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25 February 2017


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Whoever said that terrorism is inherently Islamic? I am sure that most Americans would agree that the IRA was a terrorist organization.

I think a more precise description of the problem is that Islam has an inherent tendency to become radically violent given a particular set of circumstances. Some rather learned people point to the Islamic concept of Allah not being bound by reason as the underlying problem. Try Fr. James Schall, S.J. on the subject, if you are interested.

Perhaps some people are right that the term "Islamic terrorism" is counterproductive, because it has the disadvantage of alienating peaceful Muslims with whom we can become friends.

I think what a lot of Americans are worried about is that Islam may not be compatible with Western values. The recent goings on in Europe certainly might suggest that is the case.

Something that I find troubling is that there is no Islamic majority country in the world that offers protections to religious minorities.

None of the above necessitates that we wage war on Islamic nations. It may mean, though, that it is prudent to restrict Immigration from certain countries.

Eric Newhill

TTG, I should add that the Grand Imam of Al Azhar (revered Sunni experts) doesn't think ISIS is un-Islamic: http://raymondibrahim.com/2015/12/03/al-azhar-cannot-denounce-isis-of-being-un-islamic-even-if-isis-commits-every-atrocity/

Is McMaster a more qualified Imam than that?


Putting it in a silo and you don't have any problem with the rain. I believe it is standard to do that in Europe but it is true that it costs money.


And tell me how the mainstream media made up the story about the father of the SEAL killed in the Yemen action refusing to meeting with the president and calling for an investigation? Payback is a bitch.


Perhaps this is what McMaster, and anyone else who has a clue, believes. You agree with him don't you?

William R. Cumming

If we can agree that President Trump and adviser Steve Bannon hope to create a cultural revolution what would that be?

different clue

Eric Newhill,

In terms of Leadership Ability, that could very well be correct. I still hope to eventually achieve or see achieved as much New Deal Restoration as feasible in today's different situation. I still think we could restore Glass-Steagall and break up the overly-multi-function banks in a very firm, hard and clean-break manner. I would like to see PUHCA restored and all the various electric utilities firmly re-regulated as first begun during the New Deal if that is still possible. I would like to see Labor Organizing become Legal again . . . for real. ( But that can only work behind a Wall of Militant Belligerent Protectionism . . . which I would also like to see. And behind that same Militant Belligerent Protectionist Wall, I would like to see the New-Deal-initiated Minimum Wage raised in current mini-dollar terms to be worth the same actual "constant value" as it first was worth in 1930's-era maxi-dollars. But once again . . . no Protectionist Wall? no Living Minimum Wage. No Wall? Isn't possible. Just won't happen).

So I am waiting to see whether President Trump's leadership will lead to the sort of New Deal Revival results I would like to see emerge. For now, I will still be placing side bets on Sanders and the Sanderistas. I would like to see the Sanderistas conquer and decontaminate the Democratic Party from every trace of Clintonism and Obamazoidy . . . including the eventual removal of the Obama-Clinton-type DNC Chairman Perez. I may even lend a lifted finger to that end).

But it is good to see Trump attempting a whole infrastructure of workarounding and obscellescing the MSM as a way to reach people. If any of his people are reading this, I think a series of Fireside You Tube Chats could attract a lot of web-linked people. Whenever he got such a chat recorded, he could then tweet the time and the place of its broadcasting. Or if this idea is considered no good, it could be quietly forgotten.

different clue

Pacifica Advocate,

Good. Step by step. Purge and burn.

And keep purging and keep burning. I will lift a little finger toward that end here in Michigan.

different clue


I don't have a Twitter account. I don't have my own computer. I don't even have a cell phone. So if you wish to register and launch that hash tag your own self, feel totally free.

I hereby unCopyright that hashtag. I CopyLeft it and I freely give it away to anyone who wants to try it out.

different clue

Pacifica Advocate,

I think some of Trump's votes were cast by people deliberately running a desperate political science experiment in the knowledge that they would be getting something different and in the desperate hope that some of it would be something better. But for now we don't know how many of Trump's votes were purely desperate experiments.

I am way up here in Michigan. I was not voting on most of the things Tyler brought up. I was even ready to give Clinton a skeptical eye until she said that "when" elected, she would put Mister Bill in charge of the Economic Recovery Plan. That turned me, and not just me, against Senator SecState Clinton. That meant that she was totally committed to TPP and all the other Forced Trade Agreements, whatever lies she told to the contrary in the meantime. We still remember NAFTA around here . . . and WTO and MFN for China. So that turned me firmly against Clinton. That was a significant Unforced Error and Own Goal on her part. That right there cost her Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. And that-right-there is what the Clintobamacrats still in command of the party still stand for totally and still totally support.

