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12 March 2017


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Being a constitutional monarch is indeed an excruciatingly boring job - that's why we've farmed it out to foreigners since 1688, especially The Germans!


I referenced the "emoluments clause" (poor choice of words) because that's what everyone seems to be calling it now (to pile on Trump). I was actually referring to the prohibition on "Title" in the same clause.

I did not know/realize that these had been OK'd; so something new I've learned...



They are not allowed to use the title. In another context the issue of working directly for a foreign government does come up. When I was DATT in SA I had to deal with retired as opposed to former USAF people who wanted to work for "Saudia" the national airline. The problem was that that Saudia is a wholly government owned property that is part of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation. I had to get congressional waivers for each of these guys because a member of the US armed forces may not take service for a foreign government. Lots of retired military officers work for consulting companies in DC who do work for foreign government, including flag officer, but they do not work directly for the foreign government. pl

English Outsider

As you will know, we do have a spare.



English Outsider

Colonel - may I rebut the charge of frivolity your correspondent, the formidable "William R Cumming", has raised - though I wouldn't be surprised if he knows more about the ins and outs of the British constitution than we do here.

I wouldn't say we're entirely frivolous over here. More like laughing through the tears. Like some on the other side of the Atlantic did through the Obama administration and, I suppose, before. "LeanDer" raised the subject of the weekly audience the British Prime Minister has with the Queen, which must seem more like play acting than politics to those not used to it; but I can assure you it's no play acting when it's for real. As I said in a previous comment, look at the Prime Ministers she's had to let into the house.

They've been going downhill since Churchill, and to be truthful the peace-time Churchill administration was at no great elevation to start with. Downhill all the way, maybe with a little break at Sir Alec Douglas Home, and after that, well, "downhill" doesn't really do justice to the train crash that was high politics for most of the reign so far. More like falling of a cliff, really, when you get to Blair and son-of-Blair Cameron.

Imagine our unfortunate Queen having to make small talk with one of that pair. "I see you've been busy. Killing going frightfully well this week, they tell me." "Is one's economy totally wrecked yet, one wonders?" "They still vote for you, do they? Extraordinary. Your friends must be so pleased." "Dear me, how time flies. So looking forward to seeing you next week." Must be hard labour without the option, a regular audience and characters like that turning up. And no sick note ever, they say. Makes one proud to be British.

So not much frivolity here, for any of us. Not a lot of larking about on the decks of the Titanic. More staring ahead glumly and trying not to notice that the water's closer than it was. But there are tales of a new prophet arising in the West, we hear ...

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