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21 February 2017


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r whitman

Fake news !!!


Trump may have garbled the message but Sweden IS experiencing a migrant crime wave, according to cop accused of 'inciting racial hatred' after online rant about 'criminal immigrants'

Sweden Refuses To Find Statistics On Immigrant Crime http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/18/sweden-refuses-to-find-statistics-on-immigrant-crime/
While many governments collect exhaustive data of crime trends to measure public safety, Sweden refuses to disclose any statistics on crime committed by immigrants in the country. The last time statistics on immigrant crime were collected in Sweden was over a decade ago in 2005.

During that time, there has been high levels of migration into Sweden, with hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming from Muslim countries like Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Somalia.

Sweden has one of the highest foreign-born populations in Europe, with 18.3 percent of Swedes being born in a different country as of 2016.

The lack of statistics make it difficult to make informed immigration policy.
However, other European countries’ experience with immigration, specifically from the Middle East, show generally higher rates of crime coming from Muslims. For instance, in France, it’s estimated that 70 percent of prisoners are Muslim, despite Muslims only being around 8 percent of the population.

In recent years, sexual assault has reportedly risen 70 percent in Sweden.


A quick scan showed only RT reporting on this. Looked at BBC, Reuters, CNN as well.



Before the hysterics begin, i.e. "Trump triggers riots in Sweden in response to his racist comments" or "Trump ordered false flag riots in Stockholm to validate his little hands" , Here's the police report strait from the horse's mouth.


Google translation:

"2017-02-20 20:18, Violence / threats against the official, Stockholm

TB Rinkeby. People threw stones at police personnel.

When the police personnel detained a person threw several people stones at the patrol.

In connection with this felt patrol so repressed that they were forced to fire warning shots. A police officer was hit on the arm by a thrown stone, obscure injury at present.

Preliminary investigation is initiated to violence against officials and rioting.

Updating the clock 22:45
Another riot occurred at 22:20 time. 7-8 cars have been burned in the area during the evening.

Update 23.30.
Police Personnel are actively working in the area to restore order and security. Unfortunately, some looting of shops occurred in the area. The extent is currently unknown.

Update 17-02-21 at 00:15
According to the responsible officer on the site has the order been restored in the area. Police personnel will, however, remain one more time.
Two assaults are reported both the abused persons were taken to the hospital himself. Police will meet up in the hospital for notification absorption.

Update 6:24 o'clock.
It initially in our reporting given was that the police fired warning shots proved to be fired for effect. No person has been encountered injured on the spot. Police have also conducted checks in hospital but no damage to any gunshot wounds have been received.

A large number of notifications is established among annnat: Three violent rioting, assaulting a police officer, two assaults, vandalism, aggravated thefts.

Information provided concerning the ongoing events is preliminary and subject to change.
Police Stockholm County
Published: 2017-02-20 21:34."

Bill Herschel

You forgot mosquitoes. Also, it is now very evident that he was referring to the television show about violence in Sweden, not to a terrorist attack.

Ask a French person about Chechen refugees in their schools. Refugees. I.e. the people fighting against Russia in Chechnya.

Ask the British people why they voted for Brexit. Visit London.

This is not black and white.


Isn't this just some undocumented shopping and a few urban camp fires without permits? I'm sure it was mean tweets that made them act this way. Perhaps Twitter should ban Trump. I’m sure that will go over well. As we all know rioters have no agency and are not responsible for their own conduct. That's why we need open borders.

Eric Newhill

This is not the first time Trump has something that brought a topic into the spot light, but in an odd kind of slightly "off" way that attracted an hysterical nit picky media attack; only then to have events unfold, in temporal proximity, exactly confirming what Trump said; leaving his critics looking like petty morons.

I'm sure that "rational" explanations can be offered up. As an actuary I can see how, "He's playing the odds well" is a good one. However, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that something else is at play here.

I am convinced that psi and abilities like "remote viewing" are real. I've carefully followed the researched for three decades. I have participated in some research and I am certain that I have personally successfully produced these and related phenomena, beyond chance, coincidence, self-delusion/hallucination, etc.

The Stargate (so called mind warriors etc) and related programs moved from the DIA to the CIA in 1995. The program produced valid, but inconsistent results; meaning that the abilities were proven real, just they couldn't be called upon to perform as needed every time. The DIA lost interest for that reason.

