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08 March 2017


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The AF not liking CAS is not the same as the AF not DOING CAS, first false conflation.

The Harrier as an effective CAS platform: my sides are gone.

If you're wanting to claim that unproven tech is the future, why not claim space lasers?

English Outsider

"Fool" - you write "What I suspect the people really want is an end to the fighting and bloodshed -- but I would say that." I believe most would say that. Perhaps all, apart from a few neocons or ultra-zionists.

Then - "To the extent that a "stronger national identity has been forged" as a result of the war, I would point out that this argument is just as easily utilized the opposite way: that the Syrian people have united in opposition to Assad."

I do not know what you are saying. Are you saying that the war has united Syrians against Assad?

Thank you for the link to the article in the Jacobin magazine. It contained much interesting information, much of which I hadn't seen invented before. I could not rid myself of the suspicion that the information had been tailored to fit the argument rather than the other way round. We deplorables aren't too keen on the former. We're funny like that. In addition I found that many relevant facts had either been omitted or glossed over. I'm no expert in these matters but I would put the article at around Guardian or NYT standard but well below the level of mendacity achieved by the BBC.

You will forgive my forthrightness - this morning I heard the BBC reporting on Mosul and apart from the fact that they were considerably less well-informed than the committee on this site I was taken aback by the difference between their reporting of Mosul and their reporting of the similar operation in East Aleppo. Yes I know. You're not supposed to have the BBC on the car radio. The insurance companies put the rates up if they find out and the other drivers think you're swearing at them.

I took the opportunity of looking around the Jacobin site and came across what I believe your President would term a "beauty":-


I found this section particularly valuable:-

"Trump’s victory, of course, may turn out to be the ghost dance of a dying white culture, quickly followed by a return to Obamian, globalist normalcy or, conversely we may be heading into the twilight zone of homegrown fascism. The parameters of the next four years are largely unknown. Much depends on whether the Republicans succeed in incorporating the old industrial states of the upper Midwest into their mid-continental reich of solidly red Southern and plains states. .."

I haven't made up my mind yet which I'm going to choose, the ghost dance of a dying white culture or the homegrown fascism. I'm not light on my feet but on the other had I prefer my fascism straight from the cronies. It's one of those things you can never grow so well at home. But you're closer to the action. Which would you prefer?

All that aside, I suspect that you and I are probably fairly close in outlook and conviction. I find that slightly worrying. I expect you do too. Thanks again for the link.


Syria is formally asking the United Nations to force Turkey to pull its "invasion forces" out of Syria.

There are some reports that last night Turks or their jihadi proxies in northern Syria shelled Syrian border guard forces to the west of Manbij. This is in the buffer area that the SDF and MMC ceded to the regime in a deal with Russia. There were casualties, some fatal.

The excuse given was that the area shelled was under control of the Kurdish YPG wearing SAA uniforms to disguise themselves as regime forces. I believe there are some Russian military police in that buffer zone also. Erdogan needs some better control of his bashibazouks.


Focusing on Raqqa in the way they seem to be preparing for could go two ways. Once Raqqa fell, Trump could 'declare victory and leave' if he really wanted to, providing lots of kudos for his 2020 campaign.

The risk is that he will come under irresistible pressure from domestic and foreign interests to use the boots on the ground to pursue other objectives.

The anti-Iran constituency would likely see this as their last chance to confound a Shia crescent. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other Gulfies would see it as a chance to achieve the destruction of Syria that they failed to achieve through funding armed struggle.

As usual, they'll all be fully committed and willing to fight to the last American. I hope Trump understands this, even if Bannon et al don't.


Syria regime casualties from the Turkish shelling are reportedly being treated at a Manbij hospital.


"Erdogan needs some better control of his bashibazouks."

Sultan Erdogan needs to clean his head to get the junkage out of it that mainfests it as his "policy". Then a soberly and thinking control of the army and their adequate use should be next on his mind as a to-do.

