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07 April 2017


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39% seems like a high failure rate given the distance to the target. Did the Russians use countermeasures against them?

Here is some data from the Gulf War:
"Two submarines and a number of surface ships fired Tomahawk cruise missiles during the Gulf War. According to initial US Navy reports, of 297 attempted cruise missile launches, 290 missiles fired and 242 Tomahawks hit their targets. But TLAM performance in Desert Storm was well below the impression conveyed in DOD's report to the Congress, as well as in internal DOD estimates. During Desert Storm, a TLAM mission was loaded 307 times into a particular missile for launch from a Navy ship or submarine. Of those 307, 19 experienced prelaunch problems. Ten of the 19 problems were only temporary, thus these missile were either launched at a later time or returned to inventory. Of the 288 actual launches, 6 suffered boost failures and did not transition to cruise. Despite initial strong positive claims made for TLAM performance in Desert Storm, analysis of TLAM effectiveness was complicated by problematic bomb damage assessment data. The relatively flat, featureless, desert terrain in the theater made it difficult for the Defense Mapping Agency to produce usable TERCOM ingress routes, and TLAM demonstrated limitations in range, mission planning, lethality, and effectiveness against hard targets and targets capable of mobility."



And perhaps the Russians got to test their missile defense under real-world conditions.


You only now have noticed that Donald Trump is a 'child and a moron'?

To have thought otherwise is to show what a 'willing idiot' you were, emphasis on idiot.

It rather undermines any pretense to sophisticated analysis this site claims to have.


Thanks, This a valuable (and convincing analysis). It's helpful to read the file on Ghouta first. OBrien goes into greater technical detail for those like me who are not medical pros.



Thanks for the compliment. How would Hilary have been different?


I hope you're wrong, but sadly, I believe you're right.


I've lost hope in his "better instincts." When he threatened the Freedom Caucus, I was angry because a dictator was not what I, at least, was voting for. I've tried to keep an open mind regarding his appointees, but this 180 flip on Syria has finished it for me. Sad that the other option would have been Hillary and Tim Kaine.


Tulsi, she is great



Fred I am still happy I voted for DT instead of the Borg Queen, at minimum the folks in this country showed the Borg and its media Presstitutes, they can interrupt and make it more difficult for Borg to implement her agenda.

different clue

C L,

So, Trump is "killing the chicken to scare the monkey"? And he thinks the monkey will scare? Especially when the monkey is an 800 pound gorilla?
And when the 800 pound gorilla knows all about "killing the chicken to scare the monkey" . . . having invented that phrase itself long long ago?

Trump plays Tuff Guy. Xi Jin Ping will keep playing weiqi.


Hillary would make Trump look like a wimp. Speaking to a weman's group yesterday she said we need to bomb Assad's airfields, plural. Not one but all. He would be at her mercy. Her high heels on his throat. We must save the women and children. Thunderous applause dispelling the myth women rulers will bring peace, love and understanding to earth.

I do have crush on Telsi Gabbard. She is a voice of reason in the Washington asylum and she's a fox.

different clue


Hillary would have been a James Bond villain.


I've printed out and passed on the PDF to friends
( or soon to be ex friends :-) )
As some of them are from a military background, its causing
massive cognitive dissonance. Particularly as the MSM here
in NZ are vocal in echoing Washington's warmongering..
Hope it brings some sunshine into the insanity. But who knows



According to published statements from reasonably reliable sources, Obama was ready to go ahead with the mass cruise missile attack after the first false flag sarin attack, however Russia and some sane members of our intelligence community got him to walk that back, and the compromise of a supervised removal of Syria's small CW stockpile was reached.

After that point, it was John Kerry and other neocons who were slavering for directly attacking the Syrian state, with cruise missile attacks on air bases, air defense systems, and Assad's home being the favored initial plan, Obama was a canny imperial executive and kept intervention against the Syrian state to materiel and intel supply to jihadis, with Qatar and Saudi paying their share, since it was on their behalf.

I'm no fan of him, but he was smart enough to take good advice, and not get the US military into another Iraq, or to create another Libya via "No Fly Zones." His plan was simply to destroy the Syrian state slowly and at a low cost in American lives and dollars. Russia stymied that, and suddenly we learn via every news outlet that Putin is Hitler^10, and Assad is Hitler ^11 who Barrel Bombs infants daily.

Trump's action based on an obvious false flag puts the entire Kurdistan plan in Jeopardy, if Syria decides to protect its airspace, and an increased American presence in eastern Syria could result in the green buses picking up idlib residents and depositing them close enough to stop any victory parades in Raqqah, while also separating even further the local from the foreign jihadis, which is a win win for Syria.

To put it in Trumpian terms, Trump is weak, he's a very weak man. Everyone is saying it. Weak


FYI according to a report by Doctors Without Borders released on April 5:

"A Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) medical team supporting the emergency department at Bab Al Hawa Hospital in Syria's Idlib Province has confirmed that patients' symptoms are consistent with exposure to a neurotoxic agent.

A number of victims of the April 4 attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun were brought to the hospital, located about 60 miles to the north, near the Turkish border. Eight people who were examined by MSF staff displayed symptoms consistent with exposure to an agent such as sarin gas or similar compounds, including constricted pupils, muscle spasms and involuntary defecation.

The MSF team provided drugs and antidotes to treat patients, and distributed protective clothing to medical staff in the hospital's emergency room.

MSF medical teams also visited other hospitals treating victims of the attack, and reported that they smelled of bleach, indicative of possible exposure to chlorine.

These reports strongly suggest that victims of the attack on Khan Sheikhoun were exposed to at least two different chemical agents.

MSF directly operates four health facilities in northern Syria and provides support to more than 150 health facilities in Syria."

Syria: Khan Sheikhoun Victims Show Symptoms Consistent with Exposure to Chemical Substances

Lilian Belly

The Bottom line for You all : http://www.voltairenet.org/article195904.html
since fact : http://www.voltairenet.org/article195893.html

Best Regard


Brucie, you may be right. No doubt there is this inner counterforce that keeps my cynicism in check. ...


Since some have decided to accuse Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster of being [insert your preferred pejorative] perhaps people might want to read what they actually had to say and then decide for yourselves?

ICYMI Press Briefing by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster, 4/6/2017 https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/04/06/press-briefing-secretary-state-rex-tillerson-and-national-security

Among other things we learn that while the focus has been on the April 4 attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun, the Secretary of State and the National Security Advisor both have very high confidence that within the last few weeks "aircraft under the direction of Bashar al-Assad's regime" have carried out two earlier chemical weapons attacks involving the use of sarin nerve gas, one on March 25 and the other on March 30 in Homs Province.


If there is an offer from the Russians to rid Syria of all chemical weapons in exchange for lifting sanctions on them, we will know what this was all about.

Stu Wood

Here is a good Stratfor article on the credibility of Syria using saran gas:

Before believing the 2017 sarin attack story, ask if the 2013 attack was real



Lilian Belly

You are new on SST. Do not post links without a description of what they are about. pl


As an outsider I do not understand how she survives. She keeps making sense in an environment that is very corrosive to common sense, logic and facts. How come she has not been crushed yet, she is dangerous what if someone starts thinking for themselves that would be the beginning of the end for the products of Western Democracy.


Thank you, Richard and ante.

Yeah, Right

I'm curious what the military-men here make of that number.

Are the Russians telling the truth that less that 50% of the tomahawks reached their target?

And if it is true (again, I don't know if it is) then what was the cause?

I assume that a 50%plus failure rate must lie way, way outside what is expected from these weapons, correct?

Shasta Heart

Is English your second language, because it's not mine, and I didn't get that, from this article.

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