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02 March 2017


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If you two are going to put on zipper masks and take turns flogging each other do it where we can't see it, thanks.


The picture helped me to remember better the 2009 elections in Afghanistan. In order to provide the military surge and COIN with a "more legitimate" political leadership, the United States had pushed for the elections to be monitored by the maximum of observer groups, based on the assumption that more observers would increase enthusiasm, transparency and therefore legitimacy. Not that this would have made ever sense, but it brought Ms. Farkas to the country.
She was with the International Republican Institute's observation mission and was commenting on the Internet almost every day. IRI had already monitored the 2004 and 2005 elections in Afghanistan, was widely seen by Afghans as being affiliated with the Republican party, therefore counted in the tribe of President Bush. IRI had pushed in these days for Karzai's election with a positive neutrality stance. Not surprisingly Dr. Farkas was lionized immediately by the Palace that had gotten very insecure about Obama. She was very closely supported by young freshly shaven Popalzais in sharkskin suits and pointy leather shoes. I also first thought at the time that she was a Republican.
But then there were her views - a complete change from the set we had become used to in the distant days of Zal. I remember her loudly calling for a replacement of Karzai, without saying it should be Dr. Abdullah, implying the idea of a UN-run administration through a super-envoy like Bosnia Herzegovina had experienced it. Including partition, hitting the family business of the Karzais and things like that.
Of course a lot of this was parrotting what more senior and official people had already floated before. So one might think what this was worth coming from an American NGO election observer. There's books written on how this was all official policy coming from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
The Afghans - I think - took her on a different note. The young Popalzais carried her views back to the Palace and fed it there into the family circle. Karzai also saw any publication in the internet as an official position (how can they allow this to be written if it's not their policy?). He sometimes played the card of misunderstanding just for avoiding to say he did not like what he heard. But he also has shown a propensity for taking such semi-public statements as more indicative of policies than official declarations. Coming from what they perceived to be a Republican institution, I believe this strengthened Karzai's antipathy against all Americans, and he went to shop for other protectors, including to where he had never looked before.
It's ironic that with her Hungarian-American baggage she might have been one among the many Americans who pushed Karzai on the path to Moscow.
Would it be correct to assume that her post in 2010 in DoD was a reward?

Pat Shields

Seriously? It seems like this information could be gathered from a public source, any source dealing with intercepted communications and eavesdropping (just google this). Is it simply due to her position, or former position, and her ability to know this and confirm successful interception? I'm sure there are Alex Jones guests who have obsessively researched publicly available information and put together some theories which might be accurate. E.g., the CIA and the government secretly tap into traffic cameras and monitor license plates and use facial recognition to monitor pedestrians. What if there's a secret program like this. And some spook sees this on an Internet forum or Alex Jones and says, "He, how did he learn that? We have a mole!"


Pat Shields

The fact that a reasonable person could deduce that the US intercepts foreign diplomatic communications is utterly irrelevant to the case in which this person who had specific access to the products of these intercepts disclosed their existence and the level of success of the US effort. There is a whole structure of personnel and offices, oaths and criminal penalties that exits to prevent what Farkas has done. pl


No, Babak, respectfully, disagree with you, it was far, far, too soon, tactically speaking. He would have opened himself up to serious allegations, and not just from his enemies that he was moving far too quickly, and absent a -full- National Security Team in place. Even types well disposed to Trump, and to different policies, would have had to acknowledge the legitimacy of those kinds of complaints. Till the team was in place. And they had been to few rodeos, met a few leaders.

He has now gone out of his way, to reject Bolton, who I strongly suspected injected himself, along with his allies into 'consideration' for three positions now. Only to be unceremoniously dismissed. THAT tells me something about his *inclinations*, re Syria and the Ukraine. And perhaps Russia.

Turning around policies like the Syrian, and Ukrainian ones, and the Iranian one, for that matter, take years. It took 5 years, and events, for Nixon to put his China policy in place. And then it took Carter to formalize relations. Things take a long time in DC. Short of a Pearl Harbour or 9/11.

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, let us hear now from the let us cut our noses to spite our faces.

Babak Makkinejad

So he is not suicidal and has some rationality? Is that it?