That strategic genius has turkish troops in two neighbour countries - Syria and Iraq -(uninvited, of course) in what can be soberly called invasion - bad news given Sultan's rejoicing over old important glories for his ex-empire. None of his neigbours have welcome them.

What happened in 1000 years since Turkey's end as a superpower is unimportant for Erdogan. He has power now, and that suffices him by and large. Erdogan has won elections, and has said that democracy is not more than a way to power, and which when at power can be left - which he precisely what he does.

I wish the unfortunise Turks sent to neighbour countries to restore ismalian control good luck because that's what they'll need when ordered by a juvenile neurotic who fired competent officers from the army (a dumb idea, to put it mildly). That genius has since the putsch declared special situation, fired something like two divisions and arrested 170.000 people. Sheer brilliance at work.

Since I can't rely on Sultan's thinking, I pray he won't attack Greece to get control of the birth place of Atatürk, or of Russia to restore old ismailian control of former soviet republics. The Greeks and the Russians won't like that and they will hand him his ass. That'll be a perfect case of feedback for morons, well deserved by Sultan Erdogan.

It would also be a feedback for the 'orderly moronities' wretched out of his throat. Rather recently he called the magnificent (and quite catholic) colognian cathedral 'the Dom' "the world's largest islamic church". Pathetic and ridiculous. I heard the pope speak there as a child, and never anything I saw there suggested me a muslimic house of god. Adequating his life, Erdogan, while at it, should use the opportunity and quit taking LSD.


if we try to talk like thinking people, we have to admit that neither Iraq nor Syria can be accused of **falsely** calling these 'visitors' invasion forces, since that is precisely what they are.

Since neither Syria and Iraq has invited or begged for turkish forces, they **are** invasion forces. Sultan Erdogan sent them without consultion. They came to both countries as invasors, and it didn't help tht they were supporting jihadi elelments like IS. The Iraqis didn't like that at all and the Syrians didn't either. Guess why.

That shouldn't surprise anybody who dares to think, and that it probably would surprise Erdogan considerably, only shows the lamentable consequences of what must be Sultan's considerable drug consume.

The turks and Sultan Erdogan can be happy if they get their troops out of the neighbour countries before being treated as what they are - invasors - be it by their jihadi 'allies' or by their unconsulted 'guest givers' in Syria and Iraq.

On the other hand, the turks could then, or rather would have to, learn how to fight battles and try to get over the mindless massacre which Erdogan just as mindlessly has inflicted on the army by his remarkably stupid arrest and 'firing the non-applausant' orders after the putsch.

But as it is that is clearly damage already one and a damage that will be very hard to repaired, especially when being at Sultan's sheerely wilfull and stuid wars and under doing its fights under his dumb ass orders.


If the Turks weren't commanded by incomparable grand geniusses like Sultan Erdogan they may even one day express enough wisdom to not shelling Syrian troops, or shooting down Russian aircraft.

Russians are the sort of folks who you sucker just once, and who'll make you pay dearly the second time.

General Shaakashvili, then president of Georgia had the brilliant idea to invade a neighbour state which was sucessfully defended by Russian troops. Getting his ass handed quite roughly cost him a third re-election. Dick Cheney, the US grand military genius, expressed his disappointment that the US was not bombing the Russians over this. Oh what a horible scandalous omission!


Shaakashvili was so great a Georgian patriot that he is now a deeply patriotic Ukrainian, commanding some south Ukrainian city where Ukrainian nationalists shoot at Russians. One is tempted with the impression that for Shaakashvili, the brilliant doing man, it is, finally, about shooting at Russians again.

That's very much related to these ingrateful and vile Syrians and Iraqis who dare to insult the Turkish univited but very glorious guests as 'invasors', just because they are still uninvited and unwelcomed - and happen to support some just as uninvited and unwelcomed - and unwelcoming - jihadis.



the Syrians have luck when or if their casualties are enough alive to justify medical treatment. If the Turks were aiming at the Syrians to create Syrian friendship, they did get it wrong, actually, they failed utterly.