At any rate, people selected for the program as "remote viewers" were people that exhibited incredible luck; soldiers that had a knack for surviving in circumstances where they should have been killed, people whose "gut" instincts never failed them and allowed them to get through serious circumstances unscathed and/or become materially successful against the odds.

Trump seems to have this knack. I am also thinking that his quirkiness, his seemingly disjointed speaking style - that some see as a sign of something on the autism spectrum - is actually a sign that his antenna is picking up all kinds of signals, present and future, that most of us are oblivious to. Like a savant thing.

Far out, I know.........but is it really?


Reality yet again shows it has a Trump bias.

Awaiting the fifth column around here preparing to hand wave away grenade attacks as no big deal.


The latest rioting affecting the capital, Stockholm, gets coverage (and rightly so) but other cities with lower profile internationally have been fermenting for a while. See for example:


Ken Halliwell

Meanwhile, in the USA, the anti-Jewish crowd is misbehaving again.


Trump's heralded luck!


Headline suggestion for CNN/BBC/Guardian/Times/WP/NYT etc:



Once again, as during the campaign, all Trump had to do was dangle the hook in the water and let the MSM dupes spread his message for him. Then they go and use high school debate club tactics to go from the general to the specific so they can call him out on "last night". So they get egg on their faces. 4 dimensional chess...


This article on the miserable start to the 21st century, IMO, is more important than most of the issues that twitter, media, press conferences are talking about:



Stunned, once again, from this kind of thing, where they think they got em, and he vanishes like Bedford Forest, the Left will pause...grapple, flustered, for a come back, and blame the now lamented (and therefore acknowledged) trouble on Sweden on Trump. i.e. Him SAYING there was trouble, caused the trouble.


Reality seems to have a profoundly pro-Trump bias.

Cold War Zoomie

My friend and I are horrified by Trump, but we were speaking the other night about how the anti-Trump media were getting it so wrong with the Sweden comments. Trump does not use precise language and too many people are paraphrasing with BS. Now is the time for accuracy in reporting, not "balloon boy" and "first scoop" slop. God help us. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!


There's an prevailing theme on the Milo Yannopolis (or whatever his name is) faction of the right wing that horrible things are happening in Sweden because the wogs are here.
Now they are surely coming after the white women.

I've struggled to find where this is coming from. It seems like part of this story has to do with rape (once again with the white women) and the widely circulated claim that Sweden is now the rape capital of the world. Perhaps.

But it is also true that feminists have been writing laws here for a long time. Any Intimate act that is in anyway nonconsensual may be considered rape here by authorities. Including married couples. The threshold is much lower here than even in the U.S. (Just ask poor Julian Assange).
So the wogs may be at it. Or it might also be just as likely that a lot of immigrant women realize that once they get here they can ditch the deadbeat husband and get a place of their own. I think this may be just as likely a phenomenon.

There are some segregated neighborhoods here and for some reason the boys there have a thing about burning cars. Boys will be boys.

But in four years here I have found the levels of violence and personal risk in Sweden to be absolutely laughable. There are libraries in Atlanta that are more dangerous than inner city neighborhoods here.

As for the immigrants and the muslims... hmmm. Many many of the Iraqi and Syrians that are here Christian, Assyrian, Chaldean, even some Orthodox. Many of the muslims here are Shia. They are very conservative when it comes to immigration policy and keep a sharp eye on their newly arrived Sunni brethren. These communities are well established here and have the most to lose if things were to get out of hand.

I do not think they will allow that to happen.


Interesting that this particular round of localized civil disturbance erupted in direct conjunction with several high profile Swedish politicians' seemingly concerted/coordinated dismissal of President Trump's explanation of his remarks re Sweden. (Noteworthy also is how the Swedish printed MSM appears to have declared a de facto free-fire zone for raw and disparaging remarks about the current POTUS--this relative to the near absolute dearth of commentary critical of anything remotely representing American officialdom prior to POTUS Trump.)

Similar arrests as those purported to have precipitated this round of violence are made routinely in this zone - without violence automatically ensuing. Conjecture of course, but there appears to be an element of kinetic IO involved here though it remains to be seen exactly who, if anyone at all, might have seized a golden opportunity to shape and leverage a narrative.

Seamus Padraig

There are rumors that the same thing is simultaneously happening in Paris; but if so, the MSM are not reporting it.

