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30 March 2017


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Agreed fully... but the problem is that even cooler heads and respected pundits are still trying to sell themselves and the public on this utterly ridiculous fallacy.... painting the usa as a banana republic easily manipulated....

Seamus Padraig

In fact, Google's search-algorithm is notorious for DISFAVORING alt-media sources. That's one reason why I abandoned Google several years back: their filter bubble. I now use DuckDuckGo.com, which does not track or store your results, and does not rely on filters.

Priam's Crazy Daughter

Hey, I am only a few months away from being 69, but I learned about the House UnAmerican Activites hearings because our local public school system had not yet been corrupted with socialist, pc nonsense. I was too young when it was going on, but it did often come up in my studies as I prepared to teach English.

You can't study Steinbeck without knowing his communist phase. And you can't teach "The Crucible" without knowing how Arthur Miller was using the Salem witch trials as a metaphor for the communist scare he had been subjected to.

But, my problem with your post is that your logic is too darned hard to deny, and to read through it takes a little time. It's not a Tweet, for heavens sake.

As am ex-English teacher, I often have fantasies of forcing students to read using the method in Clockwork Orange to try to force all the violent tendencies our of the main character in that novel. Only my idea would be to force some logic and knowledge into the heads of those who prefer scandal and nonsense.

And by the way, shouldn't we also have a history lesson about how some of our leaders--I believe Slick Willy one of them--did much after the fall of the USSR to install an economy in Russia that could not hold and ended up collapsing.

Eric Newhill

IMO, Warner and the rest know it's all BS. It's just all about having a chance to remind the public that Clinton won the popular vote and, in states she lost, it was really close. Therefore, Trump is illegitimate and Congress doesn't need to work with him at all - or something like that. The left wing base eats it up. US politics at its worst.

The republic is in its last stage of life with fly-over/rust belt America fighting for its life and the elites - especially the left leaning ones - telling them to eat cake (or high tech mumbo jumbo). Either this Russia matter + political spying gets settled and filed away in its proper place (the round file and prison, respectively) or all hell is going to break loose in a manner from which we will never recover, IMO.


It will be interesting to see Google's official reaction to this, if any.


Russia is certainly not the USSR. Much of this is purely political. The Democrats and portions of the Republicans see this as an opportunity to simply attack piggybacking on the strongly embedded negative association of the Russian lead COMINTERN. That was a very real threat. One I paid attention to as I had a deep antagonism towards Socialism let alone full blown Communism. When the USSR started disintegrating it was clear to me early on that it was real and due to the stagnation intrinsic in top down planning, an immutable aspect of socialism. Idealism easily runs amuck, paved with good intentions and all that. That's now in the dustbin of history.

But memes persist and the notion that Russia is somehow some intrinsic enemy bent on World domination is still there. They are a country with interests. One with a rather nationalistic people that have been through a lot of crap. But they also have, perhaps, a more realistic view of their limits than many of us in the West.


All this from those who say nothing about the theft of Socotra Island for yet another surveillance/drone base. The insane clown posse has never stopped, will it ever? /R Only when throttled to dust...

Jim MacMillan

Publius Tacitus: Is Marco Rubio also wrong that his campaign committee was hacked by Russians?

Publius Tacitus

Yeah, blame the Russians for his loss (snark is not directed at you, it is rhetorical). Does that make sense? What exactly was hacked? How did that adversely affect his campaign? I think Little Marco had other problems. Blame the Russians and/or Putin becomes the excuse for everything it would appear.

scott s.

Jim MacMillan:
It appears what Rubio has said is "former members of my presidential campaign team, who had access to the information of my presidential campaign, were targeted by IP addresses with an unknown location within Russia" which seems to be a bit more restrained than your characterization. In particular we don't know who the "members" are, how they were "targeted" nor how the ultimate source "IP addresses" were determined.

Priam's Crazy Daughter

The NYT is now reporting that Nunes's sources were two WH officials, thus insinuating that it's just not important, i guess.