That's because shelling people has a tendency - and quite intentionally so - to be unhelping to the health of the targeted. The Syrians, not being dumb, and having an army themselves, understand that.

Turkey, by mindlessly doing such foolish things, is inviting a Syrian retribution. It's a shame that it won't hurt Sultan Erdogan himself, who is after all the brilliant militrary genius who has thought out the Turkish involvement into the Syrian, and Iraqi, civil wars.

That is bad enough. It is made worse by the massacre Erdogan has done to the Turkish army. It'll take them years to fix the ills thus created, and given that they are to be repaired under the brilliant command of genius Sultan Erdogan ... God help.

That Syria and Iraq were part of Turkey during WW-I isn't creating great reliance on Turkish good intents as well, and it isn't creating cooperations with people who don't trust Erdogan for good reasons.

Erdogan says all these silly things all the time. Give that he is so remarkably unwise, he should better keep his mouth shut - a good advise for that hasty twitterman Trump also.



Damn man you are back through the black and into the blue! Congratulations or is it a harbinger of the coming Zombie Apocalypse?

"What happened in 1000 years since Turkey's end as a superpower is unimportant for Erdogan."

That is not an error you would previously make in your writing style, though in fairness to you coming from the world beyond back into this material one would have a disorienting effect.

This new feisty self is interesting.



Well that's interesting.

The IV fluid is Sodium Chloride. Standard stuff. The first ampoule looks like it could be Midazolam (Versed), an emergency benzodiazepine. The second tho, that looks like TPX, transpasteric (spelling) acid. Its starting to be favored in the US for TCCC/trauma response cause it kicks off the clotting cascade with much greater efficiency.

Its a pretty sexy med kit. I imagine there's some fentanyl in there as well, and possibly RSI drugs?



I agree with your comments but meant mine in regards to the politics of having that battle at all - leaving a symbol as legacy as part and parcel of a 'mythos' for future political use and not the casualties in the battle itself.

different clue


No future re-united and re-subdued SAR will ever have the brute-force power to make Turkey pay. Perhaps if Turkey becomes so weak and incoherent at home that Turkey is unable to respond to future "plausibly-deniable" subversion and destabilization from Syria, the SARgov may well give the PKK all the assistance that the SARgov feels it can get away with giving them. But not if Russia and Iran tell the SARgov "no. just no."


Colonel -

You say: "Everybody should have some." I guess the Chinese were listening. They are increasing their own Marine Corps by 400 percent:



"the SARgov may well give the PKK all the assistance that the SARgov feels it can get away with giving them"

Likely, the Syrians will meet kurdish welcomeness when they do that. The Kurds are, after all, being usually bombed and shot at by the turkish army, and then there is the turkish police. Nobody likes that sort of treatment.

And it isn't just the Kurds: The Syrians, for their part, don't like the Turkish 'guests', suspect their plans for Syria, nor do they or the Iraqis like turkish logistic and training support for IS people.

They all recognise it as hostile acts by Erdogan.

Erdogan has no one to blame himself for an end of Turkish-Kurdish reconciliation. That to happen was HIS CHOICE, not an accident. So, Erdogan wants to be president of Turkey?

Well apparently that's so, and - to be sober - Erdogan doesn't want a friend Assad in Syria but he rather wants Sria controlled by his IS friends.

When we think that's a nutty idea, well, we don't understand it because behind that are the deep secrets of a genius.

A while ago, I read that one of Erdogan's daughters, of course tightly headscarved, worked in a hospital where the turks offered cost free support to folks wounded in Syria - kindly kind of her.

Perhaps Erdogan simply shows odd family preferences when he supports IS shooting at the Syrian and Iraqi governments. In any way, he ain't looking seriously at the idea of gaining friends in neighbour countries Syria and Iraq - what he wants is claqeurs doing his orders.

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