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07 March 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

There are multiple Operating systems in any given car since they have multiple processing chips. To program them, you can buy off-the-shelf equipment and also know how to program that particular chip.

William R. Cumming


steve g

Sixty Minutes did a piece on this a couple
of years ago. Lesley Stahl was driving a
car that was taken over by a hacker.


Yes indeed a great film....many movies of the 70's were informative and groundbraking......

The Beaver

What is interesting is this side part:

Now that the French newspapers are also partaking in that dump, wonder what the French spooks will say and also whether the CIA is already active wrt this year's Presidential election.
We are already seeing a comédie dramatique with François Fillon (he who has said that he is a friend of Putin) and the rise of Marine in the polls, one point ahead of Emmanuel Macron the leftist.

William R. Cumming

Of total expenditures at CIA estimate 75% paid to contractors.

William R. Cumming




Nancy K

Nothing in our house is smart, including my husband and me.

Old Microbiologist

BK, yes, that would be a problem if you could have that much paper in your printer. I only keep less than 10 pages in any of mine.

One thing that should be understood, is that it is relatively easy to defeat alphabet snooping or hacking inside your home or business network. It is simple enough to buy a celeron based purpose built computer and install pfsense or opensense and put that between the providers router and your home network. I do this in my home and it monitors everything in and out and even has antivirus built in so you don't have to do it on each device. You can place all the wireless devices to run through the pfsense router or set that up as a second network inside the first one. I went this route after being attacked frequently and have been troublefree since and no packers are leaving my network that I don't know about where it is from and where it is going. I also use a commercial VPN that routes through 2 hops before going anywhere troublesome like the US. But, I am fortunate here in Europe to have 500 Mbps service as part of my cable package that runs me less than $30 a month. The VPN can sustain a 30 Mbps easily and often more.

Relying on commercial firewalls or routers is just asking for trouble. IPCOP is another good one to use as well but I haven't bothered. I keep my devices I need fast unmonitored internet access on a separate Ethernet cable connected directly to the IP provider router. This is specifically for the PS4. One other thing that can be done is to have all devices plugged onto multioutlets with a wireless on/off switch and only turn them on when needed. I do this for everything in the house as electricity here in a Europe is expensive(roughly 5 times higher than in the US) and all Wall warts use standby electricity. So, turning them off completely prevents unneeded electricity consumption and eliminates risk of unintended operation.

In my personal OPSEC I do a sweep of the house periodically with an RF bug detector and a night vision scope (GenIII) to look for laser sound monitoring. These scopes can see IR wavelengths. Being a retired WMD scientist living overseas, I always am certain of at least periodic monitoring. They would be idiots to not do that. Personally, I have nothing to hide but I also don't want anything planted providing some nice probable cause. Yes, I am paranoid of my government and based on what Snowden and Snowden 2.0 have released, it looks like it is justified paranoia. On the other hand, I also know it provokes a (very expensive) response if you do these things, especially encrypting emails or using TOR. Speaking of which BRAVE is a new secure browser which is extremely fast and avoids all pop ups and adware. I recommend using that instead of TOR as TOR was initially created by the NSA. Last, people need to be reminded that GOOGLE was created with seed money from the CIA. The same is true for DROPBOX so you can expect those to also be reporting. I use Startpage for searches.

My point is that everyone needs to start thinking about internet security and to not be lazy about it. This is true even if you have nothing to hide.

Old Microbiologist

Exactly. I started following him when Benghazi happened. He has been uncannily accurate.

Old Microbiologist

Just disable the wifi. That was easy enough to hack on my VW Passat. Bluetooth is another problem but limited by range so less so.

Old Microbiologist

Has anyone else wondered what the benefits are from all of this cyber technology coming from the alphabets? I mean really, they have missed every terrorist attack which is what I believe they were funded to prevent. In some ways this all looks like what happens when you give a bunch of teenagers an unlimited budget and no real oversight. Plus mission creep seems to be the main problem or maybe by design? $100 billion for this? WTF?

Babak Makkinejad

I think it also encourages other countries to develop their own independent hardware/software stacks.

Why buy anything from Siemens?


Babak Makkinejad

Facebook, as I understand it, was in part funded by US Government.


All, I tried to post about Vizio tvs on this site a few weeks back, however it
never posted, after reading about how they could be retroactively fitted with
spy-like malware for purposes of invading individual privacy.

Please excuse the awkward manner that I employ to describe technological matters,
however I notice things like snail mail that arrives opened & did have an odd
experience late last week on this SST site: I was scrolling down through the comment
section & when I passed over the box with my name where I may post a comment I
saw the physical addresses of the last 2 people I had placed phone calls to including
my 98 year old aunt in Chicago...I scrolled back over it again & yep there was the
info...gone on the 3rd scroll! Oh the wonders of technology. I realize how nutty this post sounds but it's true. This happened on the thread from the post "The torment of the neo cons" after I tried to post a question to FB Ali @ the end of the
thread which didn't post.

I agree with old microbiologist that the thing to fear the most is not so
much being surveilled as being planted.


That was funny.

I am typing this on an iPad with tape over the camera. I sometimes mutter to myself when I am alone or in the car. I guess I should assume it could all be on file.


Stanley Kubrick's great movie "2001: A Space Odyssey " hinted at the links between IT corporations and security services a long time ago. Check out the final minute of this clip:


Deals with the deactivation of HAL (a simple letter shift from Big Blue).



They missed Trump winning too.



Lord only knows. Stuxnet comes to mind. We shared that with Israel, they changed it and made it more dangerous



Memories of Kennedy. Karma.

WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 Password Is A Nod to Anti-CIA JFK Quote

On Tuesday WikiLeaks began releasing a series of encrypted documents dubbed “Vault 7,” detailing the surveillance activities of the CIA.

As part of the release, the organization posted to Twitter a password for “Vault 7” that read as follows: “SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds.”

That password was a subset of words spoken by President John F. Kennedy 54 years ago, only a month before he was assassinated:




LOL. I remember reading that Bill Gates covers his PC camera and mic with tape. WTF!!

The Twisted Genius


The alphabets are playing catch up with both the hacker world and the business world.



I remember Mr. Finchley in The Twilight Zone. He hated technology and I was like him. I never wanted a PC in the house, had, but never used a cell phone.
I always was into bookstore reading papers all across the country and the foreign press. It was only when Gary Webb wrote the Dark Alliance series in the San Jose Mercury News that I decided to get connected and was in touch with him. What privacy I thought I had was gone.
Now I'm reading about what I have always believed to have happened to Michael Hastings!!
I'm furious that this shit keeps happening!!

He Was Reporting on the CIA and NSA
Hastings final article, which was pushed on Buzzfeed on June 7, was titled, “Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans.”



A article about Hastings and someone else I'm remained of.


By Bill Dries, dries@gomemphis.com

A Memphis woman allegedly at the center of a scheme to sell fraudulent Tennessee driver's licenses was identified Tuesday as the person whose burned body was found early Sunday in the wreckage of a car in Fayette County. L icense examiner Katherine Smith was probably alive when her car hit a utility pole on U.S. 72 near the Mississippi state line, said Tennessee Highway Patrol Lt. Col. Mark Fagan.

Smith, 49, died the day before she was due to appear before a federal magistrate judge for a detention hearing on a charge of conspiracy to obtain fraudulent identification documents.

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