12 April 2017


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A COPY OF THE pdf IS HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Vs2rjE9TdwR2F3NFFVWDExMnc/view


The pdf document is available at the link below (it is a link to a Google Drive account)::



Here is an OCRed version of that Postol piece in full.

I have not seen any confirmation by Postol or the intended receiver that it is authentic but the language and style is right.

I quibble with some of his points but agree on two:
a. That White House paper was in no way an "intelligence assessment". More likely the amateur effort of some NSC intern. No decent analyst would have signed off on it. Too many factually obviously false assertions. No U.S. intelligence agency has confirmed that it took part in it or agreed.
b. If the impact crater shown in (al-Qaeda controlled) pictures from the ground is really the one that caused the incident it was likely not an air delivered charge/bomb and thereby no Syrian air attack.

I have listed some additional points not yet made by Postol at my site.


I am furious. I've known of and admired Ted Postol's work for decades, and trust it. Generals Mattis and McMaster and Sec. of State Tillerson seem to be not only OK with this but enthusiastic. I've got a grandson in the Marines who will be in Iraq very soon, and another in the Navy and fear for them with these sort of men in charge.


I'm not sure if this is the document Postol is referring to, but this is the unclassified summary written by the NSC and released by the White House regarding the intelligence assessment of the attack:



I'm getting a little confused trying to read this. Is there some "cut and paste" repetition from the initial response of T. Postol?

Patrick D


Why is there a April 17, 2017 date on the top of this document?


I am sending this to everyone I know and lots of people I do not.


As Chulov was evidently briefed to expect, samples have tested positive for sarin.


Chemical weapons scientists at Porton Down in the United Kingdom have analysed samples obtained from Khan Shaykhun, these have tested positive for the nerve agent Sarin, or a Sarin like substance. The United Kingdom therefore shares the US assessment that it is highly likely that the regime was responsible for a Sarin attack on Khan Shaykhun on the 4th April. (Matthew Rycroft, UK's ambassador to the UN)

He doesn't say whether the samples are physiological or environmental. Either way his statement doesn't make sense. Whether the samples are physiological or environmental, Porton Down should be able to identify sarin as present or absent, not "a sarin-like substance". Does this mean they found sarin adulterated with DFP as a sort of poor man's CW agent as the Russians did in 2013?

If these are environmental samples, the chemical profile may turn out to be a perfect match for the DF destroyed on the Cape Ray under OPCW supervision in 2014. It sounds as if Chulov was told to expect this. But in that case they won't match the samples from Khan-al-Assal and Ghouta. I'm pretty sure that the planners of this op can't fabricate the GC/MS results obtained on the Cape Ray - too many people know these results, and some have talked off the record.


Thanks. Much easier to understand.

English Outsider

Two articles by Scott Ritter, the first on this same incident and the second, from last year, giving a brief history of the CIA's Russian analysis since the 80's.



Both articles appear in the Huffington Post. Doubts as to the poison gas attack do not yet seem to have reached the FO or the BBC.



Also, someone send to Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Priam's Crazy Daughter

I am relieved that my two sons are now too old to join and my two grandsons are far too young.

But, I am also angry that it's now impossible for me to watch the news. I can't stand the left-leaning MSM, and I can't take the right Neocons and those conservatives who don't dig deep enough to find evidence before they determine what the "truth" is.

I am left with the most powerful action I can take, which for many in our country now is not worth much: praying for divine intervention


If you think these men, or any of their recent predecessors are in charge, I have a bridge to sell you. These positions have been perverted by ideology and interests that goes way beyond anything a normal mind can fathom.


I don’t’ know if president Trump has woken up with a horse head in his bed or if he was lying from get go to get the voters that wouldn’t vote for HRC. He just reversed all his campaign positions on China, Russia, Syria, NATO etc. in less than 100 days.



This post shows that Intelligence is being fixed around Policy, once again. The White House has been recaptured by the globalists and the Bush/Obama wars continue unabated. Except now, the Executive Branch is undermanned and led by third stringers. This does not portend well if a shooting war breaks out by mistake or intentionally with Iran and/or Russia. In addition, there is the increasing backlash from the influx of refugees, climate change, sleaze, early death and austerity forced on little people by the privileged western elite. The Empire is falling.

Ron Unz

Prof. Postol sent me a copy and I've laid it out in HTML (including the images) and have just published it. Here's the link:


Ron Unz, Publisher
The Unz Review


"...in the ornate room with President Trump and Xi -- devouring the rich, velvety, creamy, chocolate cake -- brimming with hedonism -- relishing the idea of killing people solely for the purpose of expressing power."



Any significance to the fact that the assessment was done by the NSC staff? Perhaps it isn't such a good idea to hire a NSA who shares almost none of your foreign policy viewpoints.

Anyway Russia didn't start things in Syria and the Ukraine, they know they hold a winning hand and they won't relinquish that. I think Tillerson, and probably Trump, know that. I was also impressed by the press conference by Mattis.

Looking more like a spectacle than something more serious.

Richard Armstrong

"You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” – William Randolph Hearst, January 25, 1898


There's another significant detail which I don't think Dr. Postol mentions but which supports his theory. The back side of the crumpled "banana" has a stipling/dimpling/speckly surface you can see in a certain light, but the front side is crumpled but smooth.

The backside was driven into asphalt, which looks smooth to our cars but is in fact a mix of sand/pebbles/binder, and this gives the stippling, but only to one side of the tube. I puzzled over this detail, but after seeing the Postol hypothesis, it just clicked as exactly what you would expect if his theory is correct.


Another interesting analysis. It seems that all the most detailed and reasoned documents are debunking the official position of an SAA air attack. The crater in the road, and its piece of debris struck me as strange when I first saw it (and I don't have a military background). Was this really the sort of crater that an air launched chemical munition would make? If the piece of debris was part of the munition, why was it such a funny shape, why weren't there more pieces, and how come you could only see the green painted outside of it? Postol addresses all these points. The only thing I do find a bit odd is why the bomb was deployed in the middle of the road. Presumably the locals didn't want to be gassed, so why would you leave it in such a prominent place. Was it just pushed out of the back of a pickup, perhaps? I'm guessing they did it very quickly in case any government sympathiser filmed them - that could be very compelling and solid evidence.

The US/UK governments/MSM don't seem to be coming up with any counter-detail - e.g. any pictures of what they thought the munition looked like, why the crater and debris are characteristic of a chemical munition, explaining why the air attack only seems to have dropped one (wouldn't you drop more), or why the chemical used seems relatively non-lethal compared to descriptions of pure sarin deployed by military munitions.

I'm also struggling with why the Russians claimed it was a rebel chemical store - I don't believe that either. Most convincing explanation (posted on an earlier thread) was that they were offering US an alternative story they could use to back down, that was less extreme than blaming the rebels for a false flag attack, but still doesn't seem like a solid explanation.


Mr. Unz,

Thank you. Your Unz Review is a treasure, a haven for free thought and speech, a site I regularly visit for just those values. Well done, sir; long may it prosper.



This is really funny, because observers on the ground in Deir Ez-Zor know nothing about it.


Disinformation fail.


In the summer of 2001 Bush 43 had approval ratings hovering around 50%. After 9/11 they began to rise quickly and continued to in the early stages of the Iraqi invasion. When things are not going well at home perhaps it is time to look for some distractions in the Middle East.

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