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02 March 2017


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The Twisted Genius


Before 9/11, the FBI considered going to the FISA court for a warrant similar to going to a dentist for a root canal. I witnessed the long saga of the FBI's efforts to get a warrant in support of the MOONLIGHT MAZE investigation. It was long and excruciating and the FBI was under constant pressure from the head of a joint IC/LE task force cobbled together to deal with the issue. This TF reported directly to the White House. That didn't make the FBI's attempts to get this warrant any easier. Now the FISA court looks to be very close to a rubber stamp operation to be abused by LE and the EB.

I wonder if this alleged wiretap was related to the connections between a Trump Tower server and Alfa Bank in Moscow.





Present day FISA court judges are selected for their ambition for the appellate bench or other goodies. I know several having testified in their day job courts. pl


Col. Lang,

I've recently read that the judges were appointed by Clinton and the decision to grant the warrant was made after Clinton met Loretta Lynch to discuss their grandchildren. Cough.
What really makes me furious is that the warrant to monitor 911 plotter Zachariah Moussaoui wasn't granted.
Oh, our girl Farkas was on a network AGAIN.

different clue

Babak Makkinejad,

Well . . . its better than what Clinton offered. And nowadays, that may have to be enough.

howard feinski

She hints that Trump did something hideous as regards Russian, but doesn't say what. Isn't that akin to asking your friend in public, "So when did you stop cheating on your wife?"


How is she not immediately ushered into the FBI - questioned and charged? I would be thrown in jail within hours if I had done this at NSA, during my tenure.


Yes, she signed the document, but it's almost just window dressing. Anyone with a Security Clearance at any level already knows they can never divulge secrets or methodology. These forms at the end of employment, at least in the military, started up basically as a reminder, due, evidently, to lots of stupid folks like this particular woman destroying untold numbers of operations and literally compromising not only our intelligence methods, but our international relations. Is she trying to poison President Trump's ability to work with Russia? She IS on tbe Atlantic Council, with the overarching objective to get us into a shooting war over Ukraine. She is digging heself a very deep hole.

Evelyn Wangari

How did they get to conclude that sensitive research?


Keep following the researcher


God bless the American


Big fish


Patrick Farkas is not all that big a fish. If you want to post comments on SST they must be more substantial. pl

Keith Harbaugh

Evelyn Farkas was one of six women selected by Politico to discuss the prevalence of sexual harassment against (civilian) women working in national security:

"Sexism on America's Front Lines"
interview by Susan B. Glasser with Loren DeJonge Schulman, Julie Smith, Kathleen Hicks, Laura Rosenberger, Mieke Eoyang, and Evelyn Farkas
Politico, 2017-11-06

Since several at SST served in the Special Forces,
they might find the following excerpt from the article of interest:

Schulman: I remember starting at the Pentagon 10 years ago and so many of the stories that we’ve heard about, about men saying wildly inappropriate things or in my case, the Special Forces men kind of changing clothes in the middle of the office and walking around in their underwear or talking about developing a calendar of sexy women in the office. I thought that was just a cost of doing business in the Pentagon when I was 24, 25 years old. And I remember my female colleagues and I sort of laughed about it uncomfortably, but we were never at a point where I think any of us said, “We should say something about this or we should do something about this.”

And the few times we ever did, we were effectively laughed out of the room, like, “This is just what Special Forces guys are like. Come on. Get over it. You’re lucky that they haven’t done worse than that.”

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