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24 April 2017


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Eric Newhill

There are polls that show Le Pen in the lead by a small, but statistically significant, margin. Apparently these polls have been suppressed by the French media.

This is what was done with Trump in addition to obviously flawed methodologies designed to make Clinton look like the winner with a high probability. I don't know enough about France to evaluate the quality of the polls predicting a Macron victory, but, on the surface, it looks to me like a repeat of the techniques that failed to work in the US; techniques being information ops using cooked polls to diminish turnout for non-Borg favored candidates.

Dante Alighieri

Replying to Col. Lang,

We can probably assume she was still his teacher when the affair started. But in France, a sexual relationship between a teacher and a student who is above the age of consent is punishable only if it is shown that the teacher actually _abused_ his/her authority as a teacher. I wonder if this has to be proved in a US court as well.



Has the warning from Patrick Calvar from 2016 changed anything in the French election? I assume the underlying tension may account for La Pen's showing in the latest round?

Dante Alighieri

The age difference is clear. The position of authority is also clear. But did she _abuse_ her authority, as required by the French penal code? Under French law, there is no case if the alleged victim, Macron, says she didn't. Would there be a case in the USA? (And if yes, should there be?)

Babak Makkinejad


The programs of Deep France candidates



There is indeed a huge pressure against LePen from EVERY media and new judicial threats to the FN about like was done for Fillon.
It seems "the plan" was an underhand favor for the FN in the first round because it is the softest adversary in the second round.
There is also a lot of pressure against abstentions which would appear to actually be the "majority party" :-)
This video (in French) from an humorist boasting of the abstentionists majority has been censored by France Inter and he resigned from his regular contribution:


I'm with you.



Slightly off topic but in Ivanhoe Wamba (the witless)has a rant on language and Saxon vs. Norman/French words, see portion quoted at the link below:



Depicting Macron as a caniche of the banksters, as many do, including here, seems to me false. True that he worked in the "industry", as indeed did Theresa May. But he is also the son of a provincial bourgeois family of doctors from Amiens, and thus has a good grounding in what those people think. Radical change would hurt them a lot.

He is also intelligent, young and extremely ambitious. It is unlikely that he would go for what can't be done, as Sarkozy did. Not that I think that any politician in France is really Thatcherite, as Fillon is depicted (he is merely conservative, not a radical conservative). Advancing France's position, particularly economy, requires considerable subtlety. The tendency of the French to prefer a stable, permanent job, with lesser income, over a higher paying but more mobile employment, has to be harmonised with the way western economies are going. I'd give Macron a greater chance of achieving that than anyone else. But of course he may give up, and look to his own personal advantage.


It was a long time ago. The relationship has succeeded. Is it really important, other than for Anglo-Saxon prudes? It reminds me a lot of the lengthy discussions about whether transgender people should be allowed in women's toilets. Yesterday I saw more women go into the men's toilet than men, in our institute. If you need a cubicle, you go, rather than wait.

If it were a real case of snaring the youth, I would agree. But it isn't. The relationship has lasted.


On the subject of the English language and why it spread, I would say that the east of England is ethnicly Anglo-Saxon (including me), with some Viking penetrations in the north, but the west is not. Of course there is the question of whether it was men arriving, who then married local women.

As to why the English language succeeded, it is complicated. Imposed, elite, languages can succeed, as with Arabic in North Africa. Arabs were never the majority, even after the Hilali invasions. Yet they speak Arabic, and Berber is a local dialect.

There were never enough Normans to overturn the language. Chaucer's English is pretty incomprehensible, but it is visibly English. That's the way things went. English survived, and Norman French didn't.



Wasn't Macron finance minister recently and a senior member of Hollande's staff before that? In a US type election he would be hounded mercilessly over both rolls. Will they actually affect voter behavior in this election?

Sam Peralta

A good article on the influence of Brigitte by the Borgist Guardian newspaper.


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