymour Hersh has reported that the chemical profiling of the Syrian military stocks of sarin binaries destroyed on the MV Cape Ray did not match the low-grade kitchen sarin recovered from Ghouta. This confirmed the earlier results from Porton Down showing that the Ghouta sarin was unlikely to have come from Syrian military stocks which were relayed to Dempsey in time for him to warn Obama on 30 August 2013.

Up to now no journalist (with the exception of Allan Urry of BBC radio) has showed any interest up to now in the story of what the chemical profiling of Syrian military stocks might have revealed about the 2013 sarin attacks. Chulov's story raises the possibility that some new deception is being planned. It's possible that some intelligence agency has got hold of a small quantity of sarin binaries from the Syrian stocks that were destroyed on the Cape Ray, and that this will be used to generate a false match. On the other hand, this will inevitably reopen the story of how these stocks did not match those used in the 2013 sarin attacks. We can only hope that the Russians have made their own plans to collect and analyse samples, as they did in 2013.


Colonel, I think we may see a UNSC resolution next week on this, blaming Assad ( tabled by Brits and or France), after the President's coming meeting with Xi. On coming presser with Xi, may learn if it would it be a double veto again, or vetoed just by Russia alone? That will make a big difference on isolating Russia.



Your English is improving. Congrats. pl


Matt: "their capacity for self-deception ... know[s] no bounds"

It's not self-deception. It's just propaganda generated by partisans and repeated by party loyalists and friendly media.

They believe that the left "has no where to go". So the Clinton-Obama Centrists will continue to abuse the peoples trust.

IMO, the best way to counter the money-driven duopoly is for alternative Parties to unite via a platform of Direct Democracy. The Pirate Party has already shown some promise with success in Iceland.

PS Sanders was a 'sheep-dog'. Yet delusional progressives still look to him for answers. Pathetic.

Consider that he:
> pulled many punches during the campaign, such as: not disputing the 6 coin tosses that went to Hillary in Iowa; defended Hillary ("enough with the emails") and refused to attack Hillary or Obama on character issues;

> didn't try much to attract constituencies that Hillary laid claim to (like women and minorities);

> didn't try to create a Movement AND has refused to lead a Movement - even after Hillary lost the election and he went back to being a "social Democrat";

> didn't counter Hillary's claim (during the NY debate) of NEVER changing her vote to benefit a big financial donor despite the well-known (among progressives) example of her changing her vote to benefit the credit card industry (note: he acknowledged the example when talking with a reporter afterwards!);

> endorsed Hillary after it was CLEAR that she colluded with the DNS (it was OK for republicans to denounce Trump, but not for progressives to denounce Hillary?!?);

> refused to produce his 2014 tax returns despite insisting that he is squeaky clean (he produced his 2015 returns ... when they were ready);

Then there is Jill Stein. The other famous "progressive leader" in the race. Her appeals to disillusioned Sanders voters were meek and she requested recounts that could only have helped Hillary and must've been funded by Hillary supporters.


Great discussion.

I went to youtube to watch the full news conference.

b is right that Trump seemed to move away from the topic but then he returned and made some disturbing remarks:

> that his position on Syria is 'flexible' and hinting that his position has already changed;

> attacking the Obama Administration for NOT taking action in 2013 (um ... I believe that most independent observers are convinced that the Ghouta attack was a false flag) - with such talk, Trump has foolishly put himself on the spot to 'do something';

> saying, in a rather agitated, if not emotional way that the attack "crossed many many lines" (as if the multiple lines crossed were worse than crossing a 'red line') and talking of the "babies" that were killed (showing how much he has bought into the narrative);

> essentially promising to take some sort of action (but he won't say what) when asked about Iranian militias in Syria.

Maybe it is bluster, but the borg will beat him with his own words relentlessly.


This story about Demsey warning Obama that the Ghouta sarin attack was not likely due to the Assad government forces is important. I was looking for a primary source and kept on hitting on Hirsh's "Whose Sarin" article. Does anyone know of any other reference?

