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12 April 2017


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OK, someone smarter and more clued in than I, please explain this to me:

Why is it that some of the same people who were questioning the preposterous "Trump = Russian tool" narrative that the IC was pushing as recently as a week ago are now insisting that we can take the intelligence community's take on Syria without evidence or question? Was the IC subject to wholesale personnel changes last week or what?

And why is it that some of the same people who took the IC narrative regarding "Trump = Russian tool" seriously are now competing to outdo one another to flatter Trump in words of praise that would embarrass a Mughal sultan?


This paints a disingenuous picture. Yes, Carter Page had a FISA warrant on him but with good reason. His contact with RUS intelligence was already well known to the FBI:


I don't think anyone has shown that the Trump campaign located in the Trump Tower was a target for surveillance. That some of the advisors were is not surprising given their proximity to Russia and Russians. There is also the change in the GOP platform regarding Russian aggression and what set it all off, was the non-reaction when several Russians were kicked out and a pair of facilities closed.

Mr. Trump has still a Russia problem from his campaign and now he has another one. It appears that he creates more problems than he ever solves.

A lot of resources are being used to come to the bottom of this and hopefully they will arrive at a solid understanding.


Is there evidence that Comey was ordered by the White House to do this? Would the White House have even been involved? Why didn't the FBI release this during the campaign if they did this just to hurt Trump? Comey actually released information about investigating Clinton, but did not do so when investigating A Trump aide. It is pretty hard to make a case here that the FBI is anti-Trump.


Lee A. Arnold

The FBI wiretapped a Russian money-laundering & gambling operation in Trump Tower from 2011-2013, so maybe Trump was confused about that?



The geography of the campaign being "in the Trump Tower" is a rather disingenuous dismissal of the campaign's communications being monitored. It is quite like saying that since my cellphone has no wires it can't be wiretapped. Trump still has a political smear problem from the campaign but at least he's not longer Hitler. The biggest issue now is his judgment or lack thereof.

William R. Cumming

Somewhere someday the FBI will overcome the Hoover fear of internal FBI corruption by illegal drug czars [cartels] and organized crime. 42,000 FBI FTE's with 13,000 Gold Badge agents? Must be nice and safe 20 and out to the private security world?

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