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29 March 2017


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Eric Newhill

Hard to believe that Farkas came out and said what she did on tee vee talk show. Hubris at uncontrolled levels? Something else?


Publius Tacitus: Would be interested in your thoughts on Alexandra Chalupa and the Ukraine connection.





What is amazing is that the mainstream media, now leading the jihad against Trump is the same mainstream media--NYT, WAPO, CNN, MSNBC--that has been publishing all the revelations about the Obama Administration spying on Trump and his campaign aides. NYT March 1, 2017 went through the steps that the Obama White House took to disseminate as widely as possible the obtained data on the Trump people. The Guardian had the most detailed accounts of the efforts by the DOJ and FBI to get FISA court order to monitor Trump people dealing with Russians. This just underscores that this is a pure black propaganda campaign. Some leaker needs to be nailed or else this will go on, unabated, until Trump is gone. Publius Tacitus was the chronicler of the moment in Roman Empire history when there were four emperors in one year time, due to intrigues, assassinations, etc. Let's make sure this is not a rerun of that history. We are a Republic not an Empire, and therefore the American people have so much to lose in this fight. Our Republic is in jeopardy, perhaps greater than at any time since the end of the Civil War.

Eric Newhill

Yes. We have truly stepped through the looking glass into bizarro land.

The media reports Trump was spied on. Members of the Obama admin publicly state, to the media, that Trump was spied on.

Then when Trump tweets that he was spied the media flies off the handle saying that Trump is irresponsible, crazy and mendacious for saying he was spied on. Then carries on hurling insinuations and outright allegations as if some connection between Trump and Russia has been established; something they wouldn't "know" unless Trump was spied on.


LOL... the "opposition" has a new tactic, spearheaded here by the ever obsequious Thomas Friedman :)

Trump Is a Chinese Agent https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/03/29/opinion/trump-is-a-chinese-agent.html?smid=tw-share&referer=https://t.co/fofOKh40sx">https://t.co/fofOKh40sx">https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/03/29/opinion/trump-is-a-chinese-agent.html?smid=tw-share&referer=https://t.co/fofOKh40sx
The big story everyone is chasing is whether President Trump is a Russian stooge. Wrong. That’s all a smoke screen. Trump is actually a Chinese agent. He is clearly out to make China great again. Just look at the facts.

Friedman is such a shameless stooge. I'm surprised anyone takes him seriously.


If the colonel thinks ill of me for posting this link, My intent is not to come off as a Nazi sympathizer..


At any event, there you have foreign influence in American elections, but as our Russian "partners" would say, they are "nash" and therefore benign, eh?

The whole Russia connection and attached paranoia has me wowed. On the one hand Russia is a borderline failed state with an economy the size of Spain's, but on the other Putin is 10 feet tall, a latter day Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a puppet master. It can't be both ways, can it?

What bugs me though is that there has to be an agenda driving all this propaganda. What is the public being softened up for?

Larry Kart

Nobody has taken Friedman -- he of the Friedman unit -- seriously for years. Six people I have singled out for severe punishment are Friedman, Maureen Dowd, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, David Brooks, and the guy in those Trivago ads.


Valissa I think you are too good to Friedman calling him an stooge, IMHO, Thomas Friedman is a total AH.

Former 11B




"Our Republic is in jeopardy, perhaps greater than at any time since the end of the Civil War."

Why doesn't President Trump declassify all the "evidence" and end this charade? He has the authority.

Yeah, I know "sources & methods" and all that "state secrets" stuff, but if the stakes are so high where the Republic is in jeopardy why should that matter? IMO, the fact that POTUS is not allowing sunshine is in itself raising suspicions and more innuendo.

TTG believes it is because it may show his associates are likely compromised.

Edward Amame

Seems like time for an independent investigation to me.



IMO that is because you want to screw the Trumpians. The 9/11 commission was run altogether by neocons. pl


Where would you find neutral or impartial qualified people, whose careers are not beholding to some faction of the establishment, to do this?


May I ask: Who implanted that thought into your brain? On CNN last evening "independent investigation" must have been uttered a dozen times or more in the span of 30 minutes or so. Why would the Dems want a so-called "independent investigation"? To get talk of nationwide surveillance out of the news cycle and pigeon-holed for a couple years so they keep attention on their "Russia hacked the election" nonsense?


