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24 April 2017


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Yes, reconfirmed. Some don't know khazarians well enough...


"But reducing Macron to the offspring of the global financial aristocracy does not do justice to the French situation"

Except it is not a reduction, but rather his entire professional curriculum vitae standing as his qualification for governance. Does it do justice to the French situation?

What's left of public France will sold and the funds will transfer to private hands. What else does an investment banker know to do? Money will flow to private pockets via ME military budgets. Cranky lower middle and working class laborers will be replaced w lowest paid alternatives.

Maybe it is inevitable regardless of who leads the government. The "socialists" flushed the labor protections to the bankers already. Macron will have the faucet flowing on full flux.


DNA studies show that the Vikings only brought their women along for the near abroad, Faeroes, Shetland, Iceland, north England, but not to Normandy. Thus little viking tykes were brought up on a French lap listening to French nursery rhymes... et voila!

When an invasion brings a language shift is interesting ... the key factors seem to involve maternal tongue, language of the clerical classes, and proximity to a motherland in a cultural-linquical-people movement sense.

The Frankish or Gothic invasions of France, Spain or Sicily did not bring along language changes, but the Roman invasions did.


That is just ridiculous, Matthieu is not Emmanuel's type, for a start he is far too young.

He is certainly a Rubio/Obama/Blair creation. He has had a charmed rise, I expect the reality of his Presidency will be as similarly dismal.


Oh yeah. Going back to the past is always the desire of the old. How about tackling the present?


"Macron may find it difficult to find a parliamentary majority to back up his Presidency."

True that Macron may have difficulty finding allies, but much more difficult for Le Pen. The socialists will go for Macron, who will go for Le Pen?


Hmmm - genetic studies of the population of the Faeroes show the maternal dna is 83% Celtic and the paternal dna is 87% Nordic - 70 generations later!

What does this mean? Well, the Vikings were traders and slaves made up a goodly portion of their trade. There was a solid trade in Celtic captives (red hair in great demand by the Ottomans) and apparently most of the Vikes took "country wives" (as native wives were called in the Canadian fur trade and the source of the Metis population of Canada). Or a more bloody history is also possible - killing off the men and taking the women for wives. Nonetheless, your assertion is not supported by the genetic evidence.


PT, thank you very much for all your inputs, I spoke to a few relatives and old friend ( one who was a french collage roommate) overall it seems to me, you in France didn't have any better choices than we in US did, is that generally corect and universal feeling.


With regard to the English language and loss of the Roman-British one. Consider that the Franks adopted the local Roman-Gaulish dialect and modified it giving rise to French, likewise the Lombards and others in Italy produced Italian, and in Spain the Goths and others gave rise to Spanish Dialects and Portuguese. All of these Romance languages are Latin and not Germanic based. But England is different. Winston Churchill in his first volume of the History of the English Speaking People- Birth of Britian, speculated on this matter:

"A broader question is keenly disputed. Did the invaders
exterminate the native population, or did they superimpose
themselves upon them and become to some extent blended
with them? Here it is necessary to distinguish between the
age of fierce forays in search of plunder and the age of
settlement. Gildas is speaking of the former, and the scenes
he describes were repeated in the Danish invasions three
centuries later. But to the settler such raids are only
occasional incidents in a life mainly occupied in subduing
the soil, and in that engrossing task labour is as important as
land. The evidence of place-names suggests that in Sussex
extermination was the rule. Farther west there are grounds
for thinking that a substantial British population survived,
and the oldest West Saxon code of A.D. 694 makes careful
provision for the rights of “Welshmen” of various degrees—
substantial landowners, and “the King’s Welshmen who ride
his errands,” his native gallopers in fact, who know the
ancient track-ways. Even where self-interest did not
preserve the native villagers as labourers on Saxon farms we
may cherish the hope that somewhere a maiden’s cry for pity,
the appeal of beauty in distress, the lustful needs of an
invading force, would create some bond between victor and
vanquished. Thus the blood would be preserved, thus the
rigours of subjugation would fade as generations passed
away. The complete obliteration of an entire race over large
areas is repulsive to the human mind. There should at least
have been, in default of pity, a hearing for practical
advantage or the natural temptations of sex. Thus serious
writers contend that the Anglo-Saxon conquest was for the
bulk of the British community mainly a change of masters.
The rich were slaughtered; the brave and proud fell back in
large numbers upon the Western mountains. Other numerous
bands escaped betimes to Brittany, whence their remote
posterity were one day to return."