From what I understand, the French government is using the judicial system to eliminate the main opponents of candidate Manuel Macron, who is the protege of president Hollande.

Conservative candidate Fillon is also being indicted over his wife's fictitious employment as a parliamentary assistant.

The remaining opposition is socialist Benoit Hamon, proponent of a universal basic income that would be financed via a tax on robots, and Melenchon, a former party-line communist who reinvented himself as a populist.

Le Pen is nowhere near Trump or Farage in terms of ideology. Her roots (i.e. her own father) are in French far-right catholic nationalism, but her rhetoric and policies are socialistic.


Sessions too-quick recusal wasn't helpful. He should've fought back so that his side of the story was told.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments.

And you might be right.

My own thinking in this regards was that events in Ukraine and in Syria could be moving more quickly than anticipated by any and all governments - thus eliminating deals that are possible in 2017 if one waits around for 2018.

Specifically, one of People's Republics in Ukraine could escalate, or the Maidan Crowd could miscaluclate, and very quickly Kharkov would be in the rebel hands.

Babak Makkinejad

So, qualitatively, is this much different than the Iranian Guardian Council disqualifying candidates for office?

Really, the Communists should have applied these dirty tricks in USSR and Eastern Europe; they would have still been in power.

Truly deplorable.


Yes, nor is Hillary willfully suicidal, just susceptible to the idiocy of suggestions that Russia would back down in its own back yard if only the US demonstrated the “appropriate firmness”. Fortunately, someone like McMaster knows that he would not back down to anybody’s “appropriate firmness” so why would the other guy (IMO).

William R. Cumming

How many SIGNET intelligence violations have been successfully prosecuted?

William R. Cumming

Exactly HOW IS Signet covered in the 1918 Espionage Act?



I think you mean SIGINT. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/part-I/chapter-37 pll


Beside the problem of exposing SIGNIT capabilities, Mrs Farkas statement show that the US clearly and willingly breach essentials Vienna convention provisions ( art 27 ).
Could be embarrassing.



Correct on her father.




She needs to be called what she is. A terrorist supporter.

Farkas suggests arming the Syrian opposition, the loose coalition that includes the Al-Nusra front, which is part of Al Qaeda, the same folks who attacked New York on September 11, 2001.


Thank you. That is about as clearly framed as it could be. Farkas appears to meet a higher standard of wrongdoing than the punitive and vindictive Espionage Act prosecutions the Obama administration pursued.


"Farkas appears to meet a higher standard of wrongdoing..."

Being that the lady worked on the Ukrainian portfolio at State, the coverup of flight MH-17 would be enough to put her away. Knowing your guilt, why would any other law breaking matter in the frenzied attempt to save oneself?

The usual subversives are in scorched earth mode because a truce with Russia will bring the truth into the light and their involvement in other nefarious deeds to the public conscience. Which is why I understand their reactions in trying to create another Cold War with the desired goal to keep it all a secret.

William R. Cumming

Thanks P.L.!


Col Lang,

Please comment on the FISA requests

The Guardian has learned that the FBI applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance (Fisa) court over the summer in order to monitor four members of the Trump team suspected of irregular contacts with Russian officials. The Fisa court turned down the application asking FBI counter-intelligence investigators to narrow its focus.




If you wish to believe that the FBI decided on its own to ask the court for wiretap warrants for Trump campaign staffers, feel free to do so. pl



Just to review, neither the FBI nor the DoJ are in any sense "independent" of the White House. They are subordinate elements of the Executive Branch of the federal government. The EB is commanded by the president of the United States. If Obama (or any president) wants someone wiretapped domestically all that is needed is a behind the scenes phone call or personal meeting with a malleable person (most) at DoJ. This person then sends a similar FBI person to the FISA court for a warrant. This special court has been carefully staffed with hyper ambitious judges who rarely decline a warrant request. pl


I would assume this is somewhat related to European law post WWII, which no doubt can theoretically be used as political instrument. ... Remember BB, Brigid Bardot? She surfaces in this short Wiki entry too. ...


Basically, there is a bigger political fight going on over on my side of the Rhine, or over there, if you prefer nevertheless.

Thus I wouldn't give up hope, in your case, that Europe will return to its proper national size within your larger (national? boundaries) within your Diocletian line. ;)

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