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08 April 2017


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Has he gone full neo-con. Twenty three cruise missile onto inconsequential targets, the war is over and the airbase is up and running the same day. At about an hour it was short but nowhere near the shortest (Anglo-Zanzibar War 1896 - 38 to 45 minutes).
"there is no turning back now for him"
Did he really go anywhere. For some strange reason I'm reminded of this:


The Washington Post alleges that the Pentagon confirmed to Trump that the Syrian Air Force did the deed. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/horrible-pictures-of-suffering-moved-trump-to-action-on-syria/2017/04/07/9aa9fcc8-1bce-11e7-8003-f55b4c1cfae2_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_trumpdecision-910pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.fe10704b92cb Allegations abound that the attack was staged by the rebels or the result of a conventional attack on a chemical storage facility.

Is the Pentagon so incompetent that they are confused to believe a rebel caused gassing was a Syrian Air Force attack? Or, was it a true SAF gas attack which, to me makes no sense because there is no incentive for Assad to use gas with the inevitable consequences. Did the Pentagon play Trump? Or, are we on the Committee being played with a false, false flag narrative. Or has Trump played us all because he determined he needed a demonstration of his power and to him the true cause of the gas attack did not matter and provided a great opportunity to act?

Clearly, the cruise missile attack was a masterstroke of diversion away from the festering investigation into the possible money-laundering of the money of the Russian oligarchs and coopted the neocon Borgists.

Where does the truth lie? The one fact that seems most unlikely to me is that Assad ordered or permitted a chemical gas attack.
Or, more accurately, where do the liars lie?

We, the people, are being played, big time, on multiple levels.

Sam Peralta

There's no chance of impeachment when the War Party (the Democrat & GOP establishment + MSM) are cheering this decision to attack Syria on the basis of a false pretext. The only folks to publicly oppose this are Rand Paul & Tulsi Gabbard. And McCain followed up with saying that he pays no attention to what Rand says as he has no influence in the Senate.

The fact that Trump reversed his own advise to Obama during the Ghouta incident and what he campaigned on says that he folded to the Borg pressure. The price that he will likely pay is that the alt-right feel betrayed. Just look at the comments and polls at InfoWars. Read the comments by Pam Geller in this article at Breitbart.


Peter AU

Running through Crooke's article was the constant point that US has no foriegn policy as such.

Not being American, during the US presidential election, I looked up the sites of each candidate to see how their foreign policies would affect the rest of the world.
Most countries have a foreign minister and a foriegn policy.
On looking up the candidates websites, none had a section foriegn policy. All that I looked at had a section titled war policy. Sanders section was called "war and peace".

Perhaps that seems normal to someone born and bred in the US, but to an outsider, looking at the US as a country, it shows the ingrained mentality of the US state.


Sorry but if Hillary were in power, H-bombs would be a flyin by now.

Sam Peralta

Trump has really compromised many on the right who went to bat for him during the election. This is a loss of trust. Many on the right believe in the America First theme and strongly oppose foreign interventions. It is the left that are deeply into R2P interventions. The giddiness among the MSM is a sight to behold considering how virulently they were attacking Trump just a few days ago.

Here's Michael Savage:


Babak Makkinejad

I agree with his conclusions; the confrontations between Fortress West on the one side and China, Russia, and Iran will intensify.

As Kooshy has noted, in the absence of joint communique or a press conference, one must conclude that Trump and Xi could not agree on anything.

Chris Chuba

I do not agree with this argument but apologists will trot out the War Powers Act and claim that it gives the President the ability to use military force for 60 days before going to Congress. This is not true. The last time I read the War Powers Act it specifically stated that it was not loosening the Congressional authority stated in the Constitution, that it was meant as a means of allowing the President to react quickly to emergencies but not allow open ended conflicts. However, many even in Congress, indulge the 60 day shooting match theory. When DT launched the attack, he even claimed that our national security was at stake because allowing the use of WMD encourages proliferation and therefore threatens us. I believe that this attack was illegal, I am just playing Devil's Advocate.

Many news outlets are saying that the Pentagon is investigating whether or not the Russians tried to cover up Assad's chemical attack by bombing a hospital to kill the survivors. This is absurd. Killing survivors would not erase the presence of Sarin poisoning or the presence of Sarin in the soil at the point of attack. I am surprised that this type of nonsense is indulged and even applauded in the MSM or the Pentagon would even sign up to it.

David E. Solomon

Colonel Lang,

Just how well does anyone think the "swamp cleaning" project is progressing. Everything looks the same to me. I could not tolerate the idea of the Clintons being back in the White House and I certainly did not care for Donald Trump.

To me it looks like the only thing that has changed post election is the names of the players.