So if Trump delivers the No More Forced Trade Agreements and the No War With Russia and the Keep Assad In Power that I voted for; and if the Democrats run yet another Clintobamacrat for all those three things that I am against; then I will vote for Trump all over again even though I don't care for the culture war issues myself.

different clue

Dr. Puck,

If the New Deal Reactionaries can conquer and disinfect the DemParty, they will be able to offer an honest description of New Deal Principles and people will get to decide which way forward. If they can't, and the face of DemParty is still handpicked Clintobama Pelosi clones, then a lot of people will try crafting their own survival in the context of semi-de-monetized Community Lifeboat Survivalism.

different clue


Well, it turns out the Good Ship Clintitanic may have been made out of glass and cotton candy. Let us hope.

different clue


It took the International Forced Trade Conspiracy several decades to de-job America. It would take the National Protectionist Movement several decades to re-job America as much as feasible.

If flat-out robotization has vaporised jobs except for some jobs for robot-tenders, we can at least bring back most of that robotized production back into America so that the few robot-tender jobs still existing will be here in America instead of there in somewhere else.
And not every job needs to be robotized, or even should be. For example, Bulldog Tools from Claringdon Forge in England are regarded as the best tools of their type in the world. And they are still hand-made with the human-guided assIStance of powerful machines. We could restore production of that sort here in this country for some things.



Soldiers (to include SEALs) are not police. their business is fighting, killing and dying. You cannot have an investigation every time one is killed. I don't care about the story. pl

robt willmann

English Outsider,

This should be the lively appearance by George Galloway before the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on 17 May 2005, which was "investigating" how Saddam Hussein was maneuvering around regarding the United Nations Oil for Food Program--


The Oil for Food Program came into being after the sanctions were imposed after the Iraq War began in 1991 and after the Kuwait phase. The sanctions resulted in the now infamous statement by "Secretary of State" Madeleine Albright on the 60 Minutes television program in 1996 that contributing to the death of 500,000 Iraqi children was "worth it"--


A sideshow to the Oil for Food Program came up when after a while Saddam Hussein was alleged to have wanted some extra money from those who were buying Iraqi oil and selling it for the UN program. This gave the Bush family an opportunity to strike back at their old nemesis, Texas oilman Oscar Wyatt of Houston.

Oscar had done oil and gas business with Iraq in the past, and before the war started in 1991, some U.S. persons were stuck inside of Iraq. It was primarily Oscar Wyatt who got the Americans out before the war and bombing started--



But then, Oscar was charged in New York City with federal offenses related to claimed violations of the Oil for Food Program when Saddam wanted a little surcharge in the transactions, and a trial began--


Oscar engaged in voluntary commercial transactions with Iraq before 1991, and got Americans out before the war started in 1991. We can then ask whether the acts of the Bush family toward Iraq and the people in it were as constructive as those of Oscar Wyatt.

The Twisted Genius


"Something that I find troubling is that there is no Islamic majority country in the world that offers protections to religious minorities."

You should look at Malaysia, Indonesia, Lebanon and Syria. That covers a lot of Islamic majority. They're certainly not perfect, but what can you expect when imperfect man is involved.

The Twisted Genius

Eric Newhill,

I do lean heavily toward the McMaster position. I'm glad he's there to counter Bannon and others who think war against the Islamic world is inevitable. They're just as dangerous as those who think war with Russia is inevitable. Those kinds of true believers are going to get a lot of people killed.

I'm also a descendant of an ancient culture, but my ancestors fought and killed, alongside their Muslim Lipka Tartar allies, the invading Christian crusaders. Christianity has come a long way since then, but we still dream of baptizing all people in the name of Christ. I've worked with Malaysian scout-trackers and Taureg scouts and consider them comrades rather than radical enemies. Perhaps McMaster has worked with similar Muslim brethren.

I'm all for sending the jihadis to their paradise as quickly and efficiently as possible. I'm also for stymieing, or at least not supporting, their co-religionists who are supporting those jihadis. That means stopping our idiotic policy of kissing up to the Saudis. I can't understand why an ideologically driven Bannon would not convince Trump to dump that policy.

Sam Peralta

Right here:


Sam Peralta

Col. Lang,

The biggest economic & financial risk I see for Trump is that a) we've not had a recession in 8 years and b) the stock market hasn't had a 30-40% correction in the same amount of time.