I do not believe that the Russians fixed this election. The wikileaks posts were e-mails from the clinton server. It was the clinton camp and their arrogance, ignorance, impudence, and insolent disrespect for the American people that was on major cause of the loss. When did a party change so many state offices, congressional offices and the office of the president in one election?
Do the Russians spy on us, most likely yes, do we spy on them definitely yes
The actions of the democrats since the election are a major threat to this country. No one hurts more then the American people when the elected government does not work to get things done.

Look at their stand on immigration, I keep expecting them to nominate MS 13 members for office next
Look at their stand on border security, they invite terrorist in and feed and clothe them

Since they are determined to hinder more then help , they might as well go home and let some useful people get things done. They have become a sick joke.


I want a full investigation the the obama bunch spying on the Trump campaign people and the illegal naming of names to the public. That sets a precedence that has to be stopped and people need to be jailed over it



Why didn't Obama and his associates defend the Republic, it was their sworn duty.

Priam's Crazy Daughter

I believe it was Publius Tacitus who wrote that in his first post.



more clinton e-mails released. contain classified info from unsecured emails and special favors for clinton donors

Timothy Hagios

The "Russia is weak" narrative is used to convince the public that conflict with Russia (proxy war, cold war, etc.) is nothing to be afraid of because they can't retaliate.

The "Russia is a grave threat" narrative is used to convince the public that conflict is unavoidable because they're responsible for it all, and that the neocons are responding to outside aggression.

One of the first rules of propaganda is that cognitive dissonance is not to be feared, hence the glaring contradictions in their claims.



What disappeared with the neo-liberal-con counter coup at the beginning of this century is a government run by and for the people. Rather than being forgotten and thrown in a dumpster, the history of the Balkans has infected North America. Old tribal feuds from when the Red Army, the Wehrmacht, Cossacks, Mongols and Teutonic Knights rolled across the Great European Plain are now broadcast on MSNBC. In the clip above, Polish and Hungarian offspring are saying basically to be very afraid of the Russians and their stooges in the White House. This benefits their tribal families and homelands and the media owner of Comcast sees the ratings soar.

What has been lost is America’s promise of Peace and Prosperity. In its place is perpetual war.

In the aftershocks, yesterday, Donald Trump went to EPA Headquarters to gut clean energy regulations with his miners standing in the background. Environmentalists have been scapegoated since the 1970s by the right wing for causing the Rust Belt. This was their victory celebration. The tragedy is that this is just like the Democrats scapegoating the Russians, the real reason that life will not be so great for the next generations is greed and the exploitation of the Middle Class by the Elite, not the evil scapegoats that black propaganda keeps dragging forth.

Priam's Crazy Daughter

Heck, I am old enough that "children" Farkas's age were in my high school or college classes. These people grew up thinking that whatever they thought was absolutely genius and that they were never wrong.

It just didn't occur to her that she could do anything wrong.


Q- "What bugs me though is that there has to be an agenda driving all this propaganda. What is the public being softened up for?"

A-a good reason to not afford a decent health care, but still afford and approve needing a trillion dollar military budget.

Priam's Crazy Daughter

The links are thought-provoking. I have no way to judge how much the information in them figures into all this mess, but they sure show how this "Russian hacked the election" meme has entangled us in a big mess just trying to make the details clear to our mostly uninformed public.

And I wonder if you have read all the Israeli accusations about the Neo Nazi groups in the Ukraine and their connection to the Fascists in Hungary. More mess to straighten out in our minds.

All I wished for was that the election, being over, would finally get us back to a more normal political climate, if there ever was such a thing.


Seems our IC have been taking a very cavalier attitude with the data they gather revealing US Citizens communications throughout the community including political operatives which have found their way into the MSM. This is contrary to the oath these individuals have taken in their careers plus promises made to the American people.
The Senate and House leaders need to divvy up the Intelligence investigations allowing the Senate to pursue the Russian involvement in our recent election while the House pursues the findings of Rep. Nunes amongst other domestic malfeasance.
It certainly seemed appropriate for Mika to allow Ms. Farkas to rattle on about the long time unmasking of political communications possibly for the past five plus years.
Hopefully Mr. Comey is up for what is coming and the justice department is stocking up on paper.

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