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07 March 2017


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I'll buy that, but leaking the contrived evidence that Brennan, Clapper and company manufactured IS NOT a patriotic also, I served in a tradition in which we soldiers AND the CIA acted against foreign enemies and the FBI was governed by a DoJ that respected the constitution. pl



What surprises me is the scope and massive size of the CIA effort on top of what NSA and the FBI were also doing. pl


The only person with a better record of predicting the events of the past year than me is Alex Jones.

Let that thought sink in.


The NSA actively goes into political forums and attempts to disrupt discussion.

And right on cue the fifth column shows up banging on about Russians hiding in Trump's tax returns.

Babak Makkinejad

The old Land Rovers were nice too.

The self-driving car would make a stop here below - on the way to Gulag -


Babak Makkinejad

Tell them about this:


"At my command, print 'War and Peace' in PDF format"

What will be interesting is when more and more people have wireless, internet-enabled, so-called smart devices in their homes, and hackers will be able to turn on and off the kettle in the kitchen, or the fridge (full of food), or the taps in the bathroom...



Hacker briefly hijacks insecure printers - BBC News

Warning messages urging printer owners to beef up security are left on insecure devices.

I would also strongly recommend against smart homes; why would the government bother tricking you into going to the Gulag in your Smart Self-Driving Car when they can just lock you up in your own home - and starve you and your family.

Babak Makkinejad

Yup; wasted all that money on hydrogen car - any physical scientist would have told them it was not even a White Elephant.

No wonder they went bankrupt.


Tell me it ain't so, Babak! It has long been thought that operating system in Michael Hastings car was compromised in order to cover up his assassination/death. Of course that was just another "conspiracy" theory as long as there was no proof of concept. For the unfortunate masses who were planning on buying the next Self-Driving car, both sides of the political spectrum should now have second thoughts. Great and humorous insight, Babak.


Unfortunately, once the Self-Driving vehicles hit the mainstream, all occupant driver vehicles will be outlawed. That is the deep state's very simple solution to any and all resistance to their control. It will be much the same as the "cashless" society in which real cash will be outlawed and then your/their money will only accessible via credit cards. Brilliant planning on their part and a nightmare for the rest of us.

Babak Makkinejad


The Internet of Things - IoT - and the Fetish of collecting and analyzing data:


(I can well imagine an App.:

He: "And these are my stats over the last few years"...showing her his phone's screen

She (thinking: "I have seen better...") - "I am sorry dear but I just remembered that I left my cat in locked in the closet...gotto run."


I still have the old cell, old car, tape on computer eye, tv in a tv room by itself. Hanging on as long as they will keep "going." Hoping there will be tech specialists, who can render all technology unsmart, unnetworked, unbugged, by the time these tools must be replaced. Of course, unlike you, there is no reason anyone would want to listen in to my end. But the capabilities are creepy on principle.

Maybe leaks like this one will spur the market for such specialized debugging, denetworking talents.

The Twisted Genius

pl and Nesto,

It is massive because technology has permeated all aspects of operations at the CIA in ways difficult for most people to fathom. The application is quite different than the way NSA uses the technology. What is presented in this Vault7 dump is not news in the hacker world at all.

Peter AU

That wikileaks publishes original documents has never been questioned, by the borg as they are called at this site, or by the media.


IZ, I recommend a series of books called "Going Home" by A. American.


Bring back the car (auto) of the 40s, 50s with sideboards, fins, and color.

Every single car today is designed in a wind tunnel. Can’t tell the difference between a Subaru and a Porsche SUV. Boring. The way the millennials at univ. have become. Dreary.

Besides, why the hell would you need your car designed aerodynamically when the speed limit has been restricted to 6o or 70 mph?


I think if you can find an old 1989 or older Mercedes Benz 560 SL, you don’t have to worry because the chassis changed year by year, but the engine makeup didn’t. And that car was around for almost 20 years. Might have been 17, 18. Everything changed with their 1990 rollout.


I agree completely.


"Amen to that."

No shit.


Hope you’re not alone in perceiving that observation.



Recently, the CIA lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal including malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized "zero day" exploits, malware remote control systems and associated documentation

This sounds really bad. Who did they lose control of it to? Am I misinterpreting?




On the point about needing physical access to the OBB to hack the car, NOT True if the car has wifi, see:


So whoever wrote that errata was doing damage control (by fibbing).

Of course I have replaced my car's computer.


They’ve been able to do this since CALEA was passed in April, 1994. I got on my high-horse about it in 1993. People thought I had leprosy. Lost a LOT of friends.


The CIA isn't spying on us paragraph is complete bullshit. I taught NSA how to match the backbone nodes in their machines with ours at Bell Labs in ’84 or ’85. Anyone who claims any different is out to lunch. Whistleblower Bill Binney is 100% correct. 1000%.

This article doesn’t pass my smell taste one iota. Has the taint of damage control all over it.


The idea is that the alphabets are recording every second of our lives should we operate devices, or computers. The CIA wasn’t hacked into. The CIA was doing the hacking. Includes a SAMSUNG TV.

Someone leaked this info. The speculation is that it’s an insider.

Some reports say that the CIA is considering this the greatest danger to its reputation and existence since the Church Commission days that they’ve experienced since the 70s, and that heads are going to roll.

More reasons for popcorn.

Allen Thomson

It would be interesting to find out how Frankfurt Base is involved. Physical access to devices to be "enhanced" comes to mind as a possibility. Or maybe it's a historical hold-over from the Cold War:



Doesn't anyone go to the movies? This has been assumed since _The Conversation_(1974).

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