Larry Kart

I think to some significant degree ZeroHedge may be confusing cause and effect here. Is there anti-Muslim and general anti-immigrant feeling in Sweden? You bet. How could there not be in a ethnically and for the most part culturally homogeneous country of some 23 million, where the Muslim population is now about 600.000 (6 percent). Given that feeling (and I have a story to tell about that in a moment), Trump's remark and the blast of publicity in Sweden and elsewhere that accompanied it, probably created what might be called a "a riot of opportunity," in which those who already were pissed off against the aliens inside the tent took the chance to engage in some anti-alien uproar in or near Muslim immigrant neighborhoods in Sweden.

The question, though, is in what sense these acts were after the fact, and/or after which facts. After the fact of Trump's widely publicized remarks? Obviously. After the fact of a rise in anti-immigrant feeling in Sweden that has been building/simmering for some time. Obviously, again. (BTW, read any number of recent Swedish detective novels, and this ant-immigrant theme is a near omnipresent plot element.) After the fact of an increase in Sweden of crimes committed by Muslim immigrants? A whole lot of Swedes, inside and outside of government cum law enforcement say no -- that instead what we have here is mostly a smorgasbord of ethnic-solidarity-based fantasies in search of facts that will support them.

Be that as it may, my anecdote: I had an acquaintance, recently deceased -- an American writer and record producer with all the usual liberal bohemian attitudes -- who wanted to move to Sweden in 1980 after getting a nice job offer with a record label over there. Eager to become a dual citizen, he found that at that time, and also because he was far from a refugee but just a guy with a nice job offer, becoming a Swedish citizen was a fairly elaborate two-year process that involved an in immersion in Swedish language and culture, plus a stern test of those acquired skills at the end. This he and his wife passed, and they not only proceeded to split time between Sweden and the U.S. over the decades, but he also became a frquent translator of Sweden's most famous poet (though not IMO a very good translator of him). In any case, a fruitful, mostly comfortable life was lives by this fellow.

But when Muslim immigration to Sweden began, this guy was frothing at the mouth -- retailing all sort of seemingly made-up horror stories but basically outraged because the lengthy and somewhat arduous process of becoming a Swedish citizen that he and his wife had gone through back in 1980 wasn't being applied to these new immigrants. One could say to this guy -- and a longtime friend of his who knew him much better than I did say this him -- "But X, you and your wife were not refugees but fairly well-off people looking for the main chance, and you did indeed find it." But he wouldn't hear a word of this -- the Muslim immigrants, he insisted, were not refugees in any real sense but mere grifters who were well on their way to becoming outright criminals, if they weren't there already.

OK, this guy was not a native Swede. But the thought process he engaged in his latter days may not be unlike those that some angry ethnic Swedes are engaging in now. Their grievances are real in that they (like my late dual-citizen acquaintance) feel mortally aggrieved in the face of Muslim immigration and may be moved to act along those lines. But how real (or if you prefer, reality based) are their grievances otherwise? Identity-based they are, for sure, and that's not
nothing. But if these are significantly identity-based and fueled responses, that not how they're being perceived or sold in some quarters. Rather, we've got swarthy rapists running wild.




Larry Kart

IMO you are torturing the facts somewhat to obtain a pro-immigrant result. pl



The mendacity involved in trying to make Trump responsible for immigrant rioting in Sweden is breath taking. pl

Karl Kolchack

I'm no fan of Trump, and did not vote for him. In a perfect world, the U.S. and Europe wouldn't be bombing, droning and invading those Muslim countries whose dictators refuse to be bought off and generating waves of refugees and tons of terrorist blowback.

That said, Trump was smart enough to recognize just how badly the neoliberal project of breaking down national borders and slowly destroying the standards of living for the Western middle class has been inflaming public opinion. The reason why the elites in these countries keep getting "surprised" by election results such as Trump's victory and Brexit is that their jobs are not under threat and their wages are not being suppressed. Trump's comments about Sweden may have been as misguided as what he has said about Mexicans, but they've struck a chord with many voters who see him and his fellow travelers (Le Pen, Farage, Wilders) as the only ones giving voice to the anger so many distressed people are feeling.

In the case of the refugees, it's a no win situation. Most would probably prefer to be back home, but they have no homes to go back to, meaning they are not traditional immigrants who understand that they have an obligation to try and conform to the norms of the societies they are entering. That makes them stand out even more, and generates even more populist anger and resentment.

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