Do you know what you are talking about (citation)? or just you just feel good putting down other people with a different point of view, or different life choice?


Actually, I'm told that a lot of Macron's support is not in fact young, even if he aims for that. Still a 20 point lead is going to be hard to overturn.



The polls continue to show a wide margin between Macron and Le Pen.



Patrick Bahzad

I think a 60-40 win for Macron is likely but I could be wrong. I thought HC was going to win. I look forward to the next election night on TV5. pl


Admittedly I did not put it very nicely. I think this relationship is just a fetish for the young man, who seems to think that it magically solves his problems, and an insatiable desire for flattery on behalf of the older woman. That, rightly or wrongly, is my assessment. You are so friendly(?) and give me the choice of enjoying putting down people of different view or not knowing what I am talking about. Aren't putting me down because I have a different view from your's??


This German article you link does not further link to the Sputnik "fake" news. Is it this link?

If so, for this to be Sputnik "fake news" doesn't it have to be something they made up? If they are factually reporting that a sitting French MP insinuated that Macron was gay (with actual quotes, so should be easy enough to verify if said or not) and that Macron publically denied being gay, then saying Sputnik propaganda wrote that Macron is apparently a closeted homosexual is BS pure and simple... and the Zeit article fits the "fake news" formulation much better!

English Outsider


Two DNA studies might be relevant:-


"Now Stephen Oppenheimer’s groundbreaking genetic research has revealed that the ‘Anglo-Saxon invasion’ contributed only a tiny fraction to the English gene pool. In fact, three quarters of English people can trace an unbroken line of genetic descent through their parental genes from settlers arriving long before the introduction of farming.

Synthesizing the genetic evidence with linguistics, archaeology and the historical record, Oppenheimer shows how long-term Scandinavian trade and immigration contributed the remaining quarter – mostly before the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons. These migrations may have introduced the earliest forms of English.

And what of the Celts we know – the Irish, Scots and Welsh? Scholars have traditionally placed their origins in Iron Age Central Europe, but Oppenheimer’s new data clearly show that the Welsh, Irish and other Atlanticfringe peoples derive from Ice Age refuges in the Basque country and Spain. They came by an Atlantic coastal route many thousands of years ago, though the Celtic languages we know of today were brought in by later migrations, following the same route, during Neolithic times.

Stephen Oppenheimer shows us, in his meticulous analysis, that there is in truth a deep genetic line dividing the English from the rest of the British people but that, fascinatingly, the roots of that separate identity go back not 1500 years but 6,000. The real story of the British peoples is one of extraordinary continuity and enduring lineage that has survived all onslaughts."


One of the most intriguing signatures seen in the genetics of present-day English is the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons from southern Denmark and northern Germany after the end of Roman rule in 410AD. The DNA samples showed this migration involved intermarriage with the Romano-British Celts rather than wholesale ethnic cleansing, as some historians have suggested.

“The results give an answer to the question we had never previously thought we would be able to ask about the degree of British survival after the collapse of Roman Britain and the coming of the Saxons,” said Professor Mark Robinson, an archaeologist at Oxford University.

“This has allowed us to see what has happened. The established genetic makeup of the British Isles today is reflecting events that took place 1400 years ago,” Professor Robinson said.

Other major events in history, such as the Roman invasion and occupation between 43AD and 410AD, the large-scale invasion by the Viking Danes in 865AD and the subsequent establishment of Danelaw, as well as the Norman invasion of 1066, cannot be seen in the genetic profiles of Britons today."

These findings differ and I expect they are going to be modified many times but it seems like we've been here for a while.

The early American population explosion that so impressed Malthus took place in the colonial period and in the early post-independence years. That was mostly English/British Isles stock. Although that was overlain by subsequent migrations British descended groups will still be identifiable. Have American researchers been able to DNA test these groups and thus possibly amplify the above findings?


very good, and then Churchill went on to waffle a few pages later about Britons using wooden plows and farming soft hilltops and the Saxons preferring river valleys with their iron plows, leading to consequences.