Very, Very Sad!



Peter AU

re my previous comment on the Crooke article and Presidential candidates having a war policy rather than foreign policy.

A paragraph here from Alexander Mercouris that covers it well...

"In a sense this provides a good example of the warped and unhealthy state of current US politics. A President and his administration can be put on the rack over entirely fictitious and evidence free allegations like those which have been made in the Russiagate scandal. However he can violate the law and the Constitution and commit murder and havoc with complete impunity. It is this fact more than any other which explains why the US political system has become simultaneously so completely dysfunctional and so extraordinarily dangerous to other peoples and countries."


"Second; an impeachment would open a real can of worms domestically."

Which is exactly why I suspect the Russians will chose to use leaking information on Trump is how the Russians will respond. The US electorate chose to elect a president with out vetting him. That is their right. But now they are stuck with the most vulnerable president I can recall with the exception of Nixon after he was caught. A slow drip, drip of stories about Trump and family/business can tie Washington in knots with infighting and no one knowing who is in charge or legitimate. The goal being to hurt Trump enough to cripple him but not enough to get him impeached. If I was Putin that is how I would roll.

William R. Cumming

Lincoln left Congress after disagreeing with Polk over the Mexican War if memory serves. The consensus of many historians is that if the Bull Moose had won in 1912 no WWI!

War Crimes established by the U.S. in 1945 and Associate Justice Jackson although Hugo Grotius and others laid the groundwork of the theory.

Jim MacMillan

House Concurrent Resolution 40 introduced in June 2013:

"the President is prohibited under the Constitution from initiating war against Syria without express congressional authorization and the appropriation of funds for the express purpose of waging such a war."


Unfortunately resolutions do not carry the force of law. And HCR #40 was introduced to stop Obama from acting on his redline, so will not be brought up by this Congress to stop Trump.

William R. Cumming

I do blame Ike for Nixon. And t.v. for JFK! And LBJ for Viet Nam.



Thanks for the information posted here on SST on the dangerous escalation of ongoing mini-WWIII between the West and Eurasia. Now that the elite have brought the President to heel there will be no impeachment.

It is astonishing how silently Xi Jinping left Mar-a-Lago. The attack was an emotional response with no thought for future consequences. It repudiates the President’s anti-war campaign promises. Now Iran, Russia and China, to survive, must grasp their hands together to oppose an insane rouge Empire.

The Washington Post published an article on the fury of Trump supporters at the attacks.

It fails to acknowledge that the anger is at the haughty global establishment that has tossed the little people aside. Corporate media’s sole purpose is to make more money for their owners and muddy the truth at the risk of an extinction event.


Trump used Churchillian words/phrases like "civilized people" and "we seek justice;" he linked his actions to "God" and asked for "God's blessings." These are the trappings of Western/Christian-ish societies.

So is Just War Theory, and no, it is not just for the lawyers, JWT has been a fundamental of Western civilization for millennia.

Lawyer -- Bush's lawyer, in fact -- and law professor John Yoo has argued that jumping through hoops before waging war is inefficient and ineffective; it should be done away with. It clutters the landscape when quick and decisive action might solve a problem before it escalates, Yoo argues. Yoo has also defended torture. Just War Theory proscribes both of Yoo's positions.

One more thing: Justice is blind, but it is not pre-emptive: Justice weighs and balances the evidence, and applies logic and law to the situation BEFORE it renders a judgement and executes judgment. Such a tedious process.

But nothing in the case at hand demanded an immediate reaction: no children and women were being held at knife-point such that someone had to take immediate action, even at the risk of overturning JWT or the exercise of evidence-gathering. In fact, BEFORE Trump's attack on Syria, the UN and the WHO did open emergency sessions to investigate and debate the case of the gas attacks to determine who was responsible; neither Trump nor his UN representative have informed the American people of those facts. In my view, Nikki Haley should be impeached along with her boss.

Nancy K

No it does not sound plausible. Trump has always been a loose cannon. He is the president for better or worse, however I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst. I'm not disappointed because I did not vote for him.



Thanks to the link to the article by Alastair Crooke. It seems the "West Wing Democrats" led by Jared & Ivanka and backed by the Goldman Sachs alumni like Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin have successfully executed an internal coup, sidelining the America First team led by Bannon. The sentiment expressed in many comments on many alt-right sites is "We voted Trump but got Clinton".


IMO, this is a political own goal by President Trump. The alt-right are pissed since this action contradicts America First which is why they so strongly backed Trump. Have the corporatist Democrats come into the WH through the back door?