Both these could happen on his watch. If he could engineer them, he should take them right now and get it over with and have the tail wind of economic and financial asset price growth as he heads towards re-election.

Sam Peralta


I think if you really want to understand the Trump administration you should listen to this interview of Bannon and Priebus.


Bannon was clear nothing should come as a surprise. He said, focus on what Trump said at his rallies during the campaign. It seems the MSM is very surprised that anyone would follow through on what they campaigned on.

They have a 3-prong strategy which Bannon articulated very well.

Let's see how they bring along the Republicans in Congress to this vision.


He's also not right about the bathroom issue.

It wasn't only the issues involved with violating the female right to privacy. It was the utter cluelessness of it all.

Most people have more pressing concerns than trying not to hurt the feelings of teenagers who most likely have psychological issues regarding the biological sex they were born with.


White People STOP WHINNING. GO TO COLLEGE, If YOU WANT A JOB MAKING $40 per hour. Otherwise, blame the man/woman in the mirror for your life. Advise from African American College Graduate Female in Memphis, TN. Alert, manufacturing is not coming back company supply chains ars were they are four a reason
Alert, #2. Donald J. Trump has not accomplished anything to date.

Phil Cattar

ex-PFC,I think what a lot of people are missing is that whether the protestors are paid or not is not the important point.I have a very strong hunch that the protestors are ORGANIZED and maybe even more important,they are not of the same party of the Senator or Congressman hosting the open house.Even though obviously anyone of any political party can attend a town hall meeting of their Senator or Congressman ,generally speaking most people are more likely to attend town meetings of THEIR TOWN and probably their party......I have a gut feeling that many of the more vocal protestors at these town hall meetings did not vote for the person hosting the town hall and have no attention of ever doing so.............This sets it up the MSM to report it as if the Senator's or Congressman's constituents are all riled up when that is not the case......If it was possible to check the id and voting record of the most vocal (and crazy) of these protestors,I think my hunch would be proven correct.

Eric Newhill

The deplorables I know are not really white supremacists at all. However, it's all in how you define things.

You might not want to believe this, but most deplorables where I live are actually carriers of MLK's dream torch.

What they object to - and what gets labeled as white supremacy by lefties - is a glorified ghetto culture blaming racism for its problems, BLM types shouting racism when some thug of color gets shot for attacking a cop, enforcement of immigration being called racism, affirmative action giving a job to someone less qualified just because of that person's skin color. That sort of thing. The left levels a charge of racism at anyone that objects to what is, de facto, reverse racism.

Deplorables I know want a country where the only identity politics are around the concept that we are all, first and foremost, Americans and that the quality of one's character and contribution to our society, workplace, etc. is what counts. Period. Full stop.

But the left won't allow that. The very raison d'etre for the left is the belief that there is massive social injustice and that the victims need to be protected and saved by enlightened missionaries from the hallowed halls of social science departments. So the left constantly stokes the fires of divisiveness and spreads myths of a country immoral and unjust to its core. Deplorables are sick of it all. They've taken their lumps and carried on without the sympathy or help of the mandarins. They've fought the wars for the mandarins. The mandarins sent their jobs overseas and then labeled them "bitter clingers", "deplorable", "racist", all the while glorifying the ghetto dwellers, the foreigners, the gender confused, the communists - and telling the deplorables to go eat cake and shut up and pay the taxes to support all the freaks, criminals, commies and America bashers.

That's all there is to it, IMO.



I look forward to your analysis of General McMaster and the Islamic State.

I’ve seen the clash of civilizations. It is ongoing. The military is needed to defend communities from outsiders. The West’s military complex has gotten too big and dangerous. It no longer serves to protect Western citizens.

America's foreign policy in the Middle East is simply insane. The USA has been at war with Iraqi Sunnis for most of a quarter century. It is human nature to return to fundamental religious roots when under stress. This is no different in rural America. Debate is useless. To the followers, their belief is the true religion.

Next door, the West has been supporting Syrian Sunnis since March 2011 at Israel’s and Gulf Monarchies' request to take down Assad and attrit Hezbollah. The intent is also to destabilize Russia and Iran. The Syrian revolt plus the Libyan debacle has caused an existential crisis for the European Union with the flood of millions of refugees. The influx plus austerity assures the collapse of the Western Alliance. Russia has absolutely nothing to do with this dismemberment except being used as a scapegoat.

I am not sure that the White House gets it. No matter, they are close enough to the truth to be under intense attack by Corporate Media and Global Democrats. Some powerful people are very worried that their gravy train is about to end.

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