"The Saxon was moreover a valley-settler. His notion of an
economic holding was a meadow for hay near the stream, the
lower slopes under the plough, the upper slopes kept for
pasture. But in many places a long time must have passed
before these lower grounds could be cleared and drained,
and while this work was in progress what did he live on but
the produce of the upland British farms? It is more natural to
suppose that he would keep his natives working as serfs on
the land with which they were familiar until the valley was
ready for sowing. Then the old British farms would go down
to grass, and the whole population would cluster in the
village by the stream or the spring. But the language of the
valley-settlers, living in compact groups, would be dominant
over that of the hill-cultivators, scattered in small and
isolated holdings. The study of modern English place-names
has shown that hill, wood, and stream names are often Celtic
in origin, even in regions where the village names are AngloSaxon. In this way, without assuming any wholesale
extermination, the disappearance of the British language can
be explained even in areas where we know a British
population to have survived. They had to learn the language
of their masters: there was no need for their masters to learn
theirs. Thus it came about that both Latin and British yielded
to the speech of the newcomers so completely that hardly a
trace of either is to be found in our earliest records."

then there is the matter of the British feet:
"Or so says Phyllis Jackson, a retired Gloucestershire podiatrist. Jackson got her first inkling of a distinctively Saxon foot during World War II, when Hereford, the small city in western England where she then lived, was flooded with refugees from more significant cities (which were being bombed by latter-day Germans). Some of these evacuees became Jackson’s patients, and some of them turned out to be of Celtic descent-- Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and Cornish. Poor things were coming to me with awful bunions, recalls Jackson. I realized that the foot shape I was dealing with was quite different from the English one I was accustomed to.

Traditional English feet, Jackson says, tend to be broad and somewhat pointed--the toes form a steep angle from the first to the fifth. The Celtic evacuees, in contrast, had toe tips that were almost level with one another, and their feet tended to be longer and slimmer--except for a bulge at the base of the big toe, where bunions form. The English shoe being modeled on the English foot, many of Jackson’s new patients couldn’t cram their feet into that shape of shoe. Hence they developed the bunions.

After retiring from podiatry, Jackson took up amateur archeology but kept her focus on feet. Examining the skeletal remains of a few dozen Saxons and Celts from a sixth-century cemetery in Lechlade, Gloucestershire, she found she could readily tell them apart. It wasn’t just that the Saxons were the ones buried with bronze brooches and amber necklaces--they also had feet shaped like modern English feet. Jackson also found a distinctive feature in the cuboid bone, just beneath the fourth and fifth toes: it was slightly scrunched on one side in Saxon feet, but more square in Celts."


Patrick Bahzad


Agree with you, nothing is carved in stone. Considering the French electoral system however, it's gonna be much more difficult for Le Pen to win this one. France presidential elections are a national ballot, popular votes wins.

Patrick Bahzad

the electoral map shows differences indeed, linked mostly to economic differences and unemployment, to put it in simple terms.

Macron will have to find political partners willing to support him and govern with him. Not easy.

Patrick Bahzad

There are various kinds of "deep France", their candidates could be anyone from Fillon, to Mélenchon to Le Pen (not the others though)

Patrick Bahzad


Patrick Bahzad

getting narrower though !

Dante Alighieri

About the genuine love relationship between Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron there can hardly be any doubt. The scandal in the town of Amiens at the time, Brigitte’s family crisis, the numerous classmate testimonies, and the entire sequelae belie totally and completely the “homosexual” conspiracy theory. I also wonder about the mindsets of people who think outing somebody as allegedly gay would damage his electoral chances. Even the German AfD sends a Lesbian into the race for Chancellor.

D’ailleurs, Emmanuel Macron was already above the French age of consent (15) when he first met his teacher, and the relationship began when he was 16 - which would make it legal even in the USA, no?


Dante Alighieri

"which would make it legal even in the USA, no?" If she was still his teacher when the affair began I think that this would be illegal in all US States. pl

ex-PFC Chuck

Dante Alighieri: " . . the relationship began when he was 16 - which would make it legal even in the USA, no?'
These situations almost always are a matter of state, not federal, law and thus it depends on where where the relationship took place. In some states the legal situation is also affected by the age difference between the parties and/or the calendar age of the older party. There can be other factors as well, such as whether the older person is in a position of authority. tl/dr, It's complicated.

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