Interesting piece by M K Bhadrakumar at Indian Punchline noting that the written Kremlin statement "can be taken surprisingly mild under the circumstances". One view of all of this is that Trump knew that this was not Assad's forces using chemical weapons and took this action as a tactical move, rather than strategic realignment - perhaps to put the "Russia connection" hysteria behind him.


Probably too rational an explanation..


Xi would not have disrespected Trump publicly while in the US. That would be considered bad manners by a guest by the Chinese and some thing to be avoided. Launching the attack while having dinner with Xi will be seen as an insult of the highest order by China especially as it was timed as an explicit message to China about North Korea.

I am going to be watching China closely over the next while. Their reaction in the UNSC is the most forceful I have seen them in quite some time. Trump is sending a FU to China's One Belt One Road that has to pass through either Turkey or Syria. Further the US going back to it's "we own the the Middle East" policies are a direct threat to China energy security.

Add on top of that all threats and trash Trump has made around trade and other areas and Trump is ramping up the hostility at an incredible pace. That may leave China with no option but to react in a way that the the US will not find pleasing.

What I don't see in Trump is an understanding that there are going to be consequences to his actions. Especially when you ramp them all up at once with out stopping to see how the other side reacts.

The US is pushing China into a position where they will ha



That's a good example of the clear thinking we need far more of.


Is there a firm definition of "high crimes & misdomeanors"? It seens to me the the Legislative Branch, being co-equal, makes constitutional law onto itself. To borrow a phrase, they can impeach & convict a ham sandwich - if that's their will. And their will is a political one more so than one of justice... at least that's how the presidential impeachments have appeared to me. The American polity is not as consumed by foreign affairs as this Committee is prone to be. There is not the will to impeach over these distant matters because there us no widespread urge. Now, fellatio... that's raises the interest of the people such that politicians find courage to be small.

Sans racines

And a terrible piece of Russia bashing on the BBC intended to condition minds: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39531339. Incidentally BBC radio 4 were suggesting yesterday that Putin would be using this event to claim Russia was under threat leading to strengthened nationalist policies and defence in order to bolster his chances in next year's election... So now we know... Sheesh...


What is coming to a head at the moment? A minor bit of necessary gunboat diplomacy and that's about it. All the old imperial powers understand it because they've all been there, Russia included. It's unfortunate for the people who were killed at Shayrat air base but the issue could have caused far more deaths if it hadn't been dealt with a quickly and neatly as it was.
Also let's not forget that the only alternative, Hillary "nvCJD" Clinton would, in her own words, have destroyed the Syrian Air Force by now and probably also launched murderous attacks on the Syrian government as well. Al Qaeda may well have been well on the way to taking control in Damascus and then Syrians would be looking forward to many more decades of violence. I think Trump or whoever came up with this plan made the best of a bad job.


I think we have to consider if Trump - the ego-driven "Negotiator" make a 'deal' (for himself) long before this strike on Syria.

Like millions of others, I supported Trump's election because Obama-Hillary Democrats were evil: corrupt, neocon-friendly, power-hungry. I bought into Trump's refreshing 'America First' rhetoric.

But there were suspicions about Trump when he entered the race. He had supported Hillary in 2008. Strangely, Hillary announced her support for airstrikes against Assad just hours before they occurred(!)

I'm not suggesting that Trump is "controlled" by the Clintons. But Trump may reap huuge financial benefits from his being President. For that reason, Trump may be a willing participant in deceiving the American public. The Clintons are masters at pay-to-play and Chelsea is close with Ivanka (both of whom are married to conservative Jews). Did they play a 'Trump Card'? Urging Trump to run for the Republican nomination?

Yeah, Trump said some bad things about Clinton. So? She still got millions of votes and is still atop the Democratic Party. Our sham elections are all about a show for the electorate that keeps us divided. And the 2016 season was spectacular.


he 18-hole course is part of a larger villa and apartment building project by Dubai-based developer Damac Properties Dubai Co. PJSC, which is owned by billionaire Hussain Sajwani....

Damac has a second resort under development, the Trump World Golf Club Dubai, which is being designed by golfer Tiger Woods. Damac paid Trump as much as $10 million in 2015 and the first part of 2016, according to his financial disclosure filed in May.

. . .

Trump, the first billionaire U.S. president, didn’t divest from his assets upon becoming commander in chief, bucking a norm established over four decades by U.S. leaders and their deputies. His refusal poses unprecedented conflicts of interest given Trump’s estimated $3.6 billion in assets and more than $600 million of debt tying him to businesses and governments in about 20 countries.

The president has said the company won’t do any new international deals while he’s in office, but moves by the business in the past month are already testing the boundaries of that vow. A hotel planned for Dallas is backed by investors from Turkey, Qatar and Kazakhstan.

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