In comments sections in a various of places when I have cited Hirsh a common response is to dismiss him as a has been or a nut. Sad but true. Hirsh is a great journalist. Most readers simply do not know what he has accomplished or simply trash him because he is not part of the borg. Some other link to the Demsey story would be appreciated.


Chulov is a dezinformatsia agent regarding Syria.


"Some of the retired military people whom McMaster inherited on the NSC staff think that of the US intervenes against the Syrian government, Russia will back away from, us"

Col. Lang,

That's somewhat alarming. Do you know why they think that? Are they simply ignorant of Russian character?

- Eliot


Only some of the times. thank you sir.


Interesting timing for this event, coming on the heels of Israel announcing that David's Sling is fully operational.

Babak Makkinejad

Xi wants a quite Middle East; he does not want to see the hornet's nest stirred more by US or anyone else.

I think China will veto any UNSC resolution tabled by the Fortress West on this matter.

different clue


I wanted Sanders too. But the Inner Party Democrats wouldn't let me have my Sanders. So I wouldn't let them have their Clinton. ( And also considering the extreme war-danger which Clinton clearly posed).


You say that so oracularly. Even if Trump has been rolled? I hope you are correct.

different clue

I think I just heard a discouraging word . . .

Recently a commenter at Naked Capitalism offered a link to an obscure You Tube program purporting to raise questions about President Trump's reading level or ability. I watched the video. It didn't seem ranty or ravey or Clintonite-connected. It appeared to make a very slow careful case that Donald Trump either hardly is able to read or is not able to read at all. There were sections of Trump video which didn't seem to me like they would illustrate the reverse of what the You Tube video claims they illustrate if only they were to be seen in some wider context.

If this video had come out at the same time the "Clinton health problems" videos had come out, I would still not have voted for the Evil Clinton. But would I have voted for Trump? Maybe. Maybe I would have considered keeping the Evil Clintons out of the White House so important that electing an illiterate President would have been a price worth paying.

Anyway, here is the link.

If anyone else here watches this video, I wonder if they will end up thinking what I think I am thinking . . . Houston, we may have a problem.


In terms of vesting irrational hope in someone/ something that is patently unlikely to deliver, this article in politico is relevant. On issues like this, people rarely do rational decision-making. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/04/donald-trumps-fictional-america-post-fact-venezuela-214973

different clue


"Rescue workers"? "Rescue workers" have gathered soil samples? What kind of "rescue workers" . . . the White Helmets?

Is there video of the heroic "rescue workers" digging up and collecting the soil samples? It would be fun to watch such videos to assess the forensic soil-sample-gathering professionalism level of those "rescue workers" as they went about "taking soil samples".

Bill H

Yes, such thinking is far too common in Washington, and it makes me very nervous. Recall Obama's statement along the lines of, "Russia does not want to fight a war with us because we have a vastly larger military."


This looks like a false flag which was timed to coincide with an air strike (which are frequent).

But Trump seems to have bought it, hook, line and sinker. It also looks like Kushner is pushing out Bannon - a bad sign for those who want a more rational foreign policy.


Did you not read that - I wanted Bernie Sanders? Whose domestic economic agenda would help those you describe far more than Trumps empty words?


It seems unlikely that Assad, who has been making good progress towards victory for the past 12 months, would organize a gas attack that killed a handful of people (mostly civilians) and has no strategic value other than attracting international condemnation.

It seems even more unlikely that Putin would support such an action, given that it does not benefit his agenda and there's no need for it. Besides that, it simply isn't his style to go for random killings. If it was very specifically targeted killings then I might believe Putin was involved, but not this.

It seems ridiculously unlikely that Assad would take an action to enrage Putin at a time when Assad is entirely the dependent party, and so far has cooperated very well.

These things alone would be enough to make me confident that Assad didn't do it.

"Well, OK. IMO the R+6 should learn the lesson of this propaganda debacle and OVERRUN Idlib Province!!"

That's a fair suggestion, but I'm going to question whether that would solve anything. Let's suppose sufficient force is actually available to achieve that (a valid question in itself) but anyone can make a media stunt, and the news reports just love to lap this up. I don't think you can fight against lies with a gun. For what it's worth, you can't fight envy with a gun either.

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