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14 April 2017


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I pray that this letter reaches men of character who will help the West step back from the pit of hubris and return to the saner path of reason and knowledge. Thank you David. Your concern, conviction, and understanding are clear to all. Before we turn to wait, is there anything that we can do to help?


A question. Since Syria has destroyed its chemical weapon stocks from 10 out of the 12 facilities, and the 2 that haven't been destroyed are located in "opposition" held territory; could the opposition have used Syrian military chemical weapons from those stocks in the latest incident and could this be action be determined through the testing?


Mr. Habakkuk,

Thank you for your not inconsiderable effort to push the message to the decision-makers. The provenance of whatever substances may have been used may shed light on the truth, but unfortunately might force the purveyors to exert pressure on the labs to actively conceal the results.

In a battle zone, as SST contributors are surely all too aware, security conditions do not favor scientifically defensible sampling conditions or custodial practices.

Circumstances may dictate the scope of the effort to be satisfied with destroying the storage and production facilities as they are revealed by intelligence on the ground, however unlikely that such intelligence is available or permitted.

In thanking you again, I would also respectfully suggest that multiple and adversarial laboratories run tests in parallel to preclude one party dominating the credibility of the results.


From a quick search the two sites held by the opposition are storage facilities. Their locations have not been disclosed.



Could I include elements of your letter in my letter to my senators and congressman? I don't expect much since they belong to the Hillary/Pelosi/Schumer wing who always support attacks on sovereign nations on false pretexts.

Christopher Rogers


Every UK MP in Parliament should be sent a copy of this note given how many of them, as with Iraq WMDs, are following another false narrative to engage in regime change and undermine further secular Arab rule across the Middle East - I know of at least one individual who can howl this and get some media traction and will forward on to as many MPs I've dealt with over the years to encourage a degree of scepticism if the truth is to be out.


Lewis and Blunt and two of the better MPs out there, low benchmark I know.

Have read the reason Russia keeps on vetoing the UN resolution is due to reference to Chapter VII and that the OPCW is already investigating anyway. Russian disinfo or good solid reasons?


I applaud Mr. Habakkuk's efforts. But I fear that under the current British regime there is a greater chance of all copies of the reports being destroyed than there is of any of them being released. Having said that we all must keep pushing for the truth and then for policy to be made based on the truth.

Sans racines

Thank you for this - anything that makes it harder for them to say they 'didn't know' is a good thing.

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