Hard ever to believe the NYT. What would this mean really if true?

richard Armstrong


You may not understand how the Google Advanced Search works.

Your query limiting results to the time "leading up to November 8" returned sites/posts that were created prior to November 8. It did not return results as they were prior to November 8.

There is no way to ask Google to display the results it would have delivered on any prior date.

Neither you, nor Senator Warner can conclusively state what results Google would have returned prior to the election unless you had taken a screen shot of those results at the time they were returned.

The issue is not and has never been whether or not Russians attempted to influence the election - the issue is whether or not there was collaboration by the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

    Comey said the investigation “includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government.”

In gact, the NYT reports that Nunes' claims about the intel reports are true. Deeply buried in the piece:

"the officials’ description of the intelligence is in line with Mr. Nunes’s own characterization of the material, "



indeed. If your company advertised on Google you got defrauded since their algorithms obviously didn't take your ads to the people you intended them for. You should sue.



No, no. The NYT is stating publicly that administration officials - the leakers - are conducting surveillance of senior members of Congress. That would be Obama era officials - unofficially since they are not named and provided this hit-piece evidence on the condition of anonymity. The NYT would never make anything up. Just ask Judith Miller or Jason Blair.

Priam's Crazy Daughter

I have developed the theory that the "Gray Lady" has Dementia, but a long-standing form of it.

I didn't read the article and will have to look for it. I got second-had reporting fro a conservative site. I'll have to try to find it. But reading the NYT has always made me feel dirty. :-)

Ex-PFC Chuck

I use DDG too. Works fine.

Ex-PFC Chuck

Eric, it's also about distracting the Dem-voting sheeple from demanding of their party leaders a no- holds-barred inquiry into why their party. Got trashed up and down the ballot in 2016. And 2014. And 2010.

Ex-PFC Chuck

Eric, I'm reading Michael Grants "The Fall of the Roman Empirce" now and the parallels are simply frightening.

Priam's Crazy Daughter

I think you are right there, but it is hidden, actually drowned out by the drumbeat of the idea that Nunes must recuse himself. Spicer is a trooper, I think, and I have to agree with him that what's in the reports are far more important than how those reports made it too the light of day.

Priam's Crazy Daughter

O.K. I read it, and I think I understand what Fred is saying.

And, as usual, I have confirmed my opinion that the NYT is an evil force in American politics, has been for a long time.

Can't wait to get Publius Tacitus's opinion about this new development in the Nunes saga.


if hilary had won would the Russian hack nonsense even be a story? How much air time did the selling of the uranium to Russia get? How much air time did the hilary e-mails get? they just dropped some more yesterday. see anything about it on msm?

for those so anxious to go to WW3 did they forget that obama decapitated our military? Or are they thinking they will make money off the military build up?

McCain been trying to get the US into a war with Russia for years. Do they have information on his Viet Nam prison days that he wants destroyed?
Lindsey who has never been on the battle field sure seems anxious to send others to one.

Have they not figured out yet that if we go to war with Russia, the whole ME along with Europe will become a hell that no one will recover from.

the democrats LOST not because of Russia but because of their own stupidity and contempt for the American citizen


stolen from the crawdad hole. thought it was interesting


Keith Harbaugh

Well, I do remember the accusations of "McCarthyism", and criticism of HUAC that were so common in the 1950s.
The offensive question then:

"Are you now or have you even been a member of the Communist Party?"
The idea was that that was an outrageous question to ask. On the other hand, my opinion is that that was a quite justified question to ask of the people who were guiding America's opinions.

Now the question is:
"Have you ever been in communication with any Russians?
The idea, to some, is that any such communication is automatically suspect, or can be portrayed as suspect.

Sounds to me like the new McCartyism.



One can think of the Times as "Pravda on the Hudson" and the Washington Post as "Izvestia on the Potomac" in that during the old days of the USSR, people read Pravda and Izvestia in order to find out what the party said was news. Today the Times and Post fill that role for the Borg.

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