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17 March 2017


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English Outsider

"Charly" - agree about the high output but in practice getting it requires industrial farming and large units. There are so many minuses to industrial forming - social, environmental, quality - that even some consumers are wary of it. Maybe that's the way it's going to have to go for non-western countries but it's still a pity to see them forced to follow us down that road.


The question is if you want to pay $4 or $1 for a liter milk. The old methods are just that much more expensive.



CNN reported that Israel is threatening Syria if their jets are fired on again. Well dammit, don't fly over Syria again. I hope they are blown to dust if they do it again.
The story was followed by an interview with an elderly victim of the Holocaust who was asked why they were hated. Please.
See my first sentence.
Historically Ziounist leadership has created hatred that put everyone in peril and that hasn't changed.

English Outsider

Yes, that's the rub. For me, I'll take the $4.

Much the same problem as the problem that never gets discussed when off-shoring is in question. Prices do have to go up as a consequence and the only way to cope with that is to reduce the income gap. Not just between the cronies and the rest of us, but between the better off and the low income groups. Since the better off have more political clout that looks like a long shot. But it's the only sensible way to go, if it can be done.

Though, just to soften the blow to the wealthier consumer, I do think that all the dairy farmers I know who've gone out of milk over the last few years could have managed to stay in business on a retail price of considerably less than $4, particularly if the distribution costs could be